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  1. Obstruction on trail runner

    Would this change in a FED ruling where the OBS requires a one base minimum award to nullify the act of OBS? Or would you use the same yard stick and determine the OBS runner could not advance due to R3's camping on 3rd?
  2. American Legion Rule Changes

    That actually is a kind of cool designation...
  3. If the reaction of the batter, after jumping as far out of the way appeared to be defensive in nature, then I have a HBP. If the ball would have missed, in my judgement, and the batter then puts their hand in the way? Time. You stay here.
  4. The bigger question... would why the umpire care what the runner on 3rd did during a time out?
  5. Break

    How dare you get a life. Congrats on College, job, relationship... adulthood.
  6. Strike Call

    Typically HIKE for strike 1 Just two for strike 2 Ball for ball. Ball 4 just to keep everyone on the same page. I point for strikes and for strike 3 swinging they get the hammer.
  7. Runner interference?

    For HS where was R1 in proximity to 2nd? If he is 1/2 way down the track I have nothing provided he is not waving his hands like a bird trying to take flight. If in the vicinity of the base then I might have FPSR violation since, A) there is a force, B) he did not slide, abandon or peel off and get out of the way. And just to clarify, there is no runners lane anywhere on the field with the exception of the last 45 feet between home and 1st base.
  8. When To Call The Ball Dead After a "Completed" Play

    If it looks like this, I may be inclined to grant time.
  9. ejected player

    Out. Time. You're gone. Coach... who is your replacement player? Game goes on...
  10. Sweet cards!

    Pretty cool... although Gerry Davis now lives in Huntington Beach, CA.
  11. When is it time to hang it up?

    For me? This ^^^^^^ I recall a few years back as the HS season was winding to a close... after what seemed like the thousandth game in a row, I recall thinking that this was becoming a job. Thankfully the season ended and after a few weeks off the passion returned. If it is not fun and you are feeling it is a grind? Hang it up for a bit... see if you long for it, or do you not even notice it is gone? Just find something to stay busy and have fun with it.
  12. ALWS

    I love the first pic... U1 just has a look of 'let's get this going'.
  13. Farewell for now

    Safe travels.
  14. ESPN MLB Rules Quiz from 2013

    Based on my score of 10/10 I am waiting by the phone for that call up job!
  15. Adidas Base Shoes

  16. Mudisfun

  17. Bottom of 6, 2 out and Cabrera up... NYY try and hit Miguel which results in F1 being ejected as well as Girardi... Just as PU is issuing warnings to both teams for throwing at batters Cabrera and F2 get into it with Cabrera shoving and then throwing blows. All hell breaks through next. Best baseball fight in a while. Sure Gil will have this on his feed in a while. Sorry for this being a download file only... it is 180 megs. 20170824_123951.mp4
  18. What to look for here?

    I'm not sure with the play you have here that there is a right answer... you need extreme slow motion, frame by frame replay to get this one and even then it is a toss up. Our training to is watch the bag for the touch which is the higher likelihood play but I think with the two players converging we need to open our field of vision and try and see the whole play/body. Focusing only on the bag, who touches first exposes us to missing a high likelihood swipe tag as well. At the end if you see the entire field of play just as U1 did here you will have to make a judgement call. Heck even the Dodgers announcers thought the runner was safe it was so close.
  19. Eclipse

    Went to work... looked up. Overcast. Thank God for TV coverage!
  20. I would have paid hard cash to see Gerry drop a runner leaving early red flag!
  21. Volunteer UIC survey help...

    I need the input of the umpires in this community... Last season I was pulled back in to the UIC gig for my kids LL program when my replacement quit in the middle of the season. At the request of the BOD I stepped back into the role to complete the season and then decided to stay on for the 2017/2018 BOD term... As many of you know LL really is into volunteering and pretty much wants all of the program to be ran along those lines. The issue I ran into last season was finding volunteers to officiate and this coming season I bet it will continue to be more and more difficult... it did not help that my replacement/quitter failed to do any recruiting at all which left quite a whole to fill in the middle of the season. So the reason for this post... I am putting together a survey monkey for the (GASP!) Managers, Coaches and Umpires to fill out seeking their input on the umpire program within our league. Considering that the families within the league actually are the league I would like to get a feel for what the pulse within the organization currently is before proposing to the BOD how we handle the umpire duties next season. So far the questions I have come up with are: 1) Besides out league how many other organizations do you volunteer for? 2) During the 2017 season were you a manager, coach, umpire or other volunteer such as BOD member, score keeper, team parent etc? 3) What about the 2017 umpire program did you like? 4) What about the 2017 umpire program did you dislike? 5) If you could make changes to the 2018 umpire program what would you change? 6) From your perspective as a coach/manager/umpire how would you rate the 2017 umpire season with 1 being worse and 5 being excellent? (there are 5 stars for them to pick). 7) For the 2018 season I would like to see the following form of umpire program: A) 100% volunteer from the families comprising the league and district, B) 100% outsourced at a cost of $X for a solo umpire or $XX for two umpires. Fee for the umpires to be borne and paid by the respective teams, C) Mainly volunteer but outsourced to an assignor when required (fee's to be borne by the assigned teams), D) Mainly outsourced with the fees to be borne by the teams however utilizing volunteer umpires when available and willing. 8) Assuming umpire duties remain mainly in-house: What do you suggest as a means for recruiting and retaining volunteer umpires? A) fewer required assigned games, B) additional opportunities to work with certified and staff umpires (on the field training opportunities), C) Additional off season training opportunities (reduce the time crunch for training at the start of the season), D) Allow volunteers to self assign versus UIC assign or E) Other - respondent open field for their own idea. So basically... I am looking for a couple differing inputs: 1) do you think the questions above will solicit actionable information, 2) any additional questions you think I should be asking and if so, what are they and 3) any questions I have already come up with you think should not be there? Keeping in mind that this is for a local Little League... Thank you all in advance for your advice. I truly respect your input and points of view.
  22. New ump from PA

    Ty - welcome! As a LL UIC let me say that I absolutely love 'junior' umpires! Congratulations on working All Stars and the other District games. Being assigned to those levels shows that your District UIC and assignor see something not only in your abilities but felt it pertinent to reward your dedication to the program. As a viewer of the site you already know a lot of what the advice you will receive will be. Keep reading, learning and asking questions. As for gear... first I would approach your league UIC or District UIC and see if they have any type of scholarship or grant funds available for up and coming officials; many do and many will pay for if not all a good portion of your gear costs. Our district for several years has hosted a gear donation at the beginning of each season to help the new guys out... I saw West Vests, Wilson Gear bags, Wilson shins etc all being handed over free of charge to the new guys including tons of uniform items. If nothing like the gear donation exists... buy the best you can afford and then supplement as you can. Do not discount Craigslist... especially now with seasons ending you may find lots of Dad's who got pulled into umpiring their kids games basically dumping almost new gear for a fraction of the cost to purchase at retail. Check it now and check it often! Also... you are a teenager... Christmas is coming and man... nothing like opening new gear under the tree! Santa is always a viable option Welcome to the community and keep it up!
  23. Volunteer UIC survey help...

    I agree and actually desire the program to be volunteer with utilizing paid guys only when absolutely needed. However getting the volunteers and making sure they actually work the assigned games is placed on the managers since they have the day to day direct contact with the members of their teams. If the body politic as a whole would prefer not to volunteer but understand the costs to the parents up front that may change their desire to help out or not.
  24. Volunteer UIC survey help...

    Thanks... not really all that helpful to the question I asked however.