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  1. Two Batter Interference ?'s

    So noted, and without getting all semantical, one could argue (most likely to happen in my games) that there is no restriction on just where the BR is allowed to run up until he is ruled out.
  2. Two Batter Interference ?'s

    Considering that the B had become a BR when he hit what I would have ruled to be a catchable, fly ball by F2, whom is now immediately ordained with protective fielder status: 1. I would rule interference (NFHS 2-21-1, 8-1-1-a-1, et. al.). 2. No. And, avoid believing to "facts" declared by announcers, coaches, players, fans and most politicians. On a lesser note, the BR "should" be moving in the general direction of 1B when he hit the ball that had neither yet been ruled fair nor foul. He wasn't.
  3. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    No. Only RLI requires the obligatory throw from generally behind the BR to generally in the direction of 1B, but don't get me started.
  4. Good Call Blue Intro

    There now is evidence that officials with "baited breath" experience shorter on-field arguments with managers and pre-games with partners. .
  5. Finagle's Rule: Teamwork is essential. It allows you to blame someone else.
  6. Veterans Check In

    20+ years in the US Army from flight school to trite fool: party-pax, DUI test pilot and utility player.
  7. Kneeling for National Anthem

    No transgression; it's a debate. I provided the link as it appeared in a research article. Despite the expressions of so many around me, I'm not so thick as to be obtuse.
  8. Kneeling for National Anthem

    You list disrespectful behavior while others pray to their God or object of worship, a myriad in which you may not believe, if any at all. But, therein lies a difference: While there may exist myriad Gods or objects of worship, there is but one U.S.A. represented by Old Glory with which its ceremonies and customs U.S. citizens should comply, as cited within the code provided above. Those that do demonstrate respect for the flag and the country; those that don't, disrespect. That code also lists respectful behavior for peoples who are present at a U.S. flag ceremony but not citizens of the U.S. Barring desecration of the U.S. flag by its citizens*, there is no behavior or act to "enforce." Disrespect is in the "eyes of the beholder" much like your take on obscenity or an umpire's standards for malicious contact. Many were offended by what they judged to be disrespectful behavior during a ceremony honoring the country, which the U.S. flag represents. Many were not. Again, there is a time and place for everything. Religious zealots who believe U.S. military deaths are somehow linked to our country's tolerance towards [insert grievance du jour] demonstrate disrespect when they protest at a service member's funeral. It's neither the time nor the place for such acts. Doing so offends and alienates the masses. * http://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=granuleid:USC-prelim-title18-section700&num=0&edition=prelim
  9. Kneeling for National Anthem

    As early as 1974, congressional conferences on the televised news media were held so legislators could get “further insight into the problems that concern journalists,” bias in the news being high on their list. Theodore Kopp, CBS VP, flippantly dismissed biased reporting as “in the eyes of the beholder,” his evidence being the integrity of Walter Cronkite whom no one present felt the urge to impinge. But, the focus on journalists provided the smoke and mirrors to advert the attention to the real issue of news bias: the organization itself…CBS and several others. (Dr. E.J. Epstein, 1974). I agree wholeheartedly that it is the television viewer who is responsible for “the triumph of ‘infortainment.” The distortions that entertaining “news” provides are threefold. It encourages: (1) Self-pity; (2) A shortened attention span; and, (3) Superficial and emotional responses (Michael Medved, 1999). My background provided me the opportunity to witness the American media erroneously report the progress of wars, from Viet Nam to Kuwait. I suspect most other “events” also are reported in a way to fit the media’s mold, or not at all. It was and still is simply reported wrong when it doesn’t fit the newsrooms’ agenda. It’s as if they are hostile to the facts. Great leaders always have and probably always will “tangle” with the media. Other leaders either use or are used by the media.
  10. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Don't assume anything. Your "fact" is as valid and probably as relevant as this one: Media intentionally has put "both thumbs on the scale" (Michael Goodwin, 2017) and what was once the news of politics morphed a long time ago into the politics of news (Lyn Nofzinger, 1980). Blatant political hacks posing as reporters while reaching for entertainment's golden ring will say or do most anything to achieve celebrity status while literally performing to the networks' bidding. (In 1997, for example, Geraldo Rivera struck a $40 million deal with NBC News; Rivera wanted to shed his image as a sleazy talk show host, and the network wanted a top celebrity for its news division.~Michael Medved, 1999) The reason that I posted the "notes" were to remind those who either didn't know or who may have forgotten the protocol warranted for Old Glory and the National Anthem. The protocol is an element that makes up the compound patriotism. Patriotism for this country matters, in my verbose opinion, even when it is time for rebellion. And rebellion only succeeds when it unites instead of alienates the masses (Jefferson, 1782). My dictionary gives me this: Respectful - marked by or showing esteem or consideration, an act of giving particular attention. Disrespect would be the opposite. Many have interpreted kneeling during the National Anthem as a disrespectful act in expressing low esteem or in being inconsiderate of the National Anthem, the U.S. Flag and therefore the country and all those who have and still do defend it, your wife included. There's a time and place for everything. Naturally results may vary if expressed at, say, a BLM meeting or at a VFW post.
  11. Kneeling for National Anthem

    We report. You decide. Easy-peasy. I decided to turn them off years ago, as well as most other media. Perhaps your problem with Fox News and so many others were your expectations that they would be Fair and Balanced. Just one of several problems I have is that there is little to no patriotic education on which our democracy depends for both: (1) The active participation of its citizens in their own governance; and, (2) To persuade free people to make the necessary sacrifices for the greater good. (Another problem I have is attributing really smart people properly: Those thoughts stem from the minds of Donald Kagan and Wilfred McClay, neither of whom has been invited on Fox News. Therein lies the rub. (Tip of the cap to Willy)). Keep talking the talk and walking the walk while we're still allowed to raise Old Glory on our own properties. http://rightweb.irc-online.org/profile/Kagan_Donald/ http://www.thenewatlantis.com/authors/wilfred-mcclay http://www.shakespeare-online.com/
  12. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Here's some Cliff Notes, if indeed your questions are genuine. I'll give you more credit than the perception your words portray. U.S. Flag Code At the venue- all present, except those in military uniforms, should stand facing the flag with their right hand over their heart out of respect. Follow the lead of those at the podium or onstage and share the moment together as Americans. If there’s no flag- if for some reason there’s no flag in the ceremony, face toward the music and act as if a flag were there. Hats- if you’re not in a military uniform and are wearing a hat, remove it with your right hand and hold it over your left shoulder, while your hand is over your heart. Military personnel- members in uniform should render the military salute at the beginning of the anthem and retain the position throughout. https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CDOC-109sdoc18/pdf/CDOC-109sdoc18.pdf
  13. Is this legal?

    As Ed McMahon was apt to say, "You are correct, Sir."
  14. Appeal of pulled foot

    Your call. The current policy "pendulum" is on the side of making a call first and then getting help, if needed. Your partner was correct in his assertion that he can't change YOUR call, but instead of asking what YOU had (you already announced what you had when you called the BR out), he should have informed you of what HE had. Then you could have made the informed decision to change your own call if it was THAT obvious, or you could have stuck with YOUR call if you partner wasn't 100% sure you missed it.
  15. Not in the case stated in the OP. NFHS 3-3-1. A coach, player, substitute, attendant or other bench personnel shall not: a. leave the dugout during a live ball for an unauthorized purpose; PENALTY: At the end of playing action, the umpire shall issue a warning to the coach of the team involved and the next offender on that team shall be ejected. In (b), it is also obstruction (8-3-2). Good guess.