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  1. Mudisfun

    Catch or no Catch

    I honestly don't recall what the decision on that one was. Was a couple months ago that I worked there.
  2. Mudisfun

    Baseball Tweet of the Year

    Did they at least hook up the Umpire for allowing the unauthorized vehicle on the field?
  3. Mudisfun

    Does run count?

    OP - R1, R2, R3. Ball hit to F4 who attempts to tag R2 (forced runner) who is called out for deviating from the base path. So as a few above mentioned, not a play on the BR, but this is still a forced runner who was called out prior to safely reaching the bag he was forced to. 3 outs, no run scores.
  4. Mudisfun

    Catch or no Catch

    They have a green monster (high netting) in left, due to the short fencing. Absolute awesome field to work games at.
  5. Mudisfun

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Maybe warn is the wrong word. He ensured that the catcher would no longer us the improper equipment by bringing the coach into the conversation.
  6. Mudisfun

    Catch or no Catch

    Huntington Beach HS... sunken dugouts...
  7. Mudisfun

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    PU, once made aware of the issue handled it. Since F2 was by 1st base backing up, and PU had come down the line, I let him deal with it. He made F2 switch it. He made sure the coach was aware of the issue, since he needs to be. He warned him to make sure it was not repeated. F2 immediately complied, so not real issues there.
  8. Mudisfun

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    I did not. We gave him a warning... he said, and I actually believe him, that he did not notice that his player used the illegal items. My PU did not notice it and he was standing behind F2. And before you ask, no, I have no idea how long F2 used this... one pitch, the whole game... no idea.
  9. Mudisfun

    NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    Game 2 weeks back... I am BU and noticed F2 when backing up a play at 1st that he was using a mask/skullcap. Called my PU over, mentioned it to him, and he took care of it. First time in a HS game in a long time, especially towards the latter part of the season that I had F2 use an unapproved mask. Now why did I mention it? Because, A) it is in the rules, and B) if this F2 got hurt, I don't want to be answering a ton of questions as to why we allowed (because it would be our fault, of course) F2 to use illegal equipment... If I notice it, I am going to fix it.
  10. Mudisfun

    ball bumbled out of play

    The first play by the infield ended when the throw hit the fence. Once the other fielder provided additional energy to the ball, this causing it to go out of play, that is considered the 2nd play and is a TOT (or in this case, time of bumbling) award. Time! You 3rd base. You did it right.
  11. Yep... see it here in non-official HS... but season, the speed up rules have not been adopted.
  12. Not in my neck of the woods... a CR is a sub and must follow all sub rules. Starter can be pulled and reentered once, subs once in and out are done for the game.
  13. Mudisfun

    HS JV Ejection on Saturday

    The requirement in our unit is the official verbal warning, using the 'this is your verbal warning...' and then proceeding to the documented, 'this is your written warning, you are now in baseball jail'... Failure to use this phraseology is frowned upon.
  14. Mudisfun

    HS JV Ejection on Saturday

    Sadly, 'that's enough, I don't want to hear any more, stop, etc, etc' do not meet the warning requirements... To properly make the warning a warning by book, you need to use the verbiage... then when you restrict or EJ, you have rules support to stand on.
  15. Mudisfun

    Dead ball

    Defense should offer ice to the coach and thank him for being the back stop, thus most likely saving them an extra base... If the base coach did nothing, was not attempting to interfere? Nothing. If base coach was intentionally trying to get in the way? You can get an out and runners returning.