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    2015 Super Regional R1 & F4 make contact

    Guys, I had nearly a carbon copy of this play Friday night with the following exceptions. OBR. Come backer ground ball to F1, deflected slightly to F4,F4, R1, and ball converge in nearly the same place as in the video, but there is NO contact.F4 pulls up,R1 did not change course in running to 2nd base.Ball goes into Right Center field.I ruled no INT or OBS because: There was no contact and,F1 had deflected the ball.Am I correct in ruling nothing? I told F4 that since F1 deflected the ball and you were chasing it, now you are responsible for avoiding R1. if F1 does not touch/deflect the ball, then R1 must avoid F4. Assuming in the video that F4 was going after a deflected ball (same effort, etc.), would you consider him charging in the act of fielding or chasing? If he is in the act of fielding, then I should have ruled INT. If he is chasing then i would have nothing.