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  1. 8-4-2B or 8-4-2C

    I am confused on why, just a split second before R3 arrived at the plate and F2 receives the ball that you cannot have obstruction? There is no 'in the act of fielding' a thrown ball in FED, so either F2 was blocking the plate with the ball or he was blocking without the ball. I understand you said R3 ran with blinders, but if F2 is blocking the plate and in the path of the runner without the ball, and only receives it with a split second of timing, I think you have obstruction. In fact, I definitely think you have obstruction... teach F2 to properly set up and then you have nothing since he will then have possession, be able to turn and apply the tag and more importantly, not be in the path to get run over. I think in this instance you are bailing the defensive team out for their bad play... in fact F2, who should not have been where he was drops the ball... Did R3 have any time to deviate from his course in the split second that F2 finally had the right to be in the base path? I doubt it... I either have OBS or I have nothing... not going to bail F5 out for bobbling, F2 out for being in the wrong place and then dropping the ball. There is nothing that says R3 has to do anything but run the bases... he is not obligated to slide, there is not FPSR violation since there is no force; all he is expected to not do is truck the catcher which he obviously did not do.
  2. Biggest blowout ever?

    Last week Varsity game... 14-0 after the first 3 outs... Coach went station to station after that... we still somehow finished in 2 hours with a 24 or 25-2 score. Pitching was just BP for the visitors.
  3. All Star S7 15in $85

    Great CP... this is my daily go to. $85 is a great price...
  4. Blind call

    With R2, the BU should be in C which would put him somewhere behind F6 on a 60' field. Although a distance, he should be able to see a tag on the backside of the base from the angle without too much trouble. Remember you have to have a runner, a defender and the ball to make a play, so what else was the BU watching? This is not the PU call... BU should make his determination and then, and only if the coach comes out, should he come to you for help, if he chooses to. At that point you can give him what you have, which in your case should have been, sorry, you have nothing since you did not actually see the tag. Try not to poach each others calls. What happens next time when you signal out and your partner is saying safe at the same time?
  5. Good luck with this one. You would be expressly limiting a book rule, and LL would not look favorably upon your program for this... kind of like the 'if the pitcher plucks 3 kids in a game he has to be removed'... no such rule exists in LL and in fact was voted down to be added to the book. Keep in mind every time they walk your player they are adding 4 to the pitch count, so the defense is not getting out of the at bat without any damage to them... they may need that pitcher later in the game and what would have been a 1 pitch at bat cost them 4. It only takes one pitch to go over their pitch count limit or threshold and have to sit an additional day for rest.
  6. 1st game in 26 years.

    Yeah... I know the joys of varsity and those better games. Friday - varsity contest... 14-0 at the bottom of the 1st...
  7. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Funny how this works... Do as I say, not as I do... right?
  8. Dislodged base

    On the initial play, around where the bag should be, or where the top portion lies which dislodged is fine, by LL interpretation. In most instances, on a play this close, where R1 is coming into 2nd and slides to avoid a tag, there is a very good chance F4/F6 is now holding the ball and nothing else is going to happen. TIME... fix the bag. Problems there after solved. If the ball careens into the outfield and the runner tries to advance and then returns, he has 2 options... bag or where the bag should be. Pick one...
  9. leaving base

    And you have a base coach standing there again, why?
  10. I am interpreting the line in red (my edit) to mean the visitors did not keep their end of the book. The home team not keeping hitting stats does not tell me they did not record runs, just the stats of who did what. If this is the case, then in most leagues the home book is the official book. If both teams due to not properly recording the game have an issue, then most likely the league will defer to the home book, assuming they kept a running score throughout the game. My opinion, as a BOD member for my kids league?... I would vote to invalidate both teams 'evidence' and record the game as a tie or a loss for both... if the record keeping was so bad, how do you really make an informed decision?
  11. Passing Runner, ala Beavers vs. Wildcats

    I called this a year or two back in a 14u Pony game. Solo, in the working area and watched as B/R passed R1. I just pointed and announced that passing, your out. When the play ended, I called time, pointed again to the B/R who committed the error and reiterated "you're out for passing." Then I got to have the coach conversation... never heard of such a rule... are you sure? That is in the book? yadda...
  12. Concerning Coach Pitch...

    My daughter is in Minor C which is kid pitch, but with mods... there are no walks. if a batter receives 4 balls then the coach comes in to pitch. We have a parent/umpire for these games. Typically they are behind the mound and they call balls and strikes/safes and outs. Have not heard a peep from anyone in our league... and I am the UIC so I would hear about it at some point. Your issue is the parents... they need to take a rational pill or something.
  13. Wrong Balls

    Also... this is LL - do you suddenly reset the pitch count? Sorry coach... put in the correct baseballs and let's go.
  14. I am ashamed....