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  1. Just waiting for them to hit the porch... I hate waiting!
  2. Mudisfun

    Base Coaches Skull Caps

    California... Need I say more? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Mudisfun

    Base Coaches Skull Caps

    The rule says I cannot put the ball in play if they do not don the skull cap which in effect is we don't play unless they comply. So your correct there is not penalty teeth other than the rule which says I cannot allow the ball to become live. Kind of a catch 22 issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. First thing I notice is that they actually make physical contact in their fights unlike our bench clearing brawls that bring a lot of dancing...
  5. Mudisfun

    Base Coaches Skull Caps

    The rule is we do not put the ball into play unless the coaches are compliant. Coach I need you to get your helmet on. No... I don't wanna! (think Peter Griffin type whine) Ok coach then we don't play. Per rule I cannot put the ball into play unless you are properly equipped. Now at this point I am betting they get with the program or they are going to start hearing it from those moms and dads who showed up to watch their kids play.
  6. Mudisfun

    Force play at the plate - LL Regional MN vs SD

    Just one thing I noticed... this is a 6 man crew! Even thought they are in the field I can see R/F umpire staring in as well... sad that 6 people missed this.
  7. Mudisfun

    Force play at the plate - LL Regional MN vs SD

    I am not sure even if the HPU wanted to get obstruction that he would be able to sell it at all. I did not see him look towards R3 coming in and basically think this entire play blew up in his face. As stated before I think he was still trying to figure what happened to put the ball in play and he went into vapor lock. The way the catcher was set up blocking the plate selling OBS was an available option and thankfully R3 chose to slide between F2's legs and did not just take him out.
  8. Mudisfun

    Expanded Strike Zone for Little League

    Wow. Just wow. In my real life I have 40 or so people that work for me and I seem to get through week after week without yelling, threatening or firing anyone just to stroke my ego. So your analysis of strapping on some gear just to find a power trip over some dads and 12 year olds must be spot on. Thanks for saving me the money to seek professional guidance to figure out my power trip issues. I know that I am dragged kicking and screaming to the fields a hundred times a year against my will just like my fellow officials so you must be right that we purposely call everything we can a strike to gain power, show up kids and try and shorten the game as much as possible so that our 'sentence' is over as quickly as possible. Really none of us umpire because we enjoy it and actually want to be on the field. What a tool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Mudisfun

    Steal of second - Replay ... REALLY close!!

    Really not a great stat to hang on Mattingly His asst coach gets on the phone and determines is the call is close. He ever hits the phone. Time for a new replay guy but the .220 percentage is a garbage stat. 100% agree about Vin Scully. I could listen to this guy read the phone book. How many announcers can handle the game solo? When he hangs it up I along with millions of others are not going know how to watch or listen to a Dodger game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Mudisfun

    Proper Balk call mechanic

    If your playing under FED there is no reason to let the play run its course as the ball is dead immediately. No protest needed. OBR I would agree with your statement to let it play out as prematurely killing a play is wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Mudisfun

    Granting "Time"

    X Play on.
  12. Mudisfun

    Hairspray on Shoes

    Polish works wonders... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Mudisfun

    Someone put a tent on this circus?! Please

    So let's take this to the final end game... as it is now balls and strikes can be 'argued' as a judgement by the umpire. If a player gets rung out on a borderline pitch the players, managers and fans get the luxury of flaming the umpire, most of who are faceless to the majority of the crowds. Remove the human element and where are all of these people going to start placing their ire for a rung out batter on what the batter thought was a ball but according to the computer just nicked the zone by .00001 of an inch? That favorite player who some fan has elevated to God like status in their mind cannot be held accountable for making mistakes so who will become the new scapegoat for the short comings of their favorite team? Players make serious errors all of the time. They blow plays, they misread situations, they (gasp!) strike out... I don't see the outrage for them to 'get it right' all of the time. Sure some finally get sent down to the minors but if a player bats .300 he is a stud... 30% performance factor. The proportions just seem ridiculous and these talking heads demanding 100% accuracy need to be careful for what they wish for as they are looking to open Pandora's box not just on Umpires but on the game as a whole.
  14. Mudisfun

    First Pro Game

    Congrats! Can we all live vicariously though you since most of us will not make that level in our avocation? Keep us updated on your experience. I bet it will be interesting reading.
  15. Mudisfun

    Double play/ No double play

    Umpires erred here. Even though this is a FED reference for for A/C's leaving their position regulation XIV for field decorum and rule 2, definition of Manager support that only the Manager will represent his team to the umpires. Swarming the officials as described seems to boarder of unsportsmanlike conduct referenced in XIV. They allowed all 3 coaches to get into the action. BU should have immediately referred the touch/tag to the PU when approached as that is his call in a 2 man game. He should then have helped corral all the A/C's off the field. PU should have ordered everyone off the field other than the Manager when swarmed. If they refused to leave then EJ them ASAP. Absolutely no reason for 3 grown adults to rush the crew and for the crew to allow this to occur. The call being right or wrong at this point is secondary to reclaiming control of the field and the participants and to keep bedlam from breaking out. Once calm has been restored and adults start acting like adults then the umpire with the call can have a conversation with the Manager and then make the call or get together with his partner.
  16. Mudisfun

    UE hits the field

    I love the site name... Marlboro LL Complex... Got a waiver for a can of chew at this one location?
  17. Mudisfun

    HBP Sitch

    ...Sometimes you just have to umpire. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  18. Mudisfun

    LL R3 interference on Double-Play to 1st?

    7.09e sounds like it was written with your play in mind. I would be grabbing 2 outs as well as maybe tossing R3 depending on the contact. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Mudisfun

    West Gold TW Retro Fit Issues

    I just quick spray my gear with Lysol but try and allow it all to air dry as much as possible when I get it all home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Mudisfun

    Protested game

    Typically the umpires are offered the game however if they take the game or not may be related to what age level your working and other assignments as well as securing the appropriate permissions from SWMBO. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. So excited to try this out tomorrow! I have been using my Honigs K1 for a couple years now but having taken a few really hard shots in 16 and 18U I decided it was time to upgrade to a full hard shell. I am stoked on the removable/washable padding and hope to get many years protection and enjoyment out of this protector. Purchased from Ump Attire of course... Fresh out of the box the Allstar 4000CPU with Delta Flex rig.
  22. Mudisfun

    SWMBO........The Foul Ball Saga........

    On of our resident announcers is a retired school teacher who just loves being at the field... every foul ball is greeted with "One Dollar! Bring me the foul for one dollar!" Funny to watch the mad scramble for that dollar...
  23. Mudisfun

    SWMBO........The Foul Ball Saga........

    ​Isn't that the address of one "Elwood Blues"
  24. Mudisfun

    Hey Ump, You Got One Job To Do...

    I said "oh, ok, thanks for the tip coach, now here's a tip for you, one more comment like that and you'll be spending the rest of the game in the parking lot", he says "you blew that call", I tossed him. Good EJ. I don't see a paint in the corner situation as her did not give the "one more word" ultimatum... you specifically stated one more comment like what you just said and you get the EJ. If the coach pulled the old "word" reply then you have no need to toss him as that comment is not pushing the barrier that was erected. The coach purposely drove over your barrier by "going there" and making another comment specific to your call. My opinion is you gave him rope yes but he chose to use it for the hanging.
  25. Mudisfun

    Dodger Stadium!

    Awesome! Have a blast... lots of history in that ball park.