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    Southern Illinois Select Baseball League (SISBL), Northwoods League.
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    14U and under and starting DII college baseball this year
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  1. Dave Van Zummeren


    Wendelstedt is professional as it comes, the gear over clothes is for cage work , and to move things along more quickly. Don't let the video or pictures fool you, Wendelstedt is the real deal and can change your life .
  2. Dave Van Zummeren

    Facebook discussion: 1 or 2 ball bags

    Personally ,I have never worn two ball bags before, so I am more comfortable with just one, and I do not like the look of two ball bags, I think it looks bad when running around and such. And at a high level a baseball, that is why they have ball boys! I do not mind asking for more baseballs. I personally like 4 in the bag in 1 on the rubber. But there isnt a right or wrong answer. whatever you want to do and what you are comfortable with. My college association said it looks very unprofessional to only use one but I've talked to some high level guys who think opposite personal preference.
  3. Dave Van Zummeren

    runners lane

    This is strictly 509 A11 formerly 605K , absolutely cannot let that go! that is black and white. The reason is he must keep both feet within or on the lines of the RL .. dead ball BR out, all other runners return to base at time of pitch.
  4. Dave Van Zummeren

    This is interference?

    Yeah in OBR , no way this would be interference, once it hits the pitcher it becomes a fair bounding ball, and that is it. A runner is only out for interference when a fair batted ball touches the runner before any fielder. Unless the runner intentionally kicks or something like that, I have " thats nothing"
  5. Dave Van Zummeren

    Pick Off Obstruction