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  1. Attention!!!! Effective 1/1/18 there will be some changes to the CDP forum. To create a new post you will need to purchase an advertisement -- The post will be active for up to 45 days. After 45 days the post will be deleted. If you still wish to advertise you will need to purchase another post. You may bump your post while it is active. You may not hijack another's paid post. All posts seeking a team or umpire should be in the appropriate section. Posts advertising for a team or umpire in other sections of the site will be deleted. YOU MAY ONLY POST YOUR AD IN THE "UMPIRES LOOKING FOR TEAMS" FORUM! Continued mis-use will be grounds for termination from the site. This is your warning. Please play by the rules. The following groups are excluded form the requirement to purchase: Premium Members Members with over 100 posts Umpire-Empire Staff Do not post the price you are seeking or willing to pay. Save this for when you make contact. Umpire-Empire.com makes no guarantee expressed or implied that you will receive a response from your posting. No refunds
  2. Umpire in Chief

    'REAL' job

    I too have had a job change. I am now the HR Dir for a large waterpark, and I love it. The bad news is it interferes with umpiring (and running the site) as I generally work 6, 12 hr days.
  3. Umpire in Chief

    'REAL' job

    I worked at a adolescent behavioral health hospital once. That is tough work.
  4. Umpire in Chief

    Premium Membership Changes

    I have a great new change to announce regarding Premium Memberships... Effective immediately your premium memberships now include: $15 Gift Card fro Ump-Attire.com $25 Tuition Discount at Mid-American Umpire Clinic $200 Tuition Discount on the All-Inclusive Package form The Minor League Baseball Umpire Training Academy $19 Discount on NASO Memberships or Renewals Additionally, to celebrate Umpire-Empire.com's 10th anniversary Premium Memberships will be on sale from the regular price of $30.00 to $20.00 from now until Jan 31, 2018. Purchase your Premium Membership here:
  5. Umpire in Chief

    Rain, Cold, and Questionable Field Conditions

    I will have that shortly...
  6. Umpire in Chief

    Equipment Bag Debate

    My Diamond Ultimate 30" Equipment bag has reached it end of life. This year it remained on life support having had to glue one of the wheels in with Gorilla Glue. So now find myself contemplating 2 bags: FORCE3 ULTIMATE 32" UMPIRE EQUIPMENT BAG ON WHEELS eBags TLS Mother Lode 29" Wheeled Duffel They both get a lot of positive mentions here. But here is one thing that is somewhat important to me, but I've never seen mentioned here; breath-ability. Why you ask? After a game here in the summer my equipment is weighed down with tons of nasty sweat. So after my game I don't put my equipment back in the bag so it can air out - the best they can in my trunk. I would like to put it back where it belongs in my bag, but if I did my equipment would never dry out. I'd love your thoughts pros/cons on each!
  7. Umpire in Chief

    Officials Locker Room

    BrianC brought this up at umpire.org and I wanted to take it a bit of a different direction. I like the concept and feel it can be very popular. As always there is a but... But I have heard from someone who has demoed the product it is a bit small and somewhat difficult to get changed in. Is this something you'd use? Do you think it is practical?
  8. Umpire in Chief

    Cap Creasing

    Cap Creasing View the full article
  9. Umpire in Chief

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted View the full article
  10. Umpire in Chief

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Thank you all, I appreciate the comments and the ensuing discussion. A valid argument can be made for tie going to a runner ( If you fall in that category I never want to work with you, we must get outs ) However parsing the rules and as people have done IMO is more a demonstration of how the rules are poorly written and at inconsistent.
  11. @wolfe_man & @BT_Blue I've given that some thought actually and would really like to do it. I just am not sure where to start. I see all of these YouTubers getting all sorts of cool freebies to review and endorse.
  12. Umpire in Chief

    Online Clinic

    Can I just tell you how much of a fan I am of the NCAA clinic moving to an online event vs in person... It is long overdue. What I looked forward to the most out of the clinics was socializing with you. Over the years between Philadelphia and Baltimore I've met dozens of you there. Plus hanging out with the guys I go up with has been a blast. This is a smart move for the NCAA and I for one am appreciative.
  13. Umpire in Chief

    Site Upgrade

    As you may have noticed, I recently upgraded the site. One thing I have left to do is something I have wanted to do for a while and needs to be done, but I've never gotten to is have the system to rewrite the url's of the site not to include "index.php..." Well I'm finally going to do that this weekend (9/1/17 - 9/3/17). So what does that mean for you??? Any bookmarks/links you have which include the "index.php..." will no longer be valid. and will only lead you to the home page. Now here's the work around... You can search using the words/phrase at the end of the url and it should be the number 1 result. If you have any difficulty finding a particular post/link you have saved please just let me know (via PM) and I will get that to you. Thanks, Warren
  14. Umpire in Chief

    Veterans Check In

    Today, on the eve of Veterans Day I thought it would be fitting to ask that our members who have served check in let us know a little about you your service and maybe any pictures you may have.
  15. Umpire in Chief

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    I have given thought about some vids that highlight some of the differences between NFHS & OBR. I have so many ideas and just not enough time, damn this full time job stuff
  16. Umpire in Chief

    New Umpires Section

    I've been giving it some thought and am toying with a new YouTube series to go with the Quick Tips & Good Call Blue.
  17. Umpire in Chief

    New Umpires Section

    Thanks for the suggestion... I'll take a look at this.
  18. Umpire in Chief

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    @kylehutson please be nit-picky -- I kicked that one. As for hands being part of the bat, stay tuned I've got something in the works (I hope)
  19. Umpire in Chief

    Runout or boundary

    We needed a Calvinball reference--- I don't remember the last time we had one of those.
  20. Guys, a stop watch is one of the items I recommend getting 2 of because they tend to frequently go missing. Whether its your kids (My son likes to hide from the dogs, call them and time how long it takes for them to find him) or a partner who "borrows" yours because they've lost theirs; never to be seen again.
  21. Intentionally Uncaught Ball vs Intentionally Dropped Ball View the full article
  22. Umpire in Chief

    Intentionally Uncaught Ball vs Intentionally Dropped Ball

    I have a google docs full of plays and links, unfortuantely some of the links are no longer valid. But I save the plays as I find ones I like or find interesting. SO I can't tell you may search term.
  23. Umpire in Chief

    Weight Loss Group

    Dude you're killing it! Keep up the great work.
  24. Umpire in Chief

    Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting

    Tips for Having a Great Plate Meeting View the full article