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  1. Mudisfun

    Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    "Our *** is in the jackpot now..." Interesting way to say it.
  2. Mudisfun

    runners interference

    Don't argue. Protest the game. Misapplication of the rules.
  3. Mudisfun

    Batter interference

    I don't have my books with me today... sorry
  4. Mudisfun

    Chirping Assistant

    Did he get the message? If he did, fine... He already commented to you prior to the game that a big zone would be appreciated, so in effect he is 100% arguing balls and strikes by grinding on you in the 1st inning. He wants to go home... if he continues, oblige him. If he zipped it, then mission accomplished.
  5. Mudisfun

    Playing with 8?

    What Rich said... also the Player Agent keeps the list, it is (or should be) secret, there should be no postings of who is on the list or is up to play next to keep managers from trying to game the system. For the international tournament, I do not think there is a pool player list... but I could be wrong.
  6. Mudisfun

    Batter interference

    Not totally correct, he does not 'own' the batters box. As long as the batter is doing what the batter should be doing, which in the video it appears he was, then there should be no interference. In a quick pick off such as was shown, the batter cannot just vanish. However, make the scenario a pass ball, R3 coming to the plate and the batter still in the box? Well, he no longer 'owns' that position and better be out of the way of any play, throw or defensive player or he is liable to be called for interference. I know, different than the OP, but just a point that the batter is required sometimes not to do something, or in other situations to get out of the way and not be there...
  7. Mudisfun

    Illegal Bat

    My $.02 on this... I agree with @Rich Ives... Unless that bat is dented all over, and obviously illegal and not from that one at bat, I am not reading any additional info into the fact the bat is damaged. It was not detected prior to the AB, so I am not considering it illegal prior to, but I am now aware of the issue and will consider it illegal from here on. Depending on the rule set, I will enforce the penalty as required by that groups instructions. To me this is more than a FED/OBR/whatever issue, but how to review and then react to the issue when presented. You cannot know for sure that any damage did not just happen, so why try and read that into the discovery?
  8. Mudisfun

    How to explain "how to counter blocking base"

    You can tell your runners to actually show they were obstructed when F4 or F6 is blocking the base path without possession of the ball and possibly get that call. Other than that? Slide direct to the bag and as someone said earlier, try and get the ball dislodged. Or stop trying to steal on the cannon behind the plate.
  9. Mudisfun

    Batter runs to first on ball 2

    Score R3. You... back here. That's ball 2. Coach - your team is responsible to know what is happening and to know the count/situation.
  10. What happens when we miss something a little more important when we have spent the game enforcing small infractions that have no real impact on the game? I think we come across as over officious and draconian when we pick every last booger... it creates a hostile environment fairly quickly.
  11. Mudisfun

    Catcher's balk situation?

    Heard he may be a friend of yours....
  12. Mudisfun

    High School Playoffs

    Congrats on the assignment!
  13. Mudisfun

    low profile umpire chest protector shirt

    My everyday do to. Love this protector.
  14. Mudisfun

    intentional walk little league

    yeah... defeats the coach trying to game the pitch count restrictions.
  15. Mudisfun

    Enforcing the coaches box rule

    Ask the umpire to enforce the rule. When he does not, put a P in the book for their refusal to enforce the rule, which is not a judgement call.
  16. Mudisfun

    intentional walk little league

    True.... but the rule in LL has changed since the OP. You can do an IBB by just putting the batter on now...
  17. Mudisfun

    High School Playoffs

    Steve AKA @grayhawk was one of my classroom instructors this season. Good instructor, well balanced and a great umpire. He definitely does our association proud.
  18. Mudisfun

    Women in the profession

    My daughter (8) asked me the other day why there are no women players and or umpires in MLB. Players was a much easier answer than the umpiring one... My only real response was not enough women are trying to join the ranks and break into the big time... I saw a gleam in her eye... I think I awoke a monster :-)
  19. Mudisfun

    It Has Become Necessary for a FAST-Q

    Or... just pin the canned response in the ask the umpire section...
  20. Mudisfun

    Little League leaving early

    Biggest one that gets kicked... This is NEVER, EVER, EVER an out... Kid can leave early on every pitch and the only remedy there is available is to put him back to the base.
  21. Mudisfun

    intentional walk little league

    You guys do realize that the OP we are all responding to came from 2013, right? I am doubtful his the OPers kid is still playing LL majors
  22. Mudisfun


    WOW. What is wrong with youth sports today? The "adults".
  23. Mudisfun

    Little League Pitch Limit Overage

    Thankfully in our league, this is not the case. Both teams SC's sit directly behind the plate at the scorers table. Have had basically zero issues like what is described for many years....
  24. Mudisfun

    Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    For steals at 2nd I typically move in the opposite direction the pitcher is coming off the mound. For a RHP that means I normally move to my left. Bad enough having to dance around the catcher, the batter and then have F1 standing in the middle right where your moving to get a view.
  25. Mudisfun

    Little League Obstruction

    We teach in our district to award the OBS and warn the player, just like FED. This is a safety issue, even more so than FED... watching a kid slide who really does not know how to... although funny looking can lead to injury.