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  1. Dave, I had the quad CABG surgery in Sept, 2012. Naturally that year it knocked me out of football officiating & fall baseball but despite having to be deceptive to my wife I was sitting in deer stands 3-weeks later with my newly purchased crossbow with a hand crank to cock it b/c I couldn't pull a bow back. The biggest change in my life since that day was that I do think about what I eat more often & the required rehab led me into an exercise pattern that I never gave up. It ended up causing me to drop from about 240 to 195 & holding steady. In my baseball gigs it was always at forefront of my mind about getting hit & this was also the time frame I was trying to settle on which chest protector was going to give my sternum the best protection. I probably wore them all but that 1st season after surgery I was inclined to wear my W-Gold all the time because the thickness & bulkiness we all despise in that offering made me feel the most protected. The thinner versions like All-Star System 7 despite being a solid CP scared me because of the thin profile. After that first Spring season back I believe it was the 2014 season when I tried the Force 3 V1 and still owned my W-Gold. Gradually as I felt my upper body strength come back & I bulked back up from the weight lifting I was doing I began to wean myself out of the Gold & went almost exclusively with the F3-V!. In that 1st year back I did take some shots on the Gold that never bothered me at all. I never really got stroked in the F3-V1 but was always worried about it & was always seeing comments on U-E about detractors of the F3 taking painful shots so It wasn't until the 2015 season that I finally went to the F3 almost exclusively. I now also wear one of the Schutt XV with MadMax Mod & a RayFlex in the hotter times of the year. Although I have been hit in both many times i have not ever been just squared up in the F3 - V1 with the shot that would strike right on top of the sternum & those knotty bumps where they wired my sternum shut again. I wear my F3 still though all the time in HS & college ball but in the back of my mind I still would like to upgrade to the F3-V2 for the upgraded blast shield over sternum area. My son has offered to get me one through his MiLB deals but I haven't bit the bullet on it yet. I have taken some good shots in HS Showcase Summer / Fall ball though on the Schutt XV with no regrets. My return to the baseball field was longer though than you might face, about 7 months. In your situation with the season looming or already started like it is here in my area I would look to ease into it with base assignments first when you feel the time is right then ease into the plate with some Utrip assignments or similar as you get into the mood to stoke a full return. Your endurance will return rather quickly if you are rehabbing as I believe you were probably already in good physical shape. Ironically just yesterday I had to take off to do a stress test as my 5-year anniversary had passed last fall & the Doc wanted to check out how it was all working in there complete with nuclear dye & treadmill test. i passed with flying colors. Wishing you the best as i know the emotions of having to miss the start of the Spring season would eat at me bad. Praying for your speedy return to the game.
  2. New Umpire In DFW

    Welcome, I always thought catchers would excel as plate umpires because they've been watching the game from our angle for years. Great to see young guys getting into this realm of the game.
  3. Navy Plate Coat

    Bump. Will take $75 shipped
  4. Black Plate Coat Size 46R

    @Thunderheads Please lock this up. Item has sold.
  5. Adidas Mask for sale

    @Thunderheads. Please lock it up. Mask is sold.
  6. Adidas Mask for sale

    There is a potential sale already pending. PM Sent @bocephus08
  7. Adidas Mask for sale

    Adidas Mask up for sale. Asking $125 shipped to Continental 48. Paypal F & F transfer.
  8. Navy Plate Coat

    Navy Fechheimer Plate Coat in size 42R. In very good condition. Asking $85 shipped.
  9. Black Plate Coat Size 46R

    I have a Black 46R Plate Coat made by Canterbury Clothing. These jackets were made for the CBUAO & previously sold / distributed by All-American Sports Shop in NJ. I bought from them a few years ago. The previously sewn on patch was removed. The stitch outline can still be seen if you look closely but i always had a patch placed there using one of the plastic pocket slides to hold association patches. $225 shipped to Continental 48
  10. SSK Japan Mask

    He does have some unique items on there if you are willing to pony up the $'s. There is a cool Mizuno Titanium Pro mask on there for $399 that I was kinda surprised that no one on here has raved about before. He has a good following in the MiLB ranks as the site owner is from those ranks as well . About anything Belgrade, Mizuno or SSK you might want.
  11. WTB black plate coat

    @ UmpSC7 I just sent you a pm.
  12. Adidas Base Shoes

    Still have Adidas marked off my list after the Levar Ball - Adidas Hoops fiasco in Vegas.
  13. Eclipse

    Trying to get the day off of work set up to attend Memphis Redbirds PCL/AAA game. In a stroke of Sports Marketing genius they are throwing their 1st pitch at 11:52am as the eclipse starts & it will be at 94% peak at 1:22. Seems like a better way to spend the day than going to work.
  14. Pitch Clock — AAA Level

    AA & AAA levels only @ MiLB