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  1. I found these on Eastbay with an automatic 20% off for $59.99 and free shipping. I'm not sure how long the sale is but these look good and comfortable. Anyone every try these?
  2. Black and Blue

    I just finished the camp in Sacramento. Great time and huge amount of knowledge! The instructors were awesome and the camp had a great brotherhood vibe!
  3. HSM Help

    My current mask says to replace every 2 years and it has been 3. I kind of feel this is BS but I want to make sure my equipment is always in working order and don't want to have to worry about it I've looked at the Force 3s online but I really like my Wilson and it has served me well so I'd like to stay loyal to their masks. Thanks for the information. I didn't realize the baseball version wasn't steel and skimped on some quality of the umpire version.
  4. HSM Help

    Hello Gentleman, I'm in the market for a new HSM. I've used the Wilson steel shock 2.0 the last 3 seasons and love it. I'm looking at various sites and like the look of the same mask in matte black but it is listed as a catcher's mask. I was hoping someone here can tell me if there are different or the same with different paint. I think the only difference and I could be wrong is the baseball style does not have leather for the forehead pad. Here are the styles... What I currently have... https://www.amazon.com/Wilson-Shock-Steel-Umpires-Helmet/dp/B001MA6JS4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1472505935&sr=8-4&keywords=wilson+shock+mask What I would like (in black) https://www.amazon.com/Wilson-Baseball-Catchers-Helmet-Large-X-Large/dp/B005Y04LGK/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1472505935&sr=8-6&keywords=wilson%2Bshock%2Bmask&psc=1 Thanks guys!
  5. Player HBP 4 times

    HS Varsity. I am the BU and the VT #3 batter gets hit by first pitch. His second time up, same thing. VT parents start getting upset as no one else has been hit. 3rd time up (new pitcher) same kids gets hit again. Parents really upset and VHC comes out to talk to PU. He says "I'll take care of it." In between innings I go talk to my partner and ask if he has seen anything that would cause the hit by pitches and if he is going to issue a warning. He tells me in his judgement there has been nothing to indicate that it is an intentional act. No stare downs, bat flips, hard plays etc. He's a more experienced umpire so I just say okay and take my position. Sure enough, next time up the kid gets hit again and the VHC and parents are irate. My parents address the fans and throws one out, tells the coach to get his fans in order and IMO loses control of the game. Luckily it was the last inning and the VT ends up winning. Had I been the PU I would have issued a warning after the 3rd hit by pitch citing unsportsmanlike conduct. I know the OHC would be upset but I think hitting a kid the first pitch 3 times in a row in my judgement is intentional and I am giving them the benefit of the doubt by issuing a warning instead of ejecting. My question is, what can I do as the BU as far as warnings without stepping over the PU? I felt powerless as I didn't want to come in and issue a warning after the PU had been so adamant against it.
  6. 3 Man Mechanics

    The playoffs start next week here in Nevada. Does anyone here have a good power point or reference for a 3 man mechanics reminder?
  7. MLB Polos This Season

    I'm in my third year of umpiring so I have only ever worn the "pro style" polos with the piping on the side as they were always available on multiple sites with multiple brands. My question is, will Majestic release this years polos available for purchase or how long after an MLB change does Smitty or Honigs offer their version of pro style? This years MLB polos have grown on me and would like to purchase some when they are available.
  8. Fist bump

    "Skip I had a great angle from very deep 3 base line extended and saw daylight. NO BUMP!"
  9. When to Kill Type 2/B Obstruction?

    On this play if the runner is obstructed before 3rd base and does not attempt to run home because of the obstruction, does he get awarded home or does he have to attempt to get to the plate to be awarded home?
  10. Dropped 3rd Strike Check Swing

    Thanks. The batter taking off so quickly caught me off guard. Next time I'll nail it.
  11. JV Game bases empty 2 out. 2-2 count, BR check swings at a ball in the dirt. Before I can go to my partner, BR is already down the line running to first. He gets thrown out at first. OHC walks towards me and I ask my partner "did he go?." Partner signals yes and we all play on. This looked so bad but it has never happened to me before. I lurk on here all the time and love all the knowledge everyone brings so what is the proper mechanic for this situation?
  12. WTB Lineup Card Wallet

    Got my lineup card yesterday and can't wait to use it in today's game! Thanks for the great quality product!
  13. THIS is why we're taught 3blx

    Also in this video...How is that delivery not a balk? Not coming set, back heel coming up before delivery. I'm a new 2 year umpire and would balk that immediately. Just wondeiring if the veterans here see something I'm missing.
  14. Walk off Walk or Not?

    Hello Gentleman, I've only been umpiring for 2 years so I have never seen this. I had a 16u playoff game under FED rules. Home team blew 5 run lead in the 7th and had to bat in the bottom of the inning. 2 Out, Bases Full, batter draws a walk. R2 runs home to celebrate and does not touch 3rd. I'm in C and watch the play. Amid the chaos, the defensive team appeals and I call the runner out for abandonment. I talk with my partner and tell him what happened and we agree to negate the run and continue the game. When I get home and look the rule up and OBR states that ONLY the batter need touch 1st and R3 needs to touch home. Under FED I see that an umpire will not end the game until all runners touch their base. My question is a. Is this play able to be appealed in FED (I couldn't find a penalty for not touching your awarded base during the winning run)? b. Is it abandonment once the player leave his base path to go celebrate? c. Did we get this right?
  15. Play at first in Cubs-Nationals game

    Looks like he beat him to the bag but didn't touch the base. I think it's a great call!