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  1. Situation: JV game, solo. 2 outs, R1. As the pitcher leans in for the sign and starts to come set F3 loudly is yelling BACK! BACK! to R1 and of course smacking his glove. He is so loud as to break into my concentration of watching F1 do his thing. I glance over and it is obvious that he is trying to make R1 think his base coach is yelling back. I watch R1 keep looking over to see who is yelling as well as notice he has really shortened his lead as he is not certain who is yelling. Thinking that this behavior is not what we want HS players to do and that to me the pattern of play was being disrupted by R1 halving his lead I enforced obstruction on F3 and awarded R1 2nd base. I also thought that F3's action was preventing the 1st base coach from being able to do his job due to F3's yelling at R1. Next pitch was strike 3 for the end of the inning. 2-22-1 Obstruction and Fake Tag ART 1: Obstruction is an act (intentional or unintentional, as well as physical or verbal) by a fielder, any member of the defensive team or its team personnel that hinders a runner or changes the patter of play as in 5-1-3 and 8-3-2; or when a catcher or fielder hinders a batter as in 5-1-2b, 8-1-1e, 8-3-1c and 8-3-2. When obstruction occurs, the ball becomes dead at the end of playing action and the umpire has authority to determine which base or bases shall be awarded the runners according to the rule violated (Exception 8-4-2c, 8-4-2d). ART 2: A fake tag is an act by a defensive player without the ball that simulates a tag. A fake tag is considered obstruction. ART 3: The fielder without possession of the ball denies access to the base the runner is attempting to achieve. The only reference to verbal obstruction I could find in the case book is not specific to this situation but to hindering a stealing runner: 2.22.1 Situation A: R1 attempts to steal second. F2, upon receiving the pitch, throws a pop-up to F6. F5 yells "get back, get back." R1 thinks B2 has hit a pop-up and starts back to first where he is tagged out. RULING: This is verbal obstruction and R1 shall be awarded second base. So did I punch the clown on this?
  2. Mudisfun

    assigner fees for high school baseball

    For our association, game fees are roughly $80 depending on Varsity/JV/Freshman... assigning fees per game by each umpire assigned is $4.
  3. Mudisfun

    Umpiring experience and job interviews

    A friend of mine was an HR VP for a large computer games maker. Whenever he saw umpire or similar on a resume, he told me that he would always make sure to interview that person. So yes, it can be helpful... but like anything else on a resume, it has to resonate with the person reading it...
  4. Mudisfun

    giving count

    Without anything happening which would distract the players such as a pick off attempt, steal, an out being recorded somewhere... Normally I give the count with a 1-2 or 2-1, then 3-2... After several foul balls I'll give the count... anytime a player asks, I'll tell them the count, but then I assume the rest have forgotten as well and may announce the count. I love it after one pitch when the batter asks... like really? You took one pitch
  5. Mudisfun

    Ball out of play on dropped third strike

    Was the B/R in the lane? You might be missing interference.
  6. Mudisfun

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    Brothers and sisters Steve aka @grayhawk has sustained what sounds like serious injuries in a freak accident. Info below from an email sent to our association members: Just this morning, Steve stopped by Windrow Park in support of two of our finest working a tournament Semi-final game. While the crew was getting dressed in the parking lot, Steve sat in one their chairs. The chair then broke, which caused Steve's neck to snap back as he fell to the ground. This created some immediate back pain, but did not appear to be serious at the time. Some hours later Steve began to lose all feeling in his legs and arms, and was admitted to Saddleback Medical Center. He is currently undergoing surgery to remove a disc in his back that the Dr's feel is causing the inflammation on the nerves which led to his condition. I briefly spoke w/ Steve and his wife, Christine, just before surgery, and they said assuming all goes well, another surgery will be needed to insert pins & screws. The recovery process could take a very long time. I know Steve personally and I know that many of you have formed a relationship with him via this very site, so I know many of you would want to know about this tragedy and would want to add him to your prayers. @Magic who is also our association VP I am sure is in contact with his family as well. When additional information is available, I am sure one of us will share it.... Prayers to Steve and his family.
  7. As a game management technique, for games that matter (so no travel ball scrimmages), I will hold granting time until B/R gets to 1st... I have had teams fake like they don't care about the B/R, get him to feel content and then snap throw when he is not looking. Would suck to call time as the ball sails over a fence
  8. Mudisfun

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    Last year... but who is counting. I do not live there, so not getting in to a argument on whose traffic sucks worse. It just sucks all around :-)
  9. Mudisfun

    Out or not

    Long winded as always!
  10. Mudisfun

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    As a Mets fan, I would think you would understand the concept of traffic! All you need is the #7 train to break down and there goes your fans getting to Citi field on time! Try sitting on the 110, 5, 2 or any other litany of streets in the LA area and try and get anywhere before 8:30pm!
  11. Mudisfun

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    That's not how we roll!
  12. Mudisfun

    Catch or No Catch - Frazier Pulls a Fast One

    hey... as an old coach once told me: "If you're not cheating, your not trying."
  13. What the hell is wrong with people? A frigging police Sargent assaulting an umpire? Who are we expected to call on if our own police cannot keep themselves in check?
  14. Mudisfun

    Can the player be suspended

    I know in many areas, that if a person acts in such a fashion that the umpire feels it is necessary to file an 'after action ended' report with their league, the punishment brought upon the offender will be much more severe than what they would receive for simply being ejected. The thought being that in the middle of the game, in the heat of the moment, the coach/player may say or act in a negative way due to the ongoing emotion of the game. Finding an official after they have left the field, be it on the way to the lot, locker room or at their car raises the bar... you are premeditating to give the official a 'piece of your mind' or potentially escalating an event to a point of violence, and regardless of what transpired on the field, this behavior is never appropriate. No, maybe is the answer to your question... but most definitely if someone approaches the officials after the game, when off the field, in any negative or aggressive fashion it should be reported and dealt with by the appropriate league officials. As a board member, if a parent, player or coach was reported to our group, I would push for severe penalties depending on the overall nature of the conflict. Bottom line... let it go.
  15. Not specific to the call noted in the article, but many of the times they want 'clarification' seems to be on easy, black and white rulings that most umpires would not feel need to be explained.
  16. Mudisfun

    Another Force play slide INT video

    You're no fun! How else are you going to stay busy if not by reading lots and lots of EJ reports?
  17. Mudisfun

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Well then... I will have to do my best this season to keep you entertained with my reports of daring and bravado! OR.... maybe I'll try to keep the EJ's to a minimum...
  18. Mudisfun

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Crazy to think it has been that long already. Welcome back Steve, and congrats on the appointment as the official rules guy for the association.
  19. Mudisfun

    Experimental Mechanic for tag plays at home

    The only issue I see with this positioning is that if the play explodes on you, getting a new view of the play may be difficult. However, since home is level with the ground typically, this positioning allows for the umpire to truly see if the foot of the offensive player actually touched the plate versus hovered over it. We will now be able to determining safe or out on the tag at the plate with much higher accuracy.
  20. The worst part of the story is the assailant is a former cop... How sad.
  21. Mudisfun

    Little League

    Sorry guys, I read this as R3 coming home, not R2.
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  23. Mudisfun

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Guess the wiring was right all along then. My mentor will be so proud!
  24. Mudisfun

    Little League

    If the runner from 1st was ruled safe, regardless if when the play originally happened, or after the umpires got together and changed the call, the runner from 3rd scores. There would be no rule supporting calling the batter/runner safe and putting R3 back at 3rd. If this play happened with 1 out and the B/R was out, wouldn't R3's run count then? Same outcome when he is ruled safe with 2 outs on the board. With a runner on 3rd, U2 should be in C. I am envisioning that the offensive team believed that F3 pulled his foot, so they asked U2 to get together with his partner and see if he had any information. If the PU saw F3 not touching the bag, then he would share that info with his partner who then, based on this new information, could change his original call from out to safe. This happens quite often since from the C position, especially when working outside the infield, the field umpire often is straight lined with the throw and cannot tell if F3 pulled his foot or not. The goal here is to get the call right.
  25. Mudisfun

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    When I see the MC, my first reaction is normally calling time. I'll have to rewire my brain to change the order.