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  1. Use 1st names

    Again, this is my approach, not a "one size fits everyone." I no longer work HS age baseball. At 69, I now just work summer ball for 8 y/os through mid-teens. I have no problem with a kid calling me "blue" or "ump." If a catcher introduces himself, I'll shake his hand and say something like, "How are you, young man? Beautiful day for baseball, isn't it? Let's have fun today." With coaches, I use my name, but with a 10 y/o? I'm not there to be a friend, but I can be (and am) helpful and friendly--and approachable--regardless. One more time: this is my approach, my personality.
  2. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    In basketball, more and more amateur officials are wearing all sorts of shoes (as long as they are mostly/all black), choosing comfort and function over style. Why shouldn't umpires do the same, even if we don't live in places like Arizona? I'm with MadMax on this.
  3. Use 1st names

    I should have made clear that I was just speaking about my own comfort level, not offering a general "rule" everyone should follow. Oddly enough, my grandsons do call me by my first name--but that's family.
  4. Use 1st names

    Little mentions high school, although I'm not sure if he's talking about coaches, catchers, or players generally. OK, I can understand HS coaches, but players? I am uncomfortable with players my grandson's age calling me by my first name. Maybe I'm too old school, too old world--or simply too old.
  5. Take a look at the "buyers guide" articles on the ump-attire.com website. If your gear doesn't fit well and is not comfortable, you will fidget and tug all game long. West Gold CPs come in several sizes. Again, look at the ump-attire website for more information. I'm more concerned about protection and comfort than how my gear looks (which means, to others). I am fortunate to have a nearby shop owned by a D3 umpire, where I can try things on. But you can't go wrong with buying your gear from ump-attire, whose Jim Kirk and Scott Kennedy both post frequently here, and where the service and return policy are as good as it gets. (Disclosure: I have absolutely no connection or financial interest in ump-attire--I just admire its business model and customer service.) I agree that you should buy the best quality you can afford for the levels you intend to work, but whatever you will buy now, you will "upgrade" at some point. Sports officials are like kids in a toy store--we're always buying new stuff.
  6. I do not understand this

    OT, re: your screen name: great book, great movie.
  7. Runout or boundary

    Kas19941, someone else asked a cricket question here just last month. As I did then, I suggest you try these sites where an answer might be found: http://nompere.proboards.com/ http://cricketumpires.proboards.com/ http://www.bigcricket.com/community/
  8. Do they coordinate the new date with the referees? If not and one of the officials was unavailable and had to be replaced, wouldn't the new official be entitled to some compensation?
  9. From the NFHS Basketball Rule Book: "The NFHS Basketball Rules Committee does not recognize protests." Rule 5-4-2. Must be a state modification, consistent with its treatment of baseball and football issues.
  10. American Legion Rule Changes

    As I said earlier, we've played seven innings in league play for as long as I can recall--thankfully! Even with seven inning games, pitch counts and rest days create havoc, as no one has enough quality (or even semi-quality) pitching when the schedule backs up because of weather or other postponements. Nine innings would only exacerbate the problem.
  11. Cricket umpiring scenario

    Dhiren Chaudhari, you might try asking your question in these sites: http://nompere.proboards.com/ http://cricketumpires.proboards.com/ http://www.bigcricket.com/community/
  12. Quick Tip Videos

    The "x" most important things to cover in a pre-game is worthy of its own video.
  13. American Legion Rule Changes

    Around here, during the regular season, senior Legion games have been seven innings for years. They go (went, now?) to nine innings for regional playoffs and beyond.
  14. Just Cancel the Game

    Maybe they did, but neglected to let you know: "Oh, did anyone contact the umpires?" "Nah...."
  15. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Who gets to decide what/when is proper?