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  1. LRZ

    A Mitch Kupchak-er

    If it's worth your time and energy to try to keep him, you might explain that cultural norms in SC are different from those where he lived previously, and if he wants to continue umpiring for you, he has to accept that expectations are different.
  2. In the case play, the BR is B1 and the coach is Coach A. Even a FED case writer would not envision Coach A talking to Team B's BR. I know what the point is, but someone literal-minded and new to umpiring might read the case as a mandate and jump right into "ordering." And while I'm getting agitated about language--they were the tools of my trades for 40 years, and I think the words we choose matter--I'm not crazy about "ignoring" the request, instead of acknowledging it and letting the coach know that he has to wait until the BR reaches first and/or play is relaxed. Doesn't FED encourage preventive officiating?
  3. I'm on board with the "ignore" part, but the "order"? I don't think so. Good thing I don't work FED ball.
  4. LRZ

    Oh my. Indiana

    "VanBibber had been verbally chastising him throughout the game." I am NOT--repeat: NOT!!!!--blaming the umpire in any way, but next time he has to deal with an obstreperous coach, he may want to shut the problem down much, much earlier. Yelling at the umpire all game long, and especially at a charity event? Nope.
  5. LRZ

    Just saw the new SSK plate shoes.....nice

    My first plate shoes had metatarsal plates that were affixed at the toes with velcro, but the velcro never held and as I ran, the plates would flap like a flag in the wind. Granted, that was more than 35 years ago, so I hope that velcro here holds better.
  6. LRZ

    Shin guards question

    Note that the UA description reads: "This is a great umpire shin guard for lower levels, softball or just those who prefer light weight, less bulkier shin guards. It is less protective than others; but, designed that way so that it's much lighter." [My emphasis.] No wonder catsbackr retired them. On the UA website, these are well within your price range: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Shin-Guards/DLG_Diamond-Umpire-Shin-Guards I don't vouch for them, however, as I wear Force 3s.
  7. LRZ

    Penalty or play?

    I am curious about how this played out in the Astros/Rockies game.
  8. LRZ

    Coach on field

    Only if it's you I'm dealing with, 'cause you know better!
  9. LRZ

    Coach on field

    Mr. Rich Ives, can you please provide a cite? Thank you.
  10. LRZ

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Well, isn't that the way the rules have been drafted to resolve the tension between runner and fielder, to avoid these kinds of collisions? At least in amateur baseball, having a runner called out, rather than awarded home on obstruction, is better, as a matter of policy, than having a kid trucked, with the potential for serious injury.
  11. LRZ

    Little League

    That's why I said it was tangential. The lesson for the OP is (1) go to the umpire whose call is in question and (2) one umpire cannot overrule another. You and I know these things, but posters may not.
  12. LRZ

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    "Usually" implies the occasional exception: in the circumstances, this might have been one.