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  1. Thank you all, I appreciate the comments and the ensuing discussion. 


    A valid argument can be made for tie going to a runner ( If you fall in that category I never want to work with you, we must get outs :insertevillaughhere:

    However parsing the rules and as people have done IMO is more a demonstration of how the rules are poorly written and at inconsistent. 

  2. @MadMax Great points. And thanks for all the tips. I just got in a nice 96 LED light to help the lighting pointing at me and can point my desk lamp at the wall behind me. 

    Great idea about the poster maybe I'll get a big U-E banner made. With some of the new equipment I just bought I can move away from the little webcam. I'll now be using my Galaxy S8+ for the video which can have better video quality and the mini shotgun mic will improve the audio. Below is the rig I bought for light and sound.

    This is all new to me so I'm in very much need for any tips or advice so it is very much welcome. I plan on recording a couple tomorrow and will put this to use. 


  3. I'm pretty excited because I got some new equipment in last night which (I hope) will help me make better quality videos. Especially in the audio and lighting areas. Plus I'm not going to be using my webcam so I will be able to escape from my computer to make them.

    I have a couple already done and scheduled to be released through YouTube. I'm debating re-doing those before moving forward with new ones. 

    And I hate to beg but here it is straight forward. One of my goals with the YouTube Channel is to monetize for income. That said Tuesday (1/16/18) YouTube changed it's monetization structure (the snowflakes in the YouTube community are going Ape$h1+). Now to even be considered for monetization you must have:

    • 1000 Subscribers
    • 240,000 minutes of viewed content

    I'm just starting out so I'm NOWHERE near those stats, and I was nowhere near the previous requirements but here's how you can help:

    1. Subscribe (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0vV4nQjnhngh6dXcMQol_w) - And if you have multiple gmail accounts subscribe through all ;) 
    2. Watch all the videos in their entirety - Even if you just go to the channel and select videos --> Play all and just let them run in the background. 
    3. Like the videos if you find them useful.
    4. Share (as long as you think they are worthy).
    5. Finally - Give your input and feedback especially on topics you'd like to see.

    Do I actually think I'm going to be the next PewDiePie or Smosh or anybody else - No, not at all. But I do believe I can produce some videos which have  solid value to the umpiring community.

    So your help and support is greatly appreciated.

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  4. I have yet to do the online clinic, but was looking at it just now. It states it requires flash. Google Chrome (and others) are no longer supporting Flash, so make sure you are using a compatible browser like Explorer.