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  1. New (to me) mechanics

    not recommended. Time and a place for everything. Mask stayed on entire time til top 7. Between innings , pitching changes, rotations. Again, not recommended.
  2. New (to me) mechanics

    I once made it to the seventh without taking it off once I put it in and said play. Players sent trainer of the female gender out with water for me. Mask had to come off for that.
  3. It's just the way some leagues operate.
  4. Leagues can make a rule that you have to include subs on the lineup.

    There is a difference in avoiding a tag and making an attempt towards second. Let the kid avoid the tag and keep him at first.
  6. Type 1 or Type A Obstruction

    I predict that your statement will be proven to be "wrong".
  7. 2015 Super Regional R1 & F4 make contact

    Textbook INT
  8. Bat over plate during bunt

    "Make sure I get credit for the RBI then."
  9. How do we manage a play like this...

    You can say that about any missed call whether it's a pulled foot, strike or swipe tag. Sometimes plays develop where you are unable to be in the optimum position.
  10. How do we manage a play like this...

    Those "mistakes" happen. And yes there are instances where you do not have an opportunity to get a good adjustment step. Never say never. There is no valid reason to miss anything if we do what we should but hey, there is not one person that is that good.
  11. Game ends on Runner Interference

    You can call whatever you like. I am just sharing how the OBR rule is to be interpreted and enforced.
  12. Backswing Interference

    Azul is correct. If the initial throw by F2 retires the runner then the INT is disregarded.
  13. Game ends on Runner Interference

    A runner is not allowed to wave his arms, throw an arm out, etc, intentionally to interfere with a thrown ball. This is INT regardless if contact with the ball is made or not. Contact is not a requirement for the INT to be called.
  14. Game ends on Runner Interference

    That is definitely INT. The runner's actions were intentional. You do not need contact to have INT.
  15. American Legion Test

    If the INITIAL throw retires a runner the INT is disregarded. If that criteria is not met then the batter is out and runners return. This is assuming that the batter is not out on strikes at the time of INT. HuskerUmp, where do you umpire at? I live in Waverly member of the CUA