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  1. Steve Palermo

    When I was a kid (I started umpiring 8-9 year old games when I was 13), and some adult would ask me, "What do you want to be when you grow up," and I responded with, "a major league umpire,"...the response from the adult was always, "what? do you think you're the next Palermo????" That's not an exaggeration. I'd be retired today if I had received a dollar every time someone had said that to me during my childhood. LOL
  2. Steve Palermo

    From my hometown newspaper this morning: http://www.telegram.com/news/20180605/palermo-drive-is-dedicated-to-oxford-hometown-hero-beloved-major-league-umpire
  3. High School Playoffs

    FYI, I will be the lead instructor at the high school portion (focused on 2-man mechanics) of the Metrolina Umpire Camp this October in Charlotte, NC...if anyone is interest. I'll post the link to the website soon.
  4. High School Playoffs

    I'm on my way to Indianapolis to write the NFHS rulebook (as one of 11 members of the national rule committee).
  5. High School Playoffs

    The new(er) assistant commissioner in charge for baseball is far more active in selecting state championship umpires than his predecessors. Which is a good thing...takes politics out of it. Yes, my series had two teams from my area. All four umpires WERE picked by the SCHSL and the SCHSL wanted the same four for the series...that's a fact. As for series played by two teams not from Columbia...but with the third game played in the Columbia area because it's a neutral site (usually equi-distant between the schools)...we are often, but not always selected to work that game. However, in my opinion a lot of that is because of the quality of our umpires, not just our location. We do an incredible amount of training. For example, a guy who first learned how to umpire in our association 20+ years ago is going to Omaha this year. That's a big problem we have...we train guys and then the college associations call us looking for new umpires and we end up losing them. Happens every year. We've been a major pipeline to college associations. Heck, we took a guy who joined us six years ago having worked nothing more than Little League. This year he worked 40 NCAA Division I games, a plate job for an NCAA conference tournament semifinal, and was nominated for his first regional. Of course, I'm not suggesting that we're solely responsible for their successes...they obviously have tremendous GOD given ability and desire to succeed. I'm also not implying that we're the only association with good umpires in South Carolina, but I'm also not apologizing for our association's success, either. I've (and others) put my blood and sweat into this association for the last 12 years. We've produced a ridiculous amount of training opportunities for our members. For every hour I spend umpiring, I spend three doing off-the-field stuff...such as training, writing rules or mechanics quizzes for our website, planning and running our weekend camp, writing our 300+ page umpire manual, etc. When I have a guy come up and say that he never had these resources available to him in his prior association...wherever that may have been...and that he can't ever imagine working any where else again (and this does happen)...we'll, that's the reason I still umpire.
  6. Coach asked to be ejected

    Yes, in an American Legion Regional championship game. Team was losing pretty bad after three innings (7-0 as I recall). Head coach came out after the third out of the third inning and said "I need to get ejected to fire up my team. You can eject me now, or I can go into the dugout and put on a show in a few minutes." I said, "we can do it now, but I can't just eject you because you say you want to be ejected. You have to give me something to put in my report." He said, "okay...(pause)...you're a terrible umpire. You're brutal." I said, "that'll do it," and ejected him. He said, "thanks," and then stepped back and put on a show to fire up the crowd (he was the host team) and his team. I had to bite my tongue to not smile or laugh. It didn't work. His team got clocked.
  7. Sticky situation

  8. Women in the profession

    More along the lines of Sororicide.
  9. Women in the profession

    All I will say is if women can officiate in the NBA and NFL, being a woman cannot in any way, shape or form prevent one from obtaining the skills necessary to be a highly competent MLB umpire. Two leagues have actively sought to develop and hire women, one has done the complete opposite. Based on my experiences in the 1990's and early 2000's, the working conditions for a woman professional umpire were horrible...and I'm not just talking about the way the leagues/league administrators treated them.
  10. High School Playoffs

  11. NFHS Pitching Stance

    I called 11 hybrid violations this year. 10 were with no runners, one balked in a runner. And I don't nitpick. All of them were blatant. In fact, I didn't even have any arguments. In half, the coach said nothing. In the other half, the coach either just asked for an explanation OR he yelled at his pitcher.
  12. Regional Game

    That's often the best part! Especially, when you do it while bonding with your fellow umpires.
  13. High School Playoffs

    We just had a guy move down here from the tri-state area (CT) in January. He has a lot of ability (had worked small college in NE). Just to prove that we don't care about association politics: he is an excellent umpire so we threw him right in to a full varsity schedule (and not sh!tty games, either). Anyways, he keeps posting on Facebook, "every school has an incredible field. And the baseball talent is off the charts." I'm telling you, we're where it is at. You can work (if you want) good baseball from the last week in January through the first week of December. We have enough baseball that I have one guy who quit his job and umpires for a living. He's not going to get rich, but as he says, he's happy 365 days a year.
  14. High School Playoffs

    LOL. Nothing can be perfect!
  15. High School Playoffs

    South Carolina is the best state in the country to umpire high school baseball. We have unbelievable baseball talent to umpire and a great League that backs its officials. If you're a coach and get ejected you're paying a minimum $300 fine and serving a 2 game suspension. If you're a volunteer coach, you're banned from having any contact with the school's athletic department for one year from the date of ejection. Players get a minimum 2 game suspension. The League often goes beyond the minimum...even for a first ejection. Needless to say, our association has very few ejections in a season. For example, once we had a Coach appeal his ejection. He had been restricted to the dugout when he said, "bear down!" to the umpire as he was leaving the field and heading back to the dugout. He got tossed. (We umps can argue whether that is a good EJ or not...but that's beside the point.). Coach said in his appeal that, that was not enough to warrant an ejection. The League said, "when you are restricted you don't have the right to say another word," enjoy your suspension. (Okay, I made up "enjoy your suspension".) Add to all of that the fact that our local umpire association is committed to putting the best umpires on the field for the "big games", and not those umpires in some clique or with some type of seniority, and you have the best possible situation that an umpire can have in high school baseball. Life is good.