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    NFHS Rules question

    Rule 8-4-1 (d) reads, after hitting or bunting a ball, he intentionally contacts the ball with the bat a second time in fair or foul territory. The ball is dead and no runner(s) advance. 1. In the case of a foul ball, it must have a chance to become fair in the umpire's judgment. 2. If the bat and ball accidentally come in contact with each other a second time while the batter is holding the bat in the batter's box, it is a foul ball. Here is my question/play: No runners, no outs. B/R uses a softball style swinging bunt. After making contact with the ball, the batter drops the bat out of his hands as he is beginning to run to first base. The ball has bounced in the dirt in front of the plate. As the bat is falling to the ground after being dropped by the batter, it strikes the ball (which is over fair territory) which is bouncing upward. The batter did not intentionally throw the bat at the ball, nor did he intentionally try to hit the ball with the bat. But, he did "intentionally" drop the bat as he began toward first base. What do you have? This happened in an actual high school game this weekend. I cannot see where we have addressed this play in a NFHS Casebook during the last 3 years that I've been on the committee. Thanks in advance.
  2. lawump

    NFHS Rules question

    Thank you!
  3. lawump

    BOO Power Point

    Does anyone have a power point presentation on the NFHS batting out of order rule that they would be willing to share? (So that I don't have to spend hours creating my own.) I am giving a presentation on the rule this Sunday afternoon. If you have one and are willing to share, can you send me a private message? I will give you my email address in order for you to email it. Thanks in advance.
  4. https://usatodayhss.com/2018/umpiregate-officials-llws-walkoff-controversy
  5. lawump

    Tag-up Responsibilities

    That is one wild rumor that is most certainly not true. I wish it were; I'd love to spend a couple of days with him in Indianapolis doing nothing but talking umpiring. But, alas, I haven't even heard this rumor...much less it actually being discussed as a possibility among the committee.
  6. lawump

    NFHS 2019 Test Question #3

    I just want the record to reflect that I do not write the test. LOL. (Nor do I get an advance copy; nor do I get the answers...I have to take it just like everyone else in my state.)
  7. lawump

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    Someday, when my term is over, I'll write a book. LOL With that said, in the NFHS the power is not centralized. It is structured like the old Articles of Confederation. The natural result of such a structure is what you alluded to your post.
  8. lawump

    BOO Power Point

    Oh GOD, yes.
  9. lawump

    BOO Power Point

  10. lawump

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    I haven't read this whole thread. However, this was sent from the NFHS to all states this week: Ball in glove (2-9-1, 5-1-1) With the change of interpretation by the NFHS Baseball Rules Committee, CB 2.9.1 Situation D: No longer will the ball be immediately dead when a ball is "lodged" in a player's glove. The player may take his glove, with the ball in it, and toss it to another fielder to record a force out at the base. CB 5.1.1 Situations Q and R should be removed. They are no longer valid.
  11. lawump

    BOO Power Point

    They'll lose the appeal.
  12. lawump


    I'll be doing the American Legion World Series next month. I'll post my game schedule if anyone wants to watch me on ESPN. (I don't know which ESPN channel it is on this year.)
  13. lawump


    I'm sure it was MIllsy; he was on that crew.
  14. lawump

    BOO Power Point

    Never mind...I just found one on the IHSAA (Illinois) arbiter site. Thanks!!!
  15. lawump

    NFHS changes 2019

    I don't recall it even being discussed. I may be wrong...maybe someone in some state office proposed this as a rule change. If they did, their proposal did not come close to passing (as evidenced by the fact that I don't recall it even being discussed.) For what its worth, I'm a baseball purist. I still hate the DH rule (and that rule came in to effect before I was born). So, there's no hope of anyone convincing me to vote for such a proposal. As an aside, I love the fact that nearly a decade later, I was the home plate umpire for a legendary 15-inning state semi-final game that is still talked about in prep baseball circles in SC all these years later. Both teams scored a run in the first inning...and couldn't score again. Combine that with the fact that it was being played between arch-rivals, to advance to the state championship, and that it ended on a freak bad bounce on an infield ground ball hit to F3 (with an R2, and two outs)...has led to this game taking on legendary status. During the game, I never wanted it to end. Seriously, I actually starting thinking, "it would be awesome if we could break some state record for longest game." The AD for the school that had to pay us actually came in to the locker room after the game and shook our hands and told us that we had done such a good job that he was paying us two game fees! I wouldn't want to ruin the possibility of that never being able to happen again by having an International Tie-Breaker Rule. That is one of my few games, at any level of baseball, that I still go to bed day-dreaming about.
  16. lawump

    TV Blooper

    When one of your umpires has the TV blooper for the day while doing his other job: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=koIOjFbWBOo&feature=youtu.be%E2%80%AC
  17. lawump


    He was the crew chief the year before my first year.
  18. lawump

    Throwing the bat

    Top Gun Baseball's rule set for 8U's has this penalty. Now, you have run across such a rule set. LOL
  19. lawump

    You Make The Call

    Under FED, I have obstruction all day, every day, and twice on Sunday.
  20. lawump

    NFHS changes 2019

    No. States are free to adopt their own mechanics without incurring any penalty (unlike rules)...so we see no need. I would bring it up in your local association. BTW, while I'm on the committee...I'm also the director of training and education for my association...and we use the MiLB 2-man mechanics. (Which, now, is almost identical to CCA.)
  21. lawump

    NFHS changes 2019

    There were approximately 105,000 individuals who umpired at least one FED game in the United States in 2015. The difference between the top NFHS umpire and the worst NFHS umpire is greater than at probably any other level of baseball. We have to account for that. Do I personally fight to adopt mechanics that look more like CCA? Yes. Do I understand other committee members' arguments that we need something different than CCA to account for the disparity in umpiring quality we have in NFHS from one umpire to another (including physical limitations)? While I don't always agree...I understand their arguments and rationale. While this has certainly not been the case over the years, over the last three years, we've have numerous umpires on the committee...including a former AAA umpire (who worked NL regular season games), another former MiLB umpire, and several college umpires. All of whom also work FED, too...as either umpires or administrators. Several of these committee members with impressive umpiring resumes believe NFHS mechanics should not be CCA mechanics.
  22. lawump

    NFHS changes 2019

    Too many members on the committee are opposed to using the mechanics set forth in the CCA Manual. I am not going to tell you their reasons, as I don't speak for them. But adoption of the CCA will not happen anytime soon.
  23. He's in the running https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/09/21/carlos-gomez-gets-ejected-rips-umpire-in-twitter-rant/
  24. lawump

    A Mitch Kupchak-er

    I assign umpires for games in weekend youth travel ball tournaments. I have this one umpire who won't stop doing cup checks. In the first inning, he makes each catcher hit his "mid-section" while he listens to make sure they are wearing a cup. He also does this with any substitute catcher. I first found out about this a few weeks ago. I didn't want to embarrass him (he just moved here from another part of the country...so I was cutting him some slack), so I sent an email to all the umpires stating that we do not do cup checks for a number of reasons...not the least of which is that we play by FED rules and it is the coaches' responsibility to certify that all players are properly and legally equipped. This past weekend, my umpire did it again. Furthermore, I had two coaches come up to the tournament staff and imply that he is a pervert (without using that word...but the implication was unmistakable) and that if he was on their field, they would pull their team off the field. I met him at his car (a/k/a his locker room) and told him that if he does it again he'll have to find another place to umpire. Have any of you ever dealt with this? Am I alone when I think to myself, "WTF????" I mean, this is the crap that'll get an assignor sued, IMHO.