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  1. American Legion Rule Changes

    As I said earlier, we've played seven innings in league play for as long as I can recall--thankfully! Even with seven inning games, pitch counts and rest days create havoc, as no one has enough quality (or even semi-quality) pitching when the schedule backs up because of weather or other postponements. Nine innings would only exacerbate the problem.
  2. Cricket umpiring scenario

    Dhiren Chaudhari, you might try asking your question in these sites: http://nompere.proboards.com/ http://cricketumpires.proboards.com/ http://www.bigcricket.com/community/
  3. Quick Tip Videos

    The "x" most important things to cover in a pre-game is worthy of its own video.
  4. American Legion Rule Changes

    Around here, during the regular season, senior Legion games have been seven innings for years. They go (went, now?) to nine innings for regional playoffs and beyond.
  5. Just Cancel the Game

    Maybe they did, but neglected to let you know: "Oh, did anyone contact the umpires?" "Nah...."
  6. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Who gets to decide what/when is proper?
  7. Kneeling for National Anthem

    By using the forum available to them, these athletes have stimulated public recognition that racism is a problem, a preliminary step towards solutions. "Doing nothing" is a matter of opinion, not of fact, and I, for one, think these athletes are courageous. Peaceful protest in the face of public opprobrium--how utterly American.
  8. Out or lodged ball?

    What does the word "use" mean? Does it imply an intent? What does the word "lodge" mean? Are there case plays and/or official interpretations that clarify?
  9. Lack of compassion = lack of respect. Break out the white wrist bands again.
  10. Apparently, "short fuse" has replaced "getting his money's worth" as the most important element in the official MLB announcer lexicon.
  11. ALWS

    What was the discussion about in the photo of the four umpires (http://www.onlinepictureproof.com/vrstudio/albums/game_fourteen__nc_vs_ne/567353/guest/v2sgizd058o7cke/)? Seems like one fellow was a little animated.
  12. Missed the play

    Maybe because I work with a lot of umpires who never leave the plate until it's time to go get a beer, this has been bugging me: why was the PU "still at home"? The OP's description (e.g., "at one point") suggests to me that this rundown had at least a couple of throws and runner back-&-forths, so, with only the one baserunner, what else did the PU have to do but come up to help?
  13. ESPN MLB Rules Quiz from 2013

    Yes, that is the book. It was so helpful back then, long before all these umpiring/mechanics manuals existed or were available to the amateur world. I wonder how out of date it is now. I also had an amateurishly-printed mechanics manual, maybe 10-12 pages long.