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  1. Actually, we do not permit accidental appeals. We have appeals for missing a base/leaving a base early but only the "unrelaxed action" type (as that term is defined by Jaksa/Roder) where the runner knows he left a base early (for example: R1 only, hit-and-run and a fly ball caught by F9...and R1 is trying to retreat to first base). For a "relaxed action" appeal (where the runner left a base early or missed a base, but he is not trying to return to correct his mistake)...we don't have those appeals in South Carolina. We simply call the runner out at the end of playing action. In the OP, in SC, the runner "acquired" first base when he passed it. We would not have an "out" on the play set forth in the OP.
  2. Obstruction: Rule and Mechanics Question

    @HeyBlueLA: I am just posting to second what Maven said. Your "consensus" is confusing OBR with FED rules.
  3. Brady

    TB12 said, "who do you root for each week?" I said, "the refs, of course." He said, "you get to take the friggin' picture."
  4. There's the root of the problem (#2). MLB refuses to admit that they have added more and more time between innings to accommodate their "broadcast partners" who want to air more and more ads. MLB is chasing after the money. I've said it before and I'll say it again, MLB is willing to blame everyone (umpires) and everything (mound visits, etc.) for the increased length of games, EXCEPT the #1 cause: the explosion in time between innings to allow for more commercials, so that they can get paid more for "rights fees", which is a direct result of the owners' desire for more and more money.
  5. As stated in the piece on close call sports, this is all about the owners reducing their costs: the amount they pay stadium workers (who are paid hourly) and the amount they pay in utilities. Over an 81 game season x 30 teams, they feel the savings will be significant. I have no idea if this is true or not...but that appears to be their reasoning. In other words, Billionaires trying to penny-pinch by reducing the amount they pay their workers...even though baseball is currently experiencing all-time record revenues and profits (no matter how you measure those two indexes.) The days of owners owning teams as a hobby to be enjoyed (and to serve as an escape for the owner from the "business world"), rather than owning a baseball team to be run as a business existing to create revenue and profit, are long, long gone.
  6. NFHS Intentional Walk

    At the high school level, when a catcher (who is the only player allowed to make a request for an IBB) asks to "put him on," I always glance over to the head coach and confirm with the head coach. I do it as a courtesy. You are certainly NOT required to do so if F2 makes the request, but I do it because at this level F2 is a kid (which means he makes dumb mistakes). So, I always try to confirm with the head coach. If the head coach isn't paying attention, then I say to myself "screw it" and I put the kid on. To me, this is a form of "preventative umpiring".
  7. End of game situation

    I have not gotten involved in this thread (beyond this post) because i have sent a formal request to Indianapolis for a rules interpretation on the case play in OP...since it has apparently blown up Facebook, and I have received about 10 emails on this one play from around the country, including from my own South Carolina umpires. I'll post the official response when I receive it.
  8. LLWS 2018

    Congratulations! @maineump Now, to quote every booking secretary in history, "Don't suck!" Just kidding, you'll do great! I can't wait to watch you.
  9. Good Call Blue Intro

    I love when I misspell a word. Shame on me. LOL
  10. 2018 POE

    This is how I handle "sportsmanship" at the plate meeting. "Gentlemen, I'm required to mention sportsmanship at the plate meeting. I've just done it. Coach take us around (with the ground rules)."
  11. INDY Cold

    The eastern half of South Carolina is shut down (no school, government offices closed) over 2 inches of snow (with, admittedly, some sleet/freezing rain mixed in, in spots) and temps in the mid 30's.
  12. Safe or Out

    If the only information that the plate umpire can add is, "you kicked the sh!t out of that call; he tagged him two feet from the base," then you are going to have to eat the original call (unless you're working D1 with instant replay). If this is the only issue (whether he was safe or out on the tag), then the crew is going to have to eat the call, or else the rest of the game will be spent listening, after every play, to pleas from the King Rats to "get help from your partner!" I can guarantee you that every steal/pickoff play the base umpire had the rest of the game would result in howls of "get help! get help!" should the crew have overturned the original call based merely on the plate umpire telling him "the tag clearly beat him."
  13. Double steal

    The NCAA has slowly, but consistently, as a whole moved toward OBR, and away from FED, over the last decade.
  14. Good Call Blue Intro

    I'm still waiting with baited breath...(its 16:13 EST). C'mon, you're holding us in suspense. LOL