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  1. Just Cancel the Game

    Texas Panhandle a calm day too
  2. Radwaste50

  3. Out or safe

    From video looks like runner goes over the catcher's arm as he reaches to tag runner. Legal in all codes.
  4. Tag up and ball out of play

    Runs scores at least until a proper appeal is made. Timing of play is from touch of the ball not the catch.
  5. Pro School

    Do remember this is a four or five week job interview. Can you handle yourself if they put you on the road with a partner or will you be waking up drunk in the hotel bushes when the sprinklers come on? True tales from pro school
  6. For Sale Two Pair of Smitty Performance Combo Pants https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Pants/S391_Smitty-Performance-Poly-Spandex-Charcoal-Grey-Combo-Umpire-Pants Nice pants wear comfortable Both pants have been hemmed to 32 inches (that why they can't be returned) about a two-inch seam so they can be let out some One worn once the other still tagged and never worn. Waist size 46 and they run true to size waistband has some give but not the stretch tabs $70 with shipping for both
  7. I can't read this (redo)

    https://www.amazon.com/Readers-Spring-American-Reading-Glasses/dp/B00OV6Q4OA/ref=pd_lpo_309_tr_t_3?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=5N141SVKXT42GBHVYHVV&th=1 These fit nicely in a ball bag pocket for when needed My problem is the opposite i can't read cards with glasses on paying extra $$ for bifocals where the bottom has no prescription in it seems silly but i may have to bite the bullet
  8. "Over 60 Physical Signals"

    I thought this topic was going to be on the signals we use as we get older
  9. Reading

    No they cut mine off im in the top right photo
  10. Reading

    Hey that's me on cover of Make the Right Call
  11. Pine tar rears its ugly head, and catches a few umps unaware

    Have had this happen once in recent history. Gave the bat to the offense and told them to clean it up after verifying too much pine tar. DHC asks what about the out? "not an out since George Brett won his appeal". Poor coach looked like it kicked his dog
  12. Guest

    Is it possible to throw a shine ball with polyester pants and a beat up baseball??
  13. Jump/turn to 3B

    Little League has not yet banned the feint to third.