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  1. Transaction Experience Thread

    @Richvee Great transaction
  2. Gerry Davis Fechheimer poly wools

    @Thunderheads Please LOCK IT UP!
  3. Gentlemen I have a brand new never opened Gerry Davis Fechheimer Poly Wools. The are Plate Pants size 36. I'll ship them to you $55 Pay Pal friends and family.
  4. Wilson Gear- recently acquired

    what size are the shins?
  5. Navy blue plate coat 44L

    would you take $65 shipped?
  6. great transaction

    Great Communication and transaction with @Fire Eye
  7. Team Wendy Retro West Vest Original Gold

    This item has been sold! @Thunderheads please Lock it up!
  8. Team Wendy Retro West Vest Original Gold

    Yes the CP is still available
  9. Team Wendy Retro West Vest Original Gold

    Sorry i should of added. Its a size M/L.
  10. Hello I had a West Vest Gold redone by Team Wendy. It has never been used since I had it retro fitted. Im asking $350 shipped Pay Pal Friends and Family
  11. ReeBok Plate Shoe

    Gentlemen i have a brand new never worn pair of ReeBok Field Magistrate 2 mid cut plate shoes. they are size 10 4E. I am asking $100 Shipped Friends and Family paypal only. I have photos but the site isn't letting me upload them. Feel free to message me. I can text them or email. Thanks Chris
  12. The scammer is back!

    the first photo is a Nike, then the scumbag put 3 photos of a dented POS!!!!