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    We just got started. Pitching is around the plate...that's all I care about!!
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    4 p.m. at first base. I don't know anything further, yet.
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    I just worked the dish of Game #1 (10 am 8/16/18). It should be archived on ESPN3.com. Today and tomorrow’s games are on ESPN3.com. Saturday thru Tuesday is on ESPN U.
  5. lawump

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    I have no doubt. But, its a LL thing that U2 does not have any OF responsibility in a 6-man when he is on the outside.
  6. https://www.bgdailynews.com/sports/community/local-umpire-selected-to-officiate-in-little-league-world-series/article_3030c6cb-2278-54a1-af1a-dfd1a97bf951.html http://www.wboc.com/story/38875843/kent-county-umpire-to-call-games-in-little-league-world-series http://www.wbko.com/video?vid=490781291
  7. After two high profile ejections, he resigns. No indication if the ejections had anything to do with the resignation. https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiEKNB90AseVKbjn4tKqHxhw8qGQgEKhAIACoHCAowk_DwCjD94LsCMPm6ygM?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen
  8. lawump

    U1 in 3 Man

    Even then, it gets messed up. I was U3 in a Division 1 mid-week game last year. My two partners just came off an SEC series where all three games were broadcast on regional or national TV. Walking out of the locker room, I just said, "I'll try not to F*ck it up!" Second inning, I'm in Deep B with an R1 only. Ball hit deep to LCF. F7 and F8 are on a sprint toward the wall. I pause, read, and react and then go out. And I yelled that I was going out. (And I have a very, very loud voice.) Anyways, it turns into a home run. But, when I turned around, my U1 is rotating home, and my plate guy is rotating up to third. Neither one had glanced at me. If that ball had been off the wall, we could have had a sh!thouse. My two partners probably work 60 3 or 4-man games a year (at least), and almost no 2-man. One of them has gone to Regionals. And, even they screwed it up!
  9. lawump

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    There's nothing like seeing a second base umpire run from shallow centerfield to the second base cutout with his back to an F8 who is on a dead sprint toward the outfield wall (or making a diving catch attempt coming straight in). I'm not criticizing. Clearly it is their mechanic since I see it year after year after year...It is just so unusual to see because no other entity (that I'm aware of) uses mechanics where this occurs. And to me, the optics are horrible when the only umpire in the picture on mom and dad's TV has his back to the play (again, not the umpire's fault...its a problem with the mechanics).
  10. lawump

    Is the play dead?

    Guess you learned a lesson about arguing. That lesson being: let your head coach/manager do the arguing. If you want to go back to the base, stand there and wait for the result of the argument...that's fine, but let your coach do the arguing. Word to the wise (coming from someone who has umpired everything from LL to MiLB): almost nothing good comes to a player when he argues.
  11. http://www.recordonline.com/sports/20180811/mamakatings-hughes-to-umpire-at-little-league-world-series
  12. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/baseball/ct-spt-mlb-umpires-explaining-calls-20180811-story.html
  13. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2018/08/10/baseball/japanese-baseball/npb-warns-umpires-lost-track-count/
  14. https://www.kgw.com/article/sports/first-openly-gay-mlb-umpire-who-calls-portland-home-talks-about-retirement/283-582260367