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  1. Mudisfun

    3-2 steal, ball 4 mechanic

    Agreed... this was more directed for F2 who made the needless attempt on R1. My PU was surprised he made the throw.
  2. Mudisfun

    Borrowing players

    You can always contact the district administrator and explain what is happening.
  3. Mudisfun

    Borrowing players

    This is much more of a player agent question than a LL rules question... however, if she is in the same LL program, regardless of SB or BB, she may be eligible for use. I would recommend that the first place to check would be your leagues player agent and then the website. Check under your documents section and then find the local rules. Normally your charter documents reside there as well as procedural and local rules. Depending on what is in your local rules will provide, hopefully the legit answer. Also her current age is not the determining factor, but her league age which is determined by what age she was on a specific date. Now as for the LL International Tournament? This most likely would not fly...
  4. Mudisfun

    Borrowing players

    Is the LL Softball part of your LL program? Is this player on the player agents list of pool players? If completely outside, I would talk to the BOD as the manager/coach prior to the game as mentioned before. They should not be bringing kids from outside the program to fill out the roster just for a in-house playoff game.
  5. Mudisfun

    Late force out call

    How do you lose a game when you are the home team, 2 outs and the game is TIED. So what, you went extra innings and then the other team beat you? Cry me a river. Hanging your teams failure to complete their running assignment on the umpire is chicken $hit... your R1 failed to do his job, your base coaches failed to do their jobs. The only person in this post who did their job was U1 or U2 who watched, waited and then ruled when the ball was thrown to 2nd for the force out.
  6. Mudisfun


    John - Assuming this is a LL protest question, I would look conditions of tournament play, page 131 in the LL GB. Protests This rule replaces rule 4.19. No protest shall be considered on a decision involving an umpire's judgement. Equipment which does not meet specifications must be removed from the game. Protests shall be considered only when based on: A. The violation or interpretation of a playing rule; When a manager claims that a decision is in violation of the playing rules, the following steps must be taken: 1. A formal (verbal) protest must be made to the Umpire-In-Chief at once by the manager or coach. 2. The UIC must immediately call a conference of all umpires working the game. 3. if the problem cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the managers, the UIC shall be required to consult with the TD or DA. 4. If the managers do not accept the decision of the TD, either manager may elect, without penalty, to discontinue play until the matter is referred to the Regional Headquarters. Either the UIC, TD or DA will call the Regional Headquarters at this time. 5. If the managers do not accept the Regional Director (or his/her designated agent), either may insist the matter be referred to the Tournament Committee in Williamsport. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final and binding. Since item 3 above points to the crew coming together, I would go to rule 9 for guidance. I would then look at 9.04(c) (page 119): If different decisions should be made on one play by different umpires, the UIC shall call the umpires into consultation, with no manager or players present. After consultation, the UIC shall determine which decision shall prevail, based on which umpire was in the best position and which decision was most likely correct. Play shall proceed as if only the final decision has been made. I know 9.04c is really looking at a double call, however your crew already came together and after discussing determined there is a rules issue and since this is a misapplication of the rules issue, the UIC needs to do all in his power to correct the matter and attempt to prevent a protest. Based on 9.04c, I would as UIC determine which decision would prevail and correct the rule violation. U1 may be upset and try and say no umpire shall criticize or attempt to overturn another umpires call, however this is not a judgement call issue. If U1 is incorrect in the rule, then he is incorrect and will be overturned one way or the other. He should recognize that the 3 others on the field are his best friends at the moment and are trying hard to keep the credibility of the crew intact. Having the TD or someone higher up overturn them makes the team look bad, IMHO.
  7. Mudisfun

    Tragic murder of one of our own

    Steve - I ran into some of our brothers and sisters last night at the D62 Allstar game... The number of people who this man touched in only one year in our association truly showed the person he was. Jennifer was openly crying in the parking lot; she sat next to him for most of the rookie class sessions. I am sorry that I did not have the opportunity to get to know him very well. I was shocked when hearing about it... as I am sure all of us were. RIP brother.
  8. Mudisfun

    Transition to SB

    PU takes his mask off on ball 4 and moves towards 3rd base.
  9. Mudisfun

    Mound Visits

    Try and remember that FED is not baseball... it is HS Baseball with it's own specific rules to make implementation across the country easier for all participants, including the players, coaches and umpires.
  10. Mudisfun


    Dude... learn to use lower case. I have a headache just trying to read your question.
  11. Mudisfun

    crazy 10u play for your amusement

    Have to love Minor B...
  12. Mudisfun

    Catcher's Interference reversal

    If I have CI with the bat striking the mitt, then I have CI. Can care less that the ball is foul, that just makes the award a little easier. Had one this year where it was just a tink, a tip, whatever you want to call it, but I had the bat hitting the mitt. Catcher swearing up and down, coach swearing up and down... No way that hit the mitt... you heard something else, you saw something else. Whatever. Coach I have CI, that is my judgement. Let's play on. No way I am letting a coach Jedi mind trick me into changing that call... If I had doubt then I would have either no-called it, or called time and went to my partner to see if he had something. But once I come up big, pointing and all the other stuff? Looks bad changing that call...
  13. Once the next play, or attempted play happens, the window closes. If you really try and press the issue, we all are going to be huddled around the scorers booth with a speaker phone... and hoping to get the game done by midnight!
  14. This is LL Allstars... protest. When the TD gives you an answer you don't like, press the protest to the District Admin... when he/she doesn't agree with you, press again to region... when they don't agree, press to Williamsport. NOW that answer is the final answer. Live with it.
  15. Mudisfun

    Umpire interference

    Agree with Ives... Maybe he needed to cover the spread?
  16. Mudisfun

    Obstruction in any rule set?

    I think the KBO is using the same standard as MLB where we have seen this exact play overturned and called OBS on replay.
  17. Time to update this one... Grandal just went bye bye as well... 3 in one game, all arguing balls and strikes. I am a HUGE Dodger fan... sorry Grandal... that was a strike.
  18. Mudisfun

    Funny F2

    A melting snowflake? I doubt it... no way some 12 year old kids Mom would let you try and teach that kid the old fashioned way. You would be better off sending a memo...
  19. Mudisfun

    Third out run scored

    Yes... in addition to the pitcher hit so many batters he must be removed (in LL there is no such rule), hands are part of the bat and a myriad of other rules myths.
  20. Mudisfun

    Baseball bat play

    The bat is ejected from the game for poor sportsmanship and unintentional interference by just lying there. J/K Nothing here... just a bad throw and a coincidence that it struck the bat lying on the ground.
  21. Mudisfun

    Dropped third strike

    Your response here is 'absolutely, you are correct sir. I wish to file a protest for a misapplication of the rule, please put a P in the book' and then walk right back to your dugout without another word. Give him zero ammunition to eject you, do it right in front of the scorekeeper so when this comes to the protest group, they can be witness that you said ZERO to the umpire with a power trip and a poor grasp of the rules he is tasked with enforcing. Walk back to your dugout and play on.
  22. Mudisfun

    Third out run scored

    Yes, he was wrong. Tagging a forced runner is the same as touching the base for a forced runner. The key word in all of this is forced. When the 3rd out is made by a runner forced to advance, no run scores.
  23. Mudisfun

    Chirping Assistant

    Way obscure 'The Sting' reference... did you know Robert Redford never watched that movie until he saw it with his Grandkids 25-30 years after it was made? Thought that was interesting when he mentioned that in an interview.
  24. Mudisfun

    Interesting audio from old Mets-Dodgers game

    "Our *** is in the jackpot now..." Interesting way to say it.
  25. Mudisfun

    runners interference

    Don't argue. Protest the game. Misapplication of the rules.