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  1. Wtb CCA Manual

    @BrianC14 and I are both looking for one. I pm'ed @maineump with my address but he may have intended his to go to @BrianC14. If that is the case, I will pm you my address and send you money to cover postage @noumpere
  2. Wtb CCA Manual

    Would you mind posting a link to one of these sites? Are the sites reputable? Is shipping reasonable? Thanks
  3. Wtb CCA Manual

    I don't know what the latest version is to have been printed, I am just looking for one so I can study it.
  4. Wtb CCA Manual

    Hey all, Does anyone have a CCA manual that they'd be willing to part with? I'd prefer it be from within the past couple of years. Pm with what you want for it. Thanks!
  5. runner's lane interference

    I agree with the call. If the throw is to the inside they'd get the call but with the first baseman setup inside and a bad throw to the outside I don't have interference.
  6. Shaking my Head

    It's done one of two ways (depending on the age and league level). One way is that each batter has five pitches and can swing at them all but the fifth must be put into play. The second, used for "higher level" divisions, gives each batter six pitches and they can strikeout (the sixth pitch must be put into play). The MP games allow young umpires to learn a lot about game management, but they also scare away many young umpires because the coaches are extreme in some (too many) cases.
  7. Shaking my Head

    Was covering for a pair of machine pitch games yesterday (keep in mind these kids are 7) and had this play that led to two ejections. Dribbler hit in front of the plate, pitcher goes to throw to the inside of first and the first basemen is run into my the batter-runner, easy RLI call and I get the out. As soon as I call interference, the VTHC (running the machine) is yelling coming towards me as well as each of the base coaches. I send the base coaches back to their boxes and give a brief explanation to the head coach. I jog back behind the plate when am assistant walks out of the dugout arguing, I give him a stop sign and he walks right through it and gets his place in the parking lot. He resists leaving the field until I tell him he has 15 seconds before they forfeit. At this point, the head coach is at home plate again questioning me. I tell him, "coach, I don't want to eject you too, let's go back to the machine and play baseball. " At this point he gets halfway back to the machine, and turns around to argue again and secures his spot in the parking lot. Coaches' behavior in low level baseball can be ridiculous at times.
  8. When is too late?

    I'd been telling him every half inning to make sure he isn't getting too close.
  9. When is too late?

    Had the plate for a game last night (fifth grade game) and had this situation that I feel like I should have handled differently. Catcher had been relatively close to the plate the whole game and I kept reminding myself to listen for possible interference. Batter fouls one towards the dugout and I immediately thought it sounded like he may have gotten the glove, but there was no reaction by any of the players and I didn't ear anything from the coaches, so I dismissed it. After going to retrieve the ball, the catcher is squatting giving signs and I hear him say, "stupid glove, don't hit the bat. " I just let the comment go. Should I have gone ahead and grabbed the interference even though it was at least a minute after the play, because at this point I know it would have been the right call, or do you just let it go? Could I have done anything differently?
  10. Had the bases on a 10 year old championship game a couple weeks ago. Team had fallen apart and all of a sudden it was our fault. Past ball and the winning team is trying to steal home, pitcher gets the toss in time but puts down a high tag and my partner calls him safe. I'm in C, and as the pitcher is walking towards me, I notice one fan in particular is yelling at my partner about the call. I shrug it off until I see the ten year old pitcher who's halfway back to the mound stop in his tracks, turn and yell "Mom, shut up. " It took everything I had to keep from laughing. He took the words right out of my mind.
  11. Game management keeps HC in game - thanks!

    What I was taught for why to begin with "Coach, what do you have" is kind of two fold. First of all, you know exactly what point he disagrees with and can formulate a concise response to that question. Secondly, once his concern has been addressed you can turn to "Bob, this isn't the reason you came out to talk with me. Let's get back to baseball. " That's when you can disengage and retreat to be ready for play, if he follows or continues, then you're onto prolonged argument and can give him a stop sign.
  12. 1BC Shouting Unnecessarily

    That was the explanation he gave me between innings, which kind of confirmed to me that we may have handled it all correctly.
  13. 1BC Shouting Unnecessarily

    This is a situation I had last year and I want to hear your guys' thoughts on the topic. First games for this year are Saturday and I'm itching to go. Kids were either 9 or 10, we're playing full baseball under OBR rules. I'm base umpire. Strike three caught by the catcher, plate umpire immediately comes up with an out and verbalizes that the batter is out. In an attempt to lure a throw from the young catcher, the 1BC starts yelling "run, run" to the batter. At this point the plate umpire repeats that the batter is out, as the 1BC continues to yell. The inexperienced catcher ends up throwing the ball to first unnecessarily, allowing a runner to score from third. The HC of the defensive team was upset, but my partner and I reasoned that the catcher (and coaches) need to know the situation and be talking to the players. I went to the 1BC between innings and had a brief talk, basically asking that he limits the yelling once he realizes the batter is out. Did my partner and I handle this correctly? Is there something else we should have done? Thanks.
  14. Batter catches the pitch

    Change of scenario but imagine with me. Batter sees a big looping curve ball coming at his front shoulder and reaches out toward the pitcher and catches it. Pitch very well could have moved into the zone, but was caught well outside of the zone. Are you going to give benefit of the doubt to the pitcher and award a strike or the batter that caught a live ball?
  15. Offensive Interference

    That's true. I guess it is really a htbt thing. You don't want to bail out the defense because they made a late, poorly executed play, but at the same time, the batter must perform his duty to get out of the way, even though there is no play at the plate. After typing that out, I would give any and all benefit of doubt to the defense. Batter must get out of the way. Just be ready to deal with an angry coach.