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  1. Mudisfun

    intentional walk little league

    yeah... defeats the coach trying to game the pitch count restrictions.
  2. Mudisfun

    Enforcing the coaches box rule

    Ask the umpire to enforce the rule. When he does not, put a P in the book for their refusal to enforce the rule, which is not a judgement call.
  3. Mudisfun

    intentional walk little league

    True.... but the rule in LL has changed since the OP. You can do an IBB by just putting the batter on now...
  4. Mudisfun

    High School Playoffs

    Steve AKA @grayhawk was one of my classroom instructors this season. Good instructor, well balanced and a great umpire. He definitely does our association proud.
  5. Mudisfun

    Women in the profession

    My daughter (8) asked me the other day why there are no women players and or umpires in MLB. Players was a much easier answer than the umpiring one... My only real response was not enough women are trying to join the ranks and break into the big time... I saw a gleam in her eye... I think I awoke a monster :-)
  6. Mudisfun

    It Has Become Necessary for a FAST-Q

    Or... just pin the canned response in the ask the umpire section...
  7. Mudisfun

    Little League leaving early

    Biggest one that gets kicked... This is NEVER, EVER, EVER an out... Kid can leave early on every pitch and the only remedy there is available is to put him back to the base.
  8. Mudisfun

    intentional walk little league

    You guys do realize that the OP we are all responding to came from 2013, right? I am doubtful his the OPers kid is still playing LL majors
  9. Mudisfun


    WOW. What is wrong with youth sports today? The "adults".
  10. Mudisfun

    Little League Pitch Limit Overage

    Thankfully in our league, this is not the case. Both teams SC's sit directly behind the plate at the scorers table. Have had basically zero issues like what is described for many years....
  11. Mudisfun

    Solo Ump, Steal at 2B

    For steals at 2nd I typically move in the opposite direction the pitcher is coming off the mound. For a RHP that means I normally move to my left. Bad enough having to dance around the catcher, the batter and then have F1 standing in the middle right where your moving to get a view.
  12. Mudisfun

    Little League Obstruction

    We teach in our district to award the OBS and warn the player, just like FED. This is a safety issue, even more so than FED... watching a kid slide who really does not know how to... although funny looking can lead to injury.
  13. Mudisfun

    LL situation - Did I call it correctly?

    There are no balks in LL Majors or below.
  14. Mudisfun

    Rules differences from obr

    Free? Does that mean I can't use a coupon?
  15. Mudisfun


    If the plate is covered 3 inches down in dirt, and I forgot my push broom in the car, I will use a shoe to find the plate... then go to the brush for the final cleaning. Also before the game when the plate has that dried mud crust on it, I will give it some good rubs with the bottom of the shoe to break it up, then brush.
  16. Mudisfun

    ball in glove and hand on base

    Think of it this way... routine play, ball hit to F6 who throws to F3... he is standing with a foot on the base and the ball in his glove. Is the runner out, assuming the ball got to the base before the runner? Of course he is, even without 'tagging' the base with the ball or glove. Possession of the ball and touching the base before the forced runner advances is all that is required for the force out.
  17. Mudisfun

    Rookie Tips

    After the conversation in ask the umpire... I would suggest understand the BOO rules, who is out, who is not, who is next in the order.
  18. Mudisfun

    Is this BOO ?

    BTW... the interp I gave is straight from the LL book. If the proper batter is on base, after others have been legitimized and then he would come back to bat, he is skipped and the next proper batter comes to the plate. Agree or don't agree but when the P goes in the book for the misapplication of the rules, the onus will be on you for misapplying the written rule.
  19. Mudisfun

    Is this BOO ?

    Wish I had checked the pop up notification saying there were additional replies... would have saved me typing ALL of the same thing you did!
  20. Mudisfun

    Is this BOO ?

    I only have my LL book with me at the moment... Rule 6.07 approved rulings, play 6 (bottom of page 98 if you have the LL green book) Paraphrasing this a little... Batting order is A/B/C/D/E/F/G etc Play 6 Daniel walks and Abel comes to bat. Daniel was an improper batter and if an appeal is made before the first pitch to Abel, Abel is out, Daniel is removed from base and Baker is the proper batter. There is no appeal and a pitch is made to Able. Daniels walk is now legitimized, and Edward thereby becomes the proper batter. Edward can replace Abel at anytime before Abel is put out, or becomes a runner. Edward does not do so. Abel flies out and Baker comes to bat. Abel was an improper batter and if an appeal is made before the first pitch to Baker, Edward is out and proper batter is Frank. There is no appeal and a pitch is made to Baker. Abel's out is now legitimized, and the proper batter is Baker. Baker walks. Charles is the proper batter who flies out. Now Daniel is the proper batter, but Daniel is on 2nd base. Who is the proper batter? The proper batter is Edward. When the proper batter is on base, that batter is passed over and the following batter becomes the proper batter.
  21. Mudisfun

    Is this BOO ?

    B1 is fine. B9 is legitimized when B2 took a pitch. Next proper batter should be B1 since he would normally follow B9, but he is on base. Skip B1 since he is on base, go to B2 who is also on base when appealed... B3 is proper, leave the runners where they are. They have all be legitimized. Yes, you HAD failing to bat in order, but the defense failed to properly appeal the violation. They should have appealed BOO when B9 got out. His out would be negated, B2 would be called out (so net/net on outs) and the proper batter would then be B3. But since they did not do this, you basically end up with... one out, B3 is up BUT you end up with R1, R2 versus the proper appeal when B9 flied out... which would be R1, one out and B3 to bat since B2 would have been declared out, his hit never happened and R1 would not have been advanced.
  22. So for quite a while, I have had Thursday/Friday this week blocked in Arbiter... My daughters 'show choir' at school has their play scheduled for the 17th, 4pm... This has been on the schedule for months now... So today I get an assignment for a HS playoff game, tomorrow (the 15th) at 3:15pm. Awesome! I jump on accepting and all is happy, happy... THEN... here comes the game change in Arbiter from Tuesday to Thursday! NOOOOO!!!!!! Well, your daughter is only in the play once... So I sadly decline and send an email to the assignor. As I am hitting send, he calls me... he had not received the decline yet. Turns out there is going to be a TV crew there doing a documentary type deal for our association and one of the leagues who is heavily involved with backing HS officiating and he was calling to let me know about it. Man! Double bummer...
  23. Mudisfun

    0-2 purpose pitch

    I have that chart hanging on my office pin up board... and I send it to every umpire in our LL every season to re-enforce the point of not following the catcher out.
  24. Mudisfun

    Had to turn back a HS playoff game :-(

    100000000% agree, Said the same thing to the assignor... daughter is only in the 2nd grade play once.
  25. Mudisfun

    First one this year

    Not only is a rule, but child endangerment in most states is a crime. Sorry Mom and Dad.. buy your kid a cup. Look at what happened to Molina the other day, and I am 100000000% sure he had one on!