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  1. how early in a game can i sub a player

    The 1st question is are you batting 9 or CBO? CBO you need to get 6 and 1 in the game which the 1 is a no brainer since regardless of defensive plays your player will get minimum at bats. The six can be anytime. Batting 9 then you have to make sure subs get 6 and 1 before you pull them and remember if a starter is out of the game and then renters as a sub for another starter then your original starter is now a sub and has to get minimum again since they no longer qualify as a starter but a sub. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Conflicts?

    I recused myself from the school my nephew attends which happens to be where I graduated from. Once he is gone I will reopen that school... I can care less if the school I attended a thousand years ago wins or loses a game. I find it funny when a buddy of mine asks me if I went to or saw our old schools football game. The last time I went to my high schools football games I was a student there 20+ years ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Force at first

    Those little kids, though, just stand around dumbfounded, or are off trying to tie their shoes (again) or tuck their jersey in (again).)
  4. My season starts Monday!

    I had an eval lat night and one comment from my evaluator was "man, it is so hard to sit on this side of the fence and just watch". Based on this I few your pain and excitement when many of us only can complain when there is a one or two day rain out. Go out and have fun!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thor's Hammer

    Pretty much in all of Souther California that I am aware of JV/Frosh Soft and Freshman are solo unless calling some of the Private schools who will pay for 2 or 3 man. Don't want to work solo? Your not going to work HS then around here for the most part unless all you have on your schedule is Varsity or your only doing youth ball where the cost to the league is a hot dog and a coke or the teams pay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. nnnGARRRGH!!!

    WOW. Says it all.
  7. Gonna make for an interesting opening series when they meet in the regular season.
  8. Challenger game this weekend

    So Saturday night we had the first of 4 under the lights Challenger LL night games in California District 62. What a blast! This is a series of special games we play where the Challenger team plays a mishmash of players from one of the local leagues. We have a DJ with walk up music and all of the snack bar proceeds go to the Challenger division. Just awesome to see these kids and young adults out there just to play the game. We has several 'hidden ball' plays... somehow always the Challenger team that pulled that one off and a ton of fun for all. The crew all received special hats for participating as well as the traditional free hot dog and a coke. Only 2 more of these on my schedule for the season which to be honest are my favorite games to work all season.
  9. Shirts and jackets for sale

    PM Sent
  10. "Gonna need a new catcher, he's done"

    ... in a cocky and nonchalant manner... Can those two descriptions exist in the same sentence? Love how he just gave the little wag with the finger.
  11. Last Week Tonight: The NCAA

    I want the cat poster.
  12. Ohio OHSAA, ASA, USSSA...any letter combo

    I think that picture is the 60's version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...
  13. Base Awards

    Same in all codes.
  14. Base Awards

    Since it was touched in fair but exited in foul a 2 base award from time of pitch.
  15. Thoroughly satisfied

    So I had to purchase a bunch of new gear for the Little League that I am the UIC for and I figured why not check out Ump Attire since I spend so much time browsing Umpire Empire... Well could not be happier with the service and products. Customer service was excellent in working with our treasurer for a check versus some stores which will only handle credit cards. I personally don'd mind putting $50 on my CC for the league and submitting a reimbursement claim but once we hit large amounts I want the league to pay direct and Ump Attire was more than willing to make that work. Once they received and cleared the check the order hit my doorstep in a couple days. Everything was in order but the color of 6 ball bags. I reached out to them and the next day they had 6 new bags on the way along with a pre-paid label/bag for the navy blue bags to go back in. Bottom line is they made my nonpaying part time job as a LL UIC easy, easy, easy and I cannot say thank you enough!
  16. Austria

    and just play on.
  17. I disagree @MadMax. I took an almost direct hit in left inner thigh on Saturday, JUCO game. F2 barely touched the ball across top of his mitt webbing. Direct to the leg. NO "meat slap" sound. No mark. No bruise the next day like our poor man @Mudisfun. Those things work. Hot but they do the job for me. I am a big fan. But I need another pair in medium. Anyone know where they might be available? Short or long length? Just saw this on eBAY... in Medium http://www.ebay.com/itm/McDavid-Classic-Logo-7540U-CL-Hexpad-Umpire-Shorts-With-Cup-Pocket-Gray-Medium-/161463957968?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item25980079d0
  18. We have a winner. Was just a great sound of meat getting slapped. Let me guess, nobody said a word. It's always when you get hit where you have equipment that everyone gasps. Yet when you take a shot where you're not protected, there's no sound so nobody says anything while you're wincing in pain. Exactly. The tipped ball that crushed my shoulder protection lots of OHH's and AHH's... slap to the fresh meat? Just a sincere sorry from the catcher who knew he missed it and I got hit.
  19. We have a winner. Was just a great sound of meat getting slapped.
  20. Jersey Guys

    Just to throw fuel on the fire but the forecast for So Cal this week is highs in the upper 80's and even low 90's... I wish it would cool down a bit and rain on our end of the map.
  21. Skin Infields

    Maybe a regional thing? Always hear all dirt infields referred to as dirt infields. If someone had not detailed it out in the post somewhere I would still be scratching my head.
  22. Butterfly Bandage?

    Just keep the skin together, clean and dry as much as possible. Not a lot else you can do if going to the doc is not on your agenda.
  23. So tonight at our OCBOA meeting we had a special guest visitor... Mr. Gerry Davis himself! He visited our classrooms and spent 10-15 minutes answering questions from the members. Thought it was pretty cool of him to share his time with us on his way to spring training. Way cool...
  24. I was there because I am a rookie in the association and it was mandatory for us which in this case was a good thing. And yes... OC California.
  25. Shirts and Jacket

    What size is the jacket?