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  1. Jeremy,

    I just filled week #1. I have all three weeks booked. Thanks. See you in June.

    1. ZebraStripes


      Looking forward to it sir.  The quack attack crew will do our best to make you laugh.  I will also have a CPAP this year so maybe it will be a little quieter.

  2. ronkraley

    UE umpires

  3. ronkraley

    who's going and when

    ​Spoke to Bill Dooley -- He said to look you up!
  4. ronkraley

    who's going and when

    Jason, be careful what you wish for!
  5. ronkraley

    who's going and when

    Majordave, CDP has 70' diamonds which has a completely different parent/fan following. They are, usually, more congenial. I try to warm up the parents before the game which is always interesting. My fifth year and it always proves to be a good experience. Oh, and Mick, it is 49 days.
  6. ronkraley

    Basic info needed

    If you are a light sleeper (and even if you're not) the foam ear plugs would be helpful. There are usually some heavy snorers in each bunkhouse.