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  1. LLWS 2018

    Congratulations! @maineump Now, to quote every booking secretary in history, "Don't suck!" Just kidding, you'll do great! I can't wait to watch you.
  2. Good Call Blue Intro

    I love when I misspell a word. Shame on me. LOL
  3. 2018 POE

    This is how I handle "sportsmanship" at the plate meeting. "Gentlemen, I'm required to mention sportsmanship at the plate meeting. I've just done it. Coach take us around (with the ground rules)."
  4. INDY Cold

    The eastern half of South Carolina is shut down (no school, government offices closed) over 2 inches of snow (with, admittedly, some sleet/freezing rain mixed in, in spots) and temps in the mid 30's.
  5. Safe or Out

    If the only information that the plate umpire can add is, "you kicked the sh!t out of that call; he tagged him two feet from the base," then you are going to have to eat the original call (unless you're working D1 with instant replay). If this is the only issue (whether he was safe or out on the tag), then the crew is going to have to eat the call, or else the rest of the game will be spent listening, after every play, to pleas from the King Rats to "get help from your partner!" I can guarantee you that every steal/pickoff play the base umpire had the rest of the game would result in howls of "get help! get help!" should the crew have overturned the original call based merely on the plate umpire telling him "the tag clearly beat him."
  6. Double steal

    The NCAA has slowly, but consistently, as a whole moved toward OBR, and away from FED, over the last decade.
  7. Good Call Blue Intro

    I'm still waiting with baited breath...(its 16:13 EST). C'mon, you're holding us in suspense. LOL
  8. Double steal

    @Richvee, how could you possibly not know that this is the FED ruling/interpretation??? Shame on you. I mean there is absolutely NOOOOOOO way a shmuck on the NFHS rules committee would have gotten this wrong! Impossible I tell ya! LOL. (Glad I wasn't the first one to respond to the OP. Phew, I missed looking like an idiot by thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.)
  9. Celebrating 10 Years

    That is where I started my internet umpiring career. LOL. I remember them well.
  10. Celebrating 10 Years

    You "original 32" can bite my a$$. Seriously, congrats Warren! Quite an accomplishment considering the number of umpire and officiating message boards that have come and gone over the years.
  11. Blizzard Warnings

    I expect photographs of the blizzard to be uploaded to the photography section!
  12. Safe or Out

    Why, oh why, did I let myself get drawn into the Facebook discussion? Why do I consistently make such bad decisions? I need to reevaluate my life.
  13. Site Upgrade

    I'm good to go now.
  14. Safe or Out

    That's what my entire family thinks. But, for some reason, they all call me the moment any crazy play happens in a Red Sox game. LOL
  15. Safe or Out

    First, I would really like to know where this ball was hit (where the throw was coming from). I don't think (but I'm not positive) that he got in to a proper 90-degree angle. I believe (without seeing the video) that if it was hit to F4 he went too far into fair territory, and if it was hit to F5 or F6, he didn't go far enough. But, again, I'm speculating. With that said... ...I agree 100% with your post. In a two-man, you have to come in toward the infield grass when the overthrow occurs because you may have to take the B/R into second base. The only time the BU (in a 2-man) doesn't have the B/R into second on an overthrow (with no runners on base) is when he has "pressure" and has to take the play at first in foul territory. There was no "pressure" on this play, so the plate umpire takes the overthrow and the base umpire has the B/R into second base. Hence, my first paragraph in this post...I don't think he did himself any favors with where he came set to see the play at first base. MiLB is teaching (1) get the proper 90-degree angle OR go a step BEYOND the 90-degree angle to come set for the play at first and then (2) when you read a bad throw with a possible swipe tag/pulled foot, to adjust your position (to see the swipe tag/pull foot) by moving toward the home plate side of first base. All of this puts the base umpire in better position to get on the track and take the B/R to second base. Obviously, this base umpire pitched a tent and did not adjust to the play as the play was developing. In a 3 or 4 man crew...if he had just take about six steps into foul territory (so that he was about 3-4 feet beyond the foul line into foul territory) he would have been set up perfectly in the wedge. With no responsibilities at second base, this is the way to go, IMHO. I mean, I'm getting goose bumps watching this video because I know how awesome he would have looked had he just moved to this spot...It would have been a beautiful wedge call on the bases.