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  1. Properly disengaging plate

    I've called this balk several times as well, and warned a coach once as a result. @maven's description was, and is most helpful. But that doesn't mean the coaches will concede or even understand. Good call though!!
  2. 3 batters in, 2 gone!

    This is the culture that so many umpires continue to perpetuate, call the game according to the expectations of coaches and spectators rather than according to rules and reality. The only way to change it is for the guys who do it right to teach and train, but even then it'll be difficult, because those guys are out numbered by alot.
  3. CWS - slide call at Second

    Not sure what you're referring to @Jimurray, but let's not leave out Heath Jones at 1st, flat out getting it done on some bangers tonight.
  4. CWS - slide call at Second

    It's why so many guys don't make the right calls in big situations (not at that level)... They fear being disliked more than they fear being incompetent. Not these guys!!!
  5. CWS - slide call at Second

    Love watching these guys! Perfect position, timing was excellent.
  6. 3 batters in, 2 gone!

    9u and he's 'f-bombing' the umpires, it's insanity. It doesn't sound like there was time for much chirping before the ejectable offense, but if there were, I practice nipping it as soon as it's loud enough for me to hear clearly. I call time, walk to a distance that keeps me from having to yell, and say calmly, "I'm done hearing about balls and strikes today, and I don't plan to have this conversation again." If the rule set prescribes a specific warning, i.e.. NCAA, I give it, and then get back to business. You could have warned the coach during the first at bat, but it doesn't sound like this guy was a quick study any way, it's not on you, he ejected himself.
  7. Dan McDonnell Ejection

    Whatever he said, it had to be pretty bad to get tossed in that situation, UNLESS... I'm off the mark in thinking that as officials we should understand the overall situation and sometimes try a bit harder to keep a guy in a game. Not at all saying the umpire was wrong to eject because I don't know what was said, but using the example as an opportunity to inquire - do we work harder in those situations to keep a guy in the game (elimination game, close game, etc...)?
  8. Umpire from Oregon

    Welcome @Thomas Mullaney! Because you want to advance, the best advice I can give you is resist the urge to work, work, work apart from observing and learning. Especially for a young guy, you'll learn quickly that you can earn cash in decent amounts by working like crazy. But working games at a crazy pace, WITHOUT learning will quickly help you develop really bad habits that'll be hard to break, and ultimately cost you time in reaching your goal. While you can't make money going to college or pro-games and watching GOOD umpires, and asking them questions, you CAN learn what you need to apply when you DO work games, and then develop good habits. Working games is certainly necessary, but working them wrong, especially with many partners who'll give you bad advice, will slow you down. Learn the RIGHT way first, then practice it. And be very careful who you listen to. Have fun Pal.
  9. Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    This is EXCELLENT news to me, as I've killed a couple in summer OBR season because of that habit of calling 'time' first! I'm now fixed of it, but it's been an annual thing for me, I'm slow, ya know...
  10. Game management Q

    For me it depends several other factors, and may well be a HTBT. Is this the first negative comment from the guy, or it he a constant pain? How loud was he? What was his tone? Does he clear have the intention of taking game management control away from you with his comment, i.e... insighting others to join in? For some guys 'counting calls' is an automatic EJ, but if I'm made aware of the counting because I have rabbit ears, and it was the first negative comment I heard, I may ignore it. In fact, I've ignored very similar comments because I didn't think it was worth dealing with, and the there were no clear consequences to NOT dealing with it. On the other hand, I tossed an assistant coach once for making an almost identical comment in a different context, with significant volume and bad intentions. If you need to deal with it without ejecting the guy, I agree, don't discredit yourself by screaming across the diamond. But it's acceptable to calmly walk to a spot where he can hear your normal voice, and simply let him know that he was heard, and it's enough. Then turn around, walk away, and let him hang himself.
  11. Need a notebook

    I use it and keep it in my ball bag slot, no issues at all. Brilliant!
  12. Was the 3B coach the head coach? If not, I'm ignoring his request, completely, like he doesn't even exist. If so, while I totally understand your going for help, I'm not sure I would have, though I can't say I absolutely wouldn't have. On the opposing coach's antics, I don't feel I ever owe a coach an opportunity to trash me, even if I kick a call. I likely wouldn't have restricted him at all, but rather, would've run him completely for refusing to leave the plate. All that said... we've all been there, and will be again. Thanks for exposing yourself for our benefit.
  13. Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    If the offensive coach starts complaining about a pitch, perhaps one that we're sure we kicked, is that going to keep us from getting the next one right in fear that the defensive coach will accuse us of pandering? Are we going to radically change our zone to try to accommodate both coaches? Or, are we going to shut down the offensive coach, defensive coach, or whomever starts yapping, and be true to the rules and our own conscience? My answer to your question is this: 'Coach, we don't argue about, or appeal balks in baseball, that was a no-stop balk, we're done.'. The only other alternative is to decide you're not going to call balks for a few innings, or for the rest of that game.
  14. Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    I think we'd all be lying if we didn't admit this has happened to us... but the challenge is having the intestinal fortitude to anticipate that comment from the coach, and STILL call the 2nd one! I think this is, at least in part, where things go south... guys figure, 'Well... I can't call it now'... then they go to their next game, and that slope becomes more slippery because perhaps they figure 'Well, I didn't call that before, I'll be unfair if I call it now.'. Next thing you know a guy goes a few years without calling a balk, and those of us who DO call them by the book get the grief.
  15. Balk Questioning by nice (ignorant) coach

    I too am on the band-wagon against those who do NOT call the most basic balks, and unfortunately, it is the majority of guys I work with (excluding the college level). It seems a 'change in direction' has become a 'complete and discernible stop' to most umpires. So when a pitcher 'bounces his hands', he, and his coaches, think he stopped... he didn't, and it should be called a balk. Further, we shouldn't be afraid to tell coaches, 'he didn't stop, he changed directions... his hands were going down, then went up without ever stopping'. I hate to say it, but I feel like Bob Davidson anymore, because balks are so common, because not enough umpires are calling them, it's become epidemic! But as I told a first base coach on Saturday, 'while I hate calling them, they'll never learn if I don't'... this after I balked a pitcher 3 times in 2 innings for not stopping... the coaches reply - 'you were right on all of them, and they need to learn, even if it's the hard way'.