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  1. Umpire in Chief

    Welcome to our forums

    Chris, welcome back. I'm trying to spread the word every way I can to draw the crowds in. I am planning a "Shameless Self Promotion Tour" shortly. By posting blatant come join Umpire Empire posts onto other sites. I have been very liberal in posting links to my site which has brought a strong traffic flow here. Before I do the shameless self promotion I want to make 2 fixes to the site which I have been playing with. Everybody's help in promoting the site is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
  2. Umpire in Chief

    Did I get this rigght???

    Sounds like every day that your on the field to me...:D
  3. Umpire in Chief

    Your Partner Is Wrong

    Initially, I didn't think I was wrong, but my partner planted that seed of doubt. I won't let that happen again.
  4. Umpire in Chief

    Your Partner Is Wrong

    I made a post yesterday on another site which got me thinking. Here's the situation... My partner, who I believe is a year or two more senior than me, and I are watching the conclusion of the game before ours. A RH Batter attempts a drag bunt, but misses for a strike. In his charge at the ball the batter was clearly 2+ feet out of the box. I told my partner I wish he'd hit the ball so they could get the out. My partner replies, It's accepted that batters can leave the box when drag bunting. I say no and tell of how I've gotten that out a few times before. He asked me if I caught crap when I did, and I said yes. He told me I caught crap because I was wrong. We had a light conversation about the situation and he actually turned my confidence into doubt. I am glad I didn't have that situation because I then had enough doubt that I probably wouldn't have called it. We never came to an agreement on what to do. I made my post on ABUA and received some great feedback and looked the rule up on my own when I got home to re-affirm my original thought. So after this long introduction... How far would you go with your partner in trying to convince them they are wrong? I don't know the guy that well and work with him 1 or 2 times a year and didn't want to be too aggressive in telling him he's wrong like I might with someone I know well and have good report with. If the situation had occurred and I not call it; that is an protestable misinterpretation of the rules, ie we're coming back for free.
  5. Umpire in Chief

    What to do?

    Thats a tough situation. I treat scrimmages like the real thing other than line ups and visits. A couple of things I would consider are, just how loud is he, is there any safety issue, the age of the kids. Stepping into that situation is asking for the dirty end of the stick. So I would try to find someone from the administration to handle it.
  6. Umpire in Chief

    Who has the call?

    I believe this could be either guys call based on who has the best view. If the tag is on the runners front as he's running up the line the BU probably has the best view. If it a swipe at his back as he runs by the fielder PU probably has the best view. Remember it's nothing until you call it. Glance at your partner and know who is going to make the call so you don't make a double call. I seems like thats what you did.
  7. Umpire in Chief

    Did I get this rigght???

    Great example of how with a little experience we umpires can stumble onto the right call. Even at the plate meeting. :D
  8. Umpire in Chief

    Welcome to our forums

    Glad to have you Phillip. I'm sure as the season continues there will be some interesting EJ stories. But I must say my goal is to have none this year.
  9. Umpire in Chief

    Specile Rules in Federation Games

    What special rules do any of your states or districts have? Here there is one district which is exceptionally bad in baseball has adopted a 2 hour drop dead time limit for their JV games. Believe me this is such a beautiful thing, at 2:01 you could be contemplating suicide.
  10. Umpire in Chief

    Are you offended by this....

    Some people say there's no such thing as bad publicity. A portion of my article So you want to be an umpire? was the topic of a post, an I'm honored. Apparently, someone had an issue with my choice of words. What do you think?
  11. Umpire in Chief

    Does the league respect you?

    I would just not work that league. As professionally as I take my self on the field, I'm not going to be somebody's whipping boy. I have enough stress and heartache from my 9-5 that I look forward to my games as almost a therapeutic time where I can block out everything else and just umpire. If a coach wants to give me grief I'm actually pretty lenient and let them vent, until they cross the line. These leagues, like you've described, have created a poisonous culture. Where as they acquire new players they are quickly indoctrinated into the "blame the ump" philosophy and continue to perpetuate the environment.
  12. Umpire in Chief

    Negative feedback is good!!!

    I wanted to take a moment and thank 2 of our members mepperson & LMSANS. Both of these members have given me some critical feedback on the site and things that are not working well for them. One of these issues I knew of and had placed a lower priority on, but when I heard back that it was effecting their enjoyment and use of the site I moved it up to higher priority. Several other of the issues they raised I didn't know of. But was able to look into and I believe resolve. This site is a work in progress and I want to make it as user friendly as possiblle. If you are having any issues please let me know - others may be having the same issues. And to all of you which have given various compliments I thank you too. Also if you have any suggestions on things you would like to see let me know I'm very open to your requests. I want to make the site the best it can be and the ultimate online destination for umpires.
  13. Umpire in Chief

    Mechanics Video

    I saw this video featured on www.UmpNews.com I think this has a lot of good information. The only things I notice is that it appears the Umpire is a bit deep when in A, B or C. I am usually 12-15' behind F3. From B or C I'm on the line tangent from the plate & mound about half way b/t the cut out. I would love to see a video featuring some more advanced mechanics like being deep or shallow in the C position , ect...
  14. Umpire in Chief

    What I'm not looking to this season.

    I was speaking with this guy I work with about the upcoming season. He is much more senior than I in both age and experience and has a, dare I say, more negative tone about life the universe and everything. I told him how anxious I am for the new season and he went on the list of things he is not looking forward to. While I want to try and keep the tone up beat, what are you not looking forward to? I am not looking forward to poorly maintained youth ball fields where the silt has replaced the sand, where the first base line is the gully that has been worn down for the past 50 years. Also the break away bases, that come out every time a kid slides. I played on the old traditional bases and cannot recall anybody ever being hurt. Now each time a kid slides he knocks the base out, then the hole fills in with the silt and we have to take 5 minuets to get it all out then reset the base. On some fields I bet we spent 15-20 min a game just resetting the bases. It drives me crazy.
  15. Umpire in Chief

    Hat elmentswear when using the new h

    I have seen guys both wear nad not wear a hat with HSM. The association I belong to allows umpires to not wear a hat under the helmet. I have seen a discussion on ABUA which the majority I believe stated that they did not wear a hat. As JohnT mentioned MLB guys don't wear hats, and I saw some MiLB umps not wearing one.
  16. Umpire in Chief

    Partner Conflict

    I feel for you man, I think we've all been there to some extent. As a rookie your in a tougher spot. Like Semperfiguy mentioned, I would try talking to my assignor, but I don't know if I would go as far as saying you cannot work with him again especially as a rookie. But the assignor should know the situations and maybe let the assignor do his job and keep this guy on the small diamond. But you are absolutely right that no matter how strong a game you have you can be brought down by your partner. We are the 3rd team on the field. Unlike the players where everybody can see and say boy that pitcher had a horrible game or the shortstop made 3 errors which cost them the game. They just say those umpires really blew it grouping you with your partner.
  17. Umpire in Chief

    Fitted Hats

    Ump-Attire has a chart on their site as to how to measure your head. I would suggest going to a store in your local mall to try on different caps and get a idea what your size is. I have personally found that sizing, even among the same brand can be off. I usually wear a 7 5/8 cap which is a bit too big, but the 7 1/2 is a bit too small. A friend gave me a brand new 7 1/2 cap which is larger than all of my 7 5/8 caps. Richardson and Cliff Keen make flex-fit caps. I just found out there are two different types of flex fit caps from a post on ABUA. I have wool flexfit caps with only a small amount of give, and really like them. Apparently there are other flex fit caps with greater streach ability. Apparently other umps have a problem with these hats.
  18. Umpire in Chief

    What League?

    In the area I ump in PONY is the biggest, there is a good amount of LL. About an hour either north or south there is Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth.
  19. Umpire in Chief

    Disappointed to learn...

    Saturday I went to a hockey game with Ump81, who is an NCAA D-I baseball umpire and a former hockey official. I had won tickets in my company’s box right on the glass. It was a good thing for me as a hockey neophyte to learn about the game from somebody who has truly in-depth knowledge. I've always enjoyed the action the fights and the skill of hockey, but never really followed it. Getting back on track, we are probably the only 2 people that could be at a hockey game and talk primarily about baseball. Ump81 knows that my goal is to eventually make it to where he is as a D-I umpire and we were speaking about moving up what I can do to improve and be able to make the jump to college baseball. His response shocked me.... He told me that at D-III & D-II umpires do not need to be NCAA certified and if I were with another association I would probably be doing some of those games. Our association does not do many of these schools because these schools are looking for cheap umpires versus quality umpires. He even told me that one of the local D-III schools uses another association for their games which has a, dare I say horrible, reputation and pays them about the same I would get for a middle school game. I was explained how the scheduling goes; which I wasn't aware of before. D-I games for the whole mid-Atlantic region are scheduled by one person, before the season begins this person selects a number of games which our commissioner can schedule with guys which are NCAA umps. Other divisions either go by conference or individual school as to how they are scheduled. I found this very interesting and informative. I had always thought before that all NCAA games regardless of level were called by NCAA certified guys. But I am happy to wait until our association deems me ready, before jumping in. Quality over speed.
  20. Umpire in Chief

    Pitcher's Return to Mound - MLB

    I know of no rule prohibiting him taking another position. OBR 8.06( just states removal. It is not explicit as if he is removed from his position or from the game. FED is explicit about defensive subs and the pitcher being able to take another def position and even return to the mound.
  21. Umpire in Chief

    Does PU take the runner?

    blue bomber, The PU always has the overthrow responsibility in such a situation.
  22. Umpire in Chief

    First real game of the season, finally

    Well last night I had my first real game of the year, no rain, no wind so we were playing. I was BU, I've said this year I'm going to make an effort not to be a plate whore. Usually I work 70-75% of my games at the plate. In my scrimmage eval I was told to balance it out because it is beginning to show I work at the plate most. I really slaughtered a pivot that day... Back to last nights game, I had a lot of activity on the bases, and was pleased. I feel I had good position and mechanics, I even was back on track with my pivot. I keep a notebook in my car of the games on the game info sheet I print from Arbiter, I write what I think went well and not so well in my game after my post game with my partner to get his input.. Here's what I wrote last night: F-Ups • Communication with my partner-- one time I pulled the rookie move of a fly to CF I was in C and immediately turned around to take the ball w/o communicating with my partner • Balks - There was a balk or two I could've/should've called, it's early in the season and and the tone needs to be set so other umps don’t have to take out my trash with coaches saying my guy's been doing that all year and nobody has said anything • Illegal Pitches-- Same as above Need to pay extra attention as this was a POE this year Pitchers feet in the Windup • Tracking the ball - I don't feel I was tracking the ball off the bat as well as I should. One play I'm in C, When the ball left the bat I tracked it to RF closer to the line and point to my partner. He shakes his head no and points to me. As I turn around F9 makes the catch in right-center field and I should have seen that from the moment it left the bat. Kudos • I didn't miss a call all game, other than the illegal pitches and a balk or two • My positioning mechanics and vocals were strong Tonight I have another game with the winning team from last night and another team which usually fields a pretty good squad. It should be a much better played game and give me some more learning opportunity as I will be on the bases again.
  23. Umpire in Chief

    Rained out

    It looks like all the posters in this thread are from the Southeast. We really had a rough 2007 with virtually no rain/snow. Which was great for baseball and maybe I got a little spoiled. HS season is now going and I wanted those AAU games to help me shake off the rust. A couple of scrimage innings will have to do. I have a busy schedule the next 2 weeks, I hope the weather cooperates.
  24. Umpire in Chief

    Rained out

    As giddy as I've been to get out on the field my games were rained out. So what if they were only scrimmages. I wanted to be out there....;)
  25. Umpire in Chief

    Rained out

    What a weekend. It rained almost all day Friday, and a little Saturday with fierce wind, gusts up to 60mph. Today, Sunday, I had all 3 of my AAU games canceled. I don't think the fields could have been in that bad of condition, I went outside wearing socks and my feet weren't soaked. Well I'm scheduled for 2 HS games this week. I hope we finally get to play....