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  1. Navy Plate Coat

    Bump. Will take $75 shipped
  2. Navy Plate Coat

    Navy Fechheimer Plate Coat in size 42R. In very good condition. Asking $85 shipped.
  3. Black Plate Coat Size 46R

    @Thunderheads Please lock this up. Item has sold.
  4. Black Plate Coat Size 46R

    I have a Black 46R Plate Coat made by Canterbury Clothing. These jackets were made for the CBUAO & previously sold / distributed by All-American Sports Shop in NJ. I bought from them a few years ago. The previously sewn on patch was removed. The stitch outline can still be seen if you look closely but i always had a patch placed there using one of the plastic pocket slides to hold association patches. $225 shipped to Continental 48
  5. Adidas Mask for sale

    @Thunderheads. Please lock it up. Mask is sold.
  6. Adidas Mask for sale

    Adidas Mask up for sale. Asking $125 shipped to Continental 48. Paypal F & F transfer.
  7. Adidas Mask for sale

    There is a potential sale already pending. PM Sent @bocephus08
  8. SSK Japan Mask

    He does have some unique items on there if you are willing to pony up the $'s. There is a cool Mizuno Titanium Pro mask on there for $399 that I was kinda surprised that no one on here has raved about before. He has a good following in the MiLB ranks as the site owner is from those ranks as well . About anything Belgrade, Mizuno or SSK you might want.
  9. WTB black plate coat

    @ UmpSC7 I just sent you a pm.
  10. Adidas Base Shoes

    Still have Adidas marked off my list after the Levar Ball - Adidas Hoops fiasco in Vegas.
  11. Eclipse

    Trying to get the day off of work set up to attend Memphis Redbirds PCL/AAA game. In a stroke of Sports Marketing genius they are throwing their 1st pitch at 11:52am as the eclipse starts & it will be at 94% peak at 1:22. Seems like a better way to spend the day than going to work.
  12. Pitch Clock — AAA Level

    AA & AAA levels only @ MiLB
  13. BS article. The Onion? Known fake news source. Never heard of an MLB ump named Scott Glennon,
  14. Plate Shoe Failure???

    I had this happen when i had a pair of 3N2's. Loved them until that moment. I believe the toe cap is cheap thin plastic. I had a purple toe for 3weeks after. I couldn't give those shoes away fast enough after that direct freak hit.
  15. ISO ... a unique throat guard

    Guess I got lucky & got mine on U-E from @JohnMcSherry on U-E for around $25. It's got a nice look to it & isn't a shiny black but more of a flat black.
  16. ISO ... a unique throat guard

    A Zett TG or Mizuno shovel TG would look good on that wide Ext TG of your mask. The Zett is likely easier to find. I bought a Zett and really like the width it offers over the Wilson & Champro 6in models.
  17. ISO: Plate Coat

    I have a Navy Blue Fechheimer 42R if interested you are welcome to PM me. Maybe Vermont is a "blue" state? Idk
  18. Force3 Chest Protector $210 shipped

    I'm curious if anyone on U-E actually received one of these. I suspected all along that they might have intended to clear their excess F3 Version 1's at that $200 price point. I thought it was odd they had the V1 pictured w/V2 descriptions. I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to be one of about 20 orders from a TX officials supplier that had put the new Smitty Poly Spandex out there at $37.99 before they caught the error an hour later. They did honor the price though so even though I had to wait two weeks for their restocking they stood by the price.
  19. I'm Old

    Dale is still very active. Called with him in TSSAA State tourney last year. He is still an Appy League fill-in as well.
  20. Force3 Chest Protector $210 shipped

    The one thing I noticed immediately upon opening the link is the pictured F3 CP appears to have the Version 1 graphics. If you look at the Version 2 on the UmpAttire site the V2 graphics are updated including graphics on the adjustable throat protector b/c they want that logo visible from under shirt. So is All Sports East using an old V1 pic in product description link? Or are there Version 2"s with V1 graphics?
  21. Mask and Base Shoe Recommendations

    I'm thinking there is some kind of pink mask coming available..
  22. What mask/pad combo is this?

    In that same game I noticed the catcher was wearing an Adidas padded double bar mask that appeared to be thinner bars like titanium. Anyone know much about the Adidas catchers masks. Sorry no pictures.
  23. Force 3 tights

    I have the same issue as @Majordave. Feel like I might as well have flushed $50 or whatever I paid. I wear 36-38 waists & the Large were too loose on me as well
  24. It says $375 or best offer in his tag under thread title