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  1. Not specific to the call noted in the article, but many of the times they want 'clarification' seems to be on easy, black and white rulings that most umpires would not feel need to be explained.
  2. Mudisfun

    Another Force play slide INT video

    You're no fun! How else are you going to stay busy if not by reading lots and lots of EJ reports?
  3. Mudisfun

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Well then... I will have to do my best this season to keep you entertained with my reports of daring and bravado! OR.... maybe I'll try to keep the EJ's to a minimum...
  4. Mudisfun

    Another Force play slide INT video

    Crazy to think it has been that long already. Welcome back Steve, and congrats on the appointment as the official rules guy for the association.
  5. Mudisfun

    Experimental Mechanic for tag plays at home

    The only issue I see with this positioning is that if the play explodes on you, getting a new view of the play may be difficult. However, since home is level with the ground typically, this positioning allows for the umpire to truly see if the foot of the offensive player actually touched the plate versus hovered over it. We will now be able to determining safe or out on the tag at the plate with much higher accuracy.
  6. The worst part of the story is the assailant is a former cop... How sad.
  7. Mudisfun

    Little League

    Sorry guys, I read this as R3 coming home, not R2.
  8. Mudisfun


  9. Mudisfun

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Guess the wiring was right all along then. My mentor will be so proud!
  10. Mudisfun

    Little League

    If the runner from 1st was ruled safe, regardless if when the play originally happened, or after the umpires got together and changed the call, the runner from 3rd scores. There would be no rule supporting calling the batter/runner safe and putting R3 back at 3rd. If this play happened with 1 out and the B/R was out, wouldn't R3's run count then? Same outcome when he is ruled safe with 2 outs on the board. With a runner on 3rd, U2 should be in C. I am envisioning that the offensive team believed that F3 pulled his foot, so they asked U2 to get together with his partner and see if he had any information. If the PU saw F3 not touching the bag, then he would share that info with his partner who then, based on this new information, could change his original call from out to safe. This happens quite often since from the C position, especially when working outside the infield, the field umpire often is straight lined with the throw and cannot tell if F3 pulled his foot or not. The goal here is to get the call right.
  11. Mudisfun

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    When I see the MC, my first reaction is normally calling time. I'll have to rewire my brain to change the order.
  12. Mudisfun

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    That's obstruction - point. Time! Thats MC! You're out. Your EJ. Other runners... back to TOI bases.
  13. Mudisfun

    MLB Umpiring Life

    Also... the UFEL has former MLB umpire Bob Davidson regularly contributing to the site now... maybe log in there and ask Bob directly.
  14. Mudisfun

    Out ruling

    Hugo, Both of your scenarios are essentially the same as the 3rd out is made by a forced runner who failed to achieve the base they were forced to. The timing of R3 scoring does not matter in either case, so 3 outs, no run scores. Change your second scenario a little... R3 crosses home. R1 achieves 2nd base just prior to the throw and is safe but he over-runs 2nd and is immediately tagged for the out. Now you have a time play since the force on R1 was removed by him getting to 2nd safely. Now the question is did R3 touch home prior to R1 being tagged out. See the difference?