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  1. All Star S7 15in $85

    Great CP... this is my daily go to. $85 is a great price...
  2. Blind call

    With R2, the BU should be in C which would put him somewhere behind F6 on a 60' field. Although a distance, he should be able to see a tag on the backside of the base from the angle without too much trouble. Remember you have to have a runner, a defender and the ball to make a play, so what else was the BU watching? This is not the PU call... BU should make his determination and then, and only if the coach comes out, should he come to you for help, if he chooses to. At that point you can give him what you have, which in your case should have been, sorry, you have nothing since you did not actually see the tag. Try not to poach each others calls. What happens next time when you signal out and your partner is saying safe at the same time?
  3. Good luck with this one. You would be expressly limiting a book rule, and LL would not look favorably upon your program for this... kind of like the 'if the pitcher plucks 3 kids in a game he has to be removed'... no such rule exists in LL and in fact was voted down to be added to the book. Keep in mind every time they walk your player they are adding 4 to the pitch count, so the defense is not getting out of the at bat without any damage to them... they may need that pitcher later in the game and what would have been a 1 pitch at bat cost them 4. It only takes one pitch to go over their pitch count limit or threshold and have to sit an additional day for rest.
  4. 1st game in 26 years.

    Yeah... I know the joys of varsity and those better games. Friday - varsity contest... 14-0 at the bottom of the 1st...
  5. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Funny how this works... Do as I say, not as I do... right?
  6. Dislodged base

    On the initial play, around where the bag should be, or where the top portion lies which dislodged is fine, by LL interpretation. In most instances, on a play this close, where R1 is coming into 2nd and slides to avoid a tag, there is a very good chance F4/F6 is now holding the ball and nothing else is going to happen. TIME... fix the bag. Problems there after solved. If the ball careens into the outfield and the runner tries to advance and then returns, he has 2 options... bag or where the bag should be. Pick one...
  7. leaving base

    And you have a base coach standing there again, why?
  8. I am interpreting the line in red (my edit) to mean the visitors did not keep their end of the book. The home team not keeping hitting stats does not tell me they did not record runs, just the stats of who did what. If this is the case, then in most leagues the home book is the official book. If both teams due to not properly recording the game have an issue, then most likely the league will defer to the home book, assuming they kept a running score throughout the game. My opinion, as a BOD member for my kids league?... I would vote to invalidate both teams 'evidence' and record the game as a tie or a loss for both... if the record keeping was so bad, how do you really make an informed decision?
  9. Passing Runner, ala Beavers vs. Wildcats

    I called this a year or two back in a 14u Pony game. Solo, in the working area and watched as B/R passed R1. I just pointed and announced that passing, your out. When the play ended, I called time, pointed again to the B/R who committed the error and reiterated "you're out for passing." Then I got to have the coach conversation... never heard of such a rule... are you sure? That is in the book? yadda...
  10. FED rules 2 out, top of 6th. Run down ensues between 3rd and home. As F2 throws to 3rd, R3 changes direction towards home. F2 being too close and back peddling is close to losing his balance and going ass over tea kettle. His being in the way obstructs R3, which I immediately point to and verbalize loudly, "that's obstruction". It is at this point where R3 lowers his shoulder and creates contact with F2. F2 of course is put even farther off balance and goes to the ground. Immediately I indicate and verbalize 'that's malicious contact', kill the play, call the runner out, and since we are 8-10 feet up the 3rd base line from home no run scores. I then ejected him from the contest. Coach of course was not happy... they drove so far, spent so much time on the roads, the sky is falling, etc, etc.... To me, this is the EJ that need not happen. With R3 having obstruction in hand, I cannot understand why he continued into F2 and dropped the shoulder. His action cost the go ahead run and stretched the game into extra innings. They eventually won, but not for another 45-50 minutes.
  11. Concerning Coach Pitch...

    My daughter is in Minor C which is kid pitch, but with mods... there are no walks. if a batter receives 4 balls then the coach comes in to pitch. We have a parent/umpire for these games. Typically they are behind the mound and they call balls and strikes/safes and outs. Have not heard a peep from anyone in our league... and I am the UIC so I would hear about it at some point. Your issue is the parents... they need to take a rational pill or something.
  12. Wrong Balls

    Also... this is LL - do you suddenly reset the pitch count? Sorry coach... put in the correct baseballs and let's go.
  13. I am ashamed....

  14. Tonight, Wednesday, March 21st, 7pm, at the Old World Village main hall in Huntington Beach, Gerry Davis will be the guest speaker for our local LL District Umpire meeting. Any and all are invited to attend, so if you happen to live in the area and want the opportunity to meet a World Series umpire, come on down! Beach Blvd and the 405 fwy, behind Bella Terra. For those of you out of the area... sorry :-(
  15. Hecklers

    Basically the only question(s) I will answer, when working somewhere with no score board and if I go to the fencing for my beverage: - Mud, what inning is this? - Mud, are we playing 7 or 9 today? - Mud, do you know the score? - Mud, is there a time limit today? Pretty much anything else gets no reply. If there is/was anything that would cause angst, then I stay away from the fans for a while...
  16. Transition to SB

    True... but it was nice seeing @mstaylor in a response again.
  17. Left hander pick at 1st base

    Had this in a game recently. R1/R3. Game is not real close, pitching on par with the score. Pitcher steps to 1st, all good... proceeds to spike the ball (not so good) but the ball does make it all the way to F3. Coach in the 3rd base box wants a balk. Our answer was F3 moved to the ball which was closer to the base, so no balk in our opinion. I my head I was wondering why R3 was still standing on 3rd while the ball was rolling to 1st, but that is a mystery for another day.
  18. Back at it

    Enjoy! Bundle up!
  19. First Game this weekend

    Even though he is 15, he is still a youth and can be influenced by adult coaches. I recommend, and do this when working with Junior's... At plate meeting make sure the coaches know that when they want to talk to him/her about a call, they are 100% allowed. however all 3 of us will get together. Coach and umpire to discuss, me to make sure that the conversation is cordial and on point. We do not allow the coach to try and influence by just being older and more aggressive. Have never had an issue using this method and it keeps everyone on an even keel. My last game, partner made a 100% correct call (13 y/o umpire) but the coach wanted him to get help. He knew what to say, "my call, good position etc" but under pressure (coach was 100% perfect gentleman actually) my partner did not know what to do. I sent the coach back to his dugout, asked partner what he saw etc and then asked him if he had what he needed to make his call. We discussed what to say and he did, no issue and we moved on. The point is, just because they interface well with you due to familiarity, they may break down a little when pressure is applied. Be ready to support them and step in when this happens. I have a blast working games with my son, when he has time between his game/practice schedule. Enjoy it!
  20. Shockingly we have actually had water falling from the sky here in So. Cal. lately. This has caused many games to be rescheduled or out right cancelled, depending on the league, level of play and field location. My son, 13, plays in a Pony league, and depending on where they play, will determine if they can play on a damp field, or if the city will shut it down entirely. Last week, with the threat of rain coming my sons team and the team he should have played on Thursday decided to play their scheduled game on Wednesday since they knew the following day the city would close the fields. Knowing I umpire, my son's coach called me asking if I was available... Even though I had a HS game scheduled which would preclude me from saying yes, the answer was NO for any reason... nothing good comes from calling your own kids game I believe. Bottom line... the league made a last minute call to an assignor for an umpire who "thankfully" was available with about 60 minutes to game time. Here is where it gets interesting... I get to the game just before it starts. Most of the families on the team I have known for years, so although I don't make it known I umpire, they all know... I am the UIC for many of their younger kids who are in our LL. Bottom line, like many of you I am sure, when someone has no clue, they ask you, right? Umpire working this game: * SUPER silent strike 3 call. Like so quite, the batter has no idea he just struck out on a called strike. * Putting the ball in play, especially with runners on... Why would you need to do this? Oh, that's right, F1 just threw over for an out! (I honestly have NO idea if he ever put the ball in play and WE recorded the out, so not, not a complaint from an angry parent) * Potential play coming into 3rd with runners on and scoring... never looked at the plate to see the 2 proceeding touches. * Super lazy foul/fair mechanic on close calls. My intent is not to complain about the official... As someone who calls a few game here or there, I saw several opportunities for improvement, and hey, with 60 minutes to find someone, I was happy they had an umpire who was not me. The point here... when your working a game, give it your A game. The players and the fans deserve it. Some of us actually pay attention and want to know and understand what and why you are ruling something. Just a request to those working games to know that some of us sort of umpires are in the stands, and we are watching... and wondering what the heck that call was! Kevin
  21. New Base Shoes Suggestions

    Other than Adidas...
  22. How much protection can a batter use?

    "I know your tired. I know your hurting, and I wish I could say something that is classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn't be our style. Pain heals, chicks dig scars. Glory, lasts forever. " Umpire groupies... for sure!
  23. Need Advice... Little League

    To your point, we supply shirts, hats and equipment. Pants, shoes and cup is all on you :-)
  24. Need Advice... Little League

    Our District has a great training program which includes 3 or 4 mechanics clinics (4 hour fast start we call them), an 8hr mechanics certification day, an 1.5 hour 'advanced' clinic where we work 3 man rotations and the like as well as a complete rules program which includes five 2 hr. classes on Wednesday nights to completely cover all the bases... All of this, and I was having issues recruiting locally. Those of you who have been in LL for a while can attest that what I described here is RARE and almost no one does the number of clinics and outreach that comes from CA D62. When I reached out to the 'body politic' of our league, and which in reality IS the league, the responses I received as to why we were having issues recruiting new people was scattered, but there were some re-occurring themes: * Too much training... the parents felt that all of the above, mechanics and rules was overwhelming, especially for those parents whose kids are just starting out in the lower divisons, * Too hard to get to the rules meetings at 7pm on a Wednesday night in traffic (5-12 miles for most people, but hey LA traffic is a bitch), * We should just pay umpires, because, you know someone else can do all the work... I mean, we all just fall off trees, right? To combat some of these our BOD heavily hit on the fact that we have to have officials, that LL does not really like the paying umpires route, that paying does not get you 'better' umpires, it just gets you a body in many cases and that the majority of the 'assassins' are already working College and HS ball at the same time which means few available folks for LL to pay. So I put together (and I will share it if you would like to look it over) a very basic intro to umpiring which we rolled out as a league. We did a 3 hr rules/mechanics intro on a Saturday morning where myself and a couple other District Staff umpires went through the basics of the rules and on field mechanics; hopefully we provided these people with enough information to be dangerous to themselves and others. I was able to attract, out of a 230 kid LL program roughly 25 first time attendees, many of them Junior umpires ranging in age from 11-16. Our league does provide some compensation to the juniors when they work games. Our thought is to try and get new to the league parents involved earlier in their kids LL career by giving them a soft shoe intro to running games. I would not want one of these people to jump on a Majors game, however for Minor C (kid pitch/coach pitch hybrid) or even Minor B, I would be fine with them... hopefully a few will want to keep improving and decide to take advantage of our spectacular district training, but in the interim I did get new people to jump in. You have to start somewhere, and as mentioned in a prior post, you need retention, but if the program is new, or rebuilding, you have to start at the attracting people stage.