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  1. spiffdawg7

    2019 Changes

    Thanks. I understand why you can't share. I am sure there will be plenty or instruction at the clinics and on the hub closer to the season.
  2. spiffdawg7

    2019 Changes

    Is there anywhere we can get access to this Randy Bruns video and the spreadsheet? Thanks.
  3. spiffdawg7

    Does this run count?

    This is a time play. Run counts if R3 touched home before R2 was appealed at 2nd.
  4. spiffdawg7

    Trying out for College

    I thought that might be the case since we just had the meeting on Sunday. I sent you a pm. I have been in the group for 2 years. Good luck and don't suck. It is a great group to be a part of.
  5. spiffdawg7

    Trying out for College

    Where are you located?
  6. spiffdawg7

    Is the game over?

    Why would the batter have to touch first base after he is out? What would be the penalty to him anyways, since he is already out? You wouldn't be able to call him out a second time.
  7. spiffdawg7

    MLB gray panel shirt

    I’ll buy if still available. PM sent
  8. spiffdawg7

    A plea to all umpires (especially my partners)

    The biggest problem with using the verbal "catch" for the tag up is that the player is allowed to leave on first touch. So by the time we make sure that all elements of the catch are there to verbalize/signal the catch the runner could legally be several steps off of the bag.
  9. spiffdawg7

    Schutt XV with Madmax retrofit

    Sold @Thunderheads Thanks
  10. spiffdawg7

    Schutt XV with Madmax retrofit

    No. I just have 4 chest protectors and needed to get rid of a couple. I am trying to decide which other one to get rid of as well.
  11. I have a Schutt XV with the retrofit done to make it use a 4 pt harness instead of the yoke. I can sell it with no harness or with an All Star Delta Flex harness. I will post pics soon.
  12. Going to need to make one in Navy for backward states like Georgia.
  13. spiffdawg7

    What could it be?

    Day game or night game?
  14. spiffdawg7

    Glove falls off after tag

    I had a play tonight that got me thinking. The catcher had the ball in his bare hand and his bare hand in his mitt as he made a tag at the plate. After the tag attempt the mitt fell off, but the ball remained firmly in his bare right hand. In my play the kid was safe anyways because the tag was missed,but if the tag was applied would we still have an out even with the glove falling off?
  15. spiffdawg7

    New NAIA Brainshark Video

    NCAA released the answer saying there is no exception for avoiding the pitch in the Batter's Interference rule. The NCAA wants BI called even in this video.