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  1. NavyChiefBlue

  2. This Weekend

    Prayers for your brother and your entire family! Please thank him for his service! Prayers to all that have sacrificed their lives so we can live in this great land!
  3. Field shoe?

    Guess I forgot the link, sorry. ://www.athalonz.com/products/g-force-turf-black Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. Field shoe?

    Started using these a few weeks ago. Very comfortable. Size up a half size for wide feet. PM me for free shipping code. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  5. Latest NB plate shoes - Cleaning

    Thanks all! Much appreciated!! Season starts today!!
  6. Latest NB plate shoes - Cleaning

    I expect mine to come in the mail very soon. As they are high-gloss, what are you doing to keep them clean and shiny? I have used everything from water to Pledge to Scrubbing Bubbles. I don't want to ruin the high-gloss finish. Just looking for options. Thanks! STRIKES AND OUTS!!!!
  7. Prescription Glasses and Fogging

    @Guidry Yes, they sit off the face, but they are snug and I don't have a problem with them moving.
  8. Prescription Glasses and Fogging

    These are the ones I am currently using. I haven't had a problem. http://www.zennioptical.com/744412-plastic-half-rim-frame.html I got them with the transition type lenses, so I don't have to change out mid-game anymore. It makes it a lot easier. Only down side is, I have to take them off to read the lineup card.
  9. Safe Haven?

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  10. Safe Haven?

    Finished up my adult babysitting duties last night, a real snoozer, 10 consecutive walks in the 3rd inning, maybe 5 generous strikes called by my partner, so I head over to the complex next door and watch a coed softball game. Team A has bases loaded, and the B/R hits a rope the hits the girl on 3rd base (it barely nicked her arm, or else she might have been seriously hurt. An inning or so later, I asked the umpire if she should have been called out. He said, "no, as long as she is on the base." I asked him if the base is a safe haven and he said "Yes". I clarified before asking the question, that I work baseball, and I'm just wondering. I have no dog in the fight per say, just an innocent bystander. Is this the correct call for softball? Thanks! Brent
  11. Thanks, skip!

    In my very first JUCO game, earlier this year, the VT leadoff batter has a 3-1 count. Pitch comes in a little high, but I called a strike as he was halfway down the line (my timing is slower than most) and he has tossed his bat to the fence. He stops and turns around and is giving me a look like I'm crazy, all of a sudden, I hear from the 3BC (VT HC), "Get your bat and get in the box". Next pitch is a little higher and it's ball 4. As he slowly turns to toss his bat, he gives me the glare again, 3BC shouts again "Run down to first base, NOW!" I look over to 3BC and he said "I got this!" I nodded and gave him a thumbs up. Runner eventually makes it to 3B. He eventually scores and prior to leaving the dirt, he apologized 3 times! I turned to the 3BC and thanked him! Doing a little research I found out that the coach was recently inducted into the JUCO Hall of Fame! I don't know how much college ball I will do, but if they handle business this way, I will work as much as I can!
  12. Gorilla arm

    From our state rules interpreter, in a bulletin put out this week. Gorilla Stance: There has been some recent discussion on the “gorilla” stance. This is where a pitcher, in the set position, has his throwing arm and hand hanging straight down as he takes his sign before he becomes “set” or attempts a legal pickoff play. Rule 6-1-3 requires the pitcher, while in the set position, to have his pitching hand either down at his side or behind his back. This is so the offense can view the pitching hand and see any movement of the hand or the arm; if the offense could not see what the pitcher was doing with his pitching arm, they would be at a disadvantage as to stealing a base or pickoff moves. However, it was determined that if a pitcher, in the set position, has his pitching arm hanging straight down, no advantage is gained and the defense is able to see the arm and any subsequent movement. So, it is legal for the pitcher in the set position, to have his pitching arm hanging straight down with no movement. If the pitcher moves his pitching arm back and forth, then it would be a balk as it is considered to be the start of a pitching motion to become set. This was ruled around seven years ago by Approved Ruling and is currently in the casebook as 6.2.2 Situation F.
  13. Are you a Red Sox fan?

    If you would be interested in umpiring for a week in late January/early February (in south Florida) and meeting/hanging out with some old Sox favorites, including "Mugsy", "Steamer", "Dauber" and "Spaceman", please PM me. Brent
  14. Catcher's Obstruction - runner awards

    Thanks for the help guys. I did get the question wrong, but when I reviewed the specific references for the rule, it still didn't make sense. With the addition of the statement from the case book, it helps. But like some of you have said, it ends up being another reason (#263) that FED is screwed up.
  15. Catcher's Obstruction - runner awards

    I did, it's fixed now.