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  1. Flashy Release by F3?

    Safe. Closest thing to a "FYC" call you can get away with nowadays.... Not a lot of thought or debate with the young rat needed.
  2. F1 BR Collision, dropped ball

    Thanks maven, I was thinking along those lines... It was a literal foot race to 1st, F1 beat BR by less than a step. BR had no chance to avoid the collision...both players were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing....and we "can't expect someone to disappear" ... Does this have any bearing to the ruling?
  3. F1 BR Collision, dropped ball

    R2, 1 out. F3 playing 2 steps in front of 1B thinking drag bunt from lefty batter. Chopper down 1st baseline, F3 fielding ball, P covering 1st....R2 never stops and is going home... F3 fields cleanly at 45 footline, tosses to F1 who steps on 1st for the out, takes an additional two steps right down the 1st base line beyond the bag towards right field pole to stop, plant and throw home to attempt to retire R2 at home.... F1 had removed the ball from his glove, had his arm cocked to throw and WHAM, the BR and F1 collide and tumble in a heap, F1 drops ball R2 scores. A viscous collision, but not malicious. BR was running hard and did not have time to avoid the collision. Not an intentional act.... Ruling for FED-landia please. How bout OBR and NCAA?
  4. Pickoffs

    ... I suppose me making a pitcher remove non prescription sunglasses is also just my thinking outside of the rules.
  5. Base award and retouch

    Except in South Carolina high school baseball...where we don't have appeals. At the end of the play in the OP, in South Carolina high school baseball, we would call the runner out. Yup, the defense screwed up big time in throwing the ball into DBT...but we will call the runner out...without the defense having made an appeal. I go over this exact play every January during our rules meetings. And every year I tell our guys, "I hope I'm not the one to have this play because whomever does is going to have a big SH*#house." You think that's going to be a SH*#house, what's gonna happen when it's an apparent 4th out appeal and you have to call it? SC REALLY shouldn't put us in that situation... Defense should have to at least notice it and do the "Fedlandia" dead ball appeal thingy to get this called, especially if it takes a run off the board.
  6. Clarification on missed question on NFHS rules test

    The answer key, like the test comes from FedLandia. This was sent by our state on January 13th: From the NFHS; regarding the baseball exam: BH The following is a correction to the 2014 Baseball Part I exam, I have also attached corrected copies of the Answer Key.: We have caught an error on a baseball exam question. Question # 59 that reads, “With a runner on third, the batter hits a high pop fly that drifts over foul territory. The third baseman is accidentally prevented from catching the ball by the head coach in the coach’s box. A. Foul Ball B. The runner at third is out C. The batter is out. D. The coach is restricted to the bench and the coaching box must remain unoccupied.†The correct answer is “câ€. "What we have here is a Failure to Communicate"