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  1. Umpire in Chief

    "Inactive" in Profile

    @yawetag got you taken care of. I'll work on that again this weekend.
  2. Umpire in Chief

    Car storage

    Next time I get a truck (probably 2 years) I think I'll get one of these.
  3. Umpire in Chief

    Car storage

    A guy I worked with a few times has this Decked system in his truck for his uniforms and gear. I thought it was the most awesome thing I've seen. If I still had my truck I'd get this decked system. https://decked.com/
  4. Umpire in Chief

    Unusual activity warning

    Update: I'm working on resolving this through my host. Question: Do you get this at times other than doing things with YouTube?
  5. Umpire in Chief

    Unusual activity warning

    Question... The 2 screenshots I've seen of this come from cell phones/mobile devices. Are you getting this from PCs/Laptops too? I haven't been able to recreate this yet. Thanks
  6. Umpire in Chief

    Unusual activity warning

    Thanks guys I'm looking into this.
  7. Umpire in Chief

    Where's UIC been???

    I've gotten a few emails/messages the past few months who have noticed my absence and even recently through hurricane Florence. I am fine, actually I'm doing pretty damn well In February I started a new job, which I love to death, but it is extremely time consuming straight through virtually the entirety of baseball season. I am a Director of a water park near my home. It is an absolute blast! But as I said things start picking up here in April and run straight through September. I generally work 6/12 hr days and at peak times even more. The trade-off is October through March things run at a different pace. This year I worked 3 D-II games (Would have had a lot more but we had a lot of rain) And 3 HS Games. (Same story with the rain...) So there wasn't a lot of baseball for me this past season. I'm going to attempt to do more in 2019. As for hurricane Florence, I'm in Northeast NC. So it was a non-event for us. We have had a few flooding issues in the area as the rains make it downstream to the coast here, but when it made landfall we maybe got an inch of rain and a few high wind gusts. But I was very lucky, some earlier models had it initially making landfall not too far from here and we would be in the same situation our friends in the Wilmington area are going through now. I do thank those who reached out to me with their concern. I have some plans for the site (as I always do) but the difference is coming up shortly I will have the time to actually follow through. SO stay tuned.
  8. Umpire in Chief

    Cost of Umpire Camps

    @hckyosgood30 What you stated above is the reason I couldn't go through with my plan with an Umpire-Empire series of camps. Not that I'm looking to become a millionaire out of it, but I just can't afford to lose money on the venture.
  9. Umpire in Chief

    30 in 30

    Be sure to follow MiLB Umpire Academy on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/milbumpireacademy/). They are posting 30 Facts about the academy over the next 30 ...err 27 days (I'm a bit late) If you're on the fence about attending there will be some great posts to help you make up your mind.
  10. Umpire in Chief

    Forum idea

    I have given that some thought. I may add it in the off-season. Thanks
  11. Umpire in Chief

    'REAL' job

    I too have had a job change. I am now the HR Dir for a large waterpark, and I love it. The bad news is it interferes with umpiring (and running the site) as I generally work 6, 12 hr days.
  12. Umpire in Chief

    'REAL' job

    I worked at a adolescent behavioral health hospital once. That is tough work.
  13. Umpire in Chief

    Rain, Cold, and Questionable Field Conditions

    I will have that shortly...
  14. Umpire in Chief

    Baseball Rules Myths - Busted

    Thank you all, I appreciate the comments and the ensuing discussion. A valid argument can be made for tie going to a runner ( If you fall in that category I never want to work with you, we must get outs ) However parsing the rules and as people have done IMO is more a demonstration of how the rules are poorly written and at inconsistent.