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  1. UADirOps

    Cold Weather hoods

    @maineump, gotcha' I was a glassblower in a previous life so we used them and a mask for reaching in and out of 900 degree "cooling" ovens. Thanks for the info.
  2. UADirOps

    Cold Weather hoods

    Out of curiosity what are they constructed from? I'm only familiar with the thin Nomex type, great protection from heat not so much from cold.
  3. UADirOps

    Cold Weather hoods

    You should be able to tuck either into a mock neck. The Manzella is heavier duty, thicker fabric and maybe not as conducive to tucking from a comfort level around your neck. The McDavid is lighter weight, silkier fabric and more form fitted where the Manzella is looser in fit. If you want warmth go with the Manzella, if dealing with milder temps the McDavid should do the trick.
  4. UADirOps

    Reyburn's New Mask

    Should I have posted in Mask Porn?
  5. UADirOps

    Reyburn's New Mask

    I've got one...
  6. UADirOps

    Mask and Base Shoe Recommendations

    @Hoggie Unless you purchase wraparound pads elsewhere on line, a compatible configuration is available from Ump-attire.com as: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/A3009-AL-SV-BK-GY_Wilson-Silver-Dyna-Lite-Aluminum-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-and-Grey https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/A3009-AL-BK-BK-GY_Wilson-Dyna-Lite-Aluminum-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-and-Grey and another soon to be released Wilson exclusive available through us (more on that later). oops: visor is here...https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Featured/New/F3-MSUN_Force3-Sun-Visor-for-Defender-Masks
  7. UADirOps

    Mask and Base Shoe Recommendations

    Will work with Wilson wraparound pads and standard profile frame
  8. UADirOps

    Nice Pants - What are they?

    That is a pair of the limited edition plate pants we provided to MiLB through Custom Officials Wear
  9. UADirOps

    Nice Pants - What are they?

    I can only think of one style of pants that were made like this and they weren't Honig's.
  10. UADirOps

    NEW New Balance Plate Shoe

    Just arrived in our warehouse.
  11. UADirOps

    Team Wendy Pads with Cheaper Mask

    Without giving too much away, or losing my job, be on the look out for a FB post and email in the next few days concerning a new exclusive. Smitty is coming out with a convertible jacket that is nearly identical to the Majestic. We are continuing to add more Force3 products, just added the black frame Defender masks yesterday. Believe it or not Champro is entering the aluminum mask market, waiting on the sample to arrive, tomorrow hopefully. We have teamed up with Razzer to offer his unique wallet to a larger audience. Schutt is working on improvements to the XV that I hope to see a sample of in the next couple weeks and New Balance has a couple things in the works as well concerning plate shoes, not just the new MU460s due in late 2016. Also keep checking back on the site as we continue to make upgrades and improvements. Developers are already working on the suggestion for adding dates to Order History as suggested by Mudisfun and BT_Blue, guess that's one of the things no one thought about during development and staging.
  12. UADirOps

    Team Wendy Pads with Cheaper Mask

    @majordave and Jim are both correct.
  13. UADirOps

    Ump-Attire suggestion

    Year and a half later, and we're still making improvements. That's a very very valid point. Will pass your suggestion along to the developers. Thank you.
  14. UADirOps

    A New Wilson Mask

    Kind of hard to tell from the lighting, but I would guess titanium frame and he put the pads from the WTA3010 catcher's mask on. Frame doesn't look shiny enough to be the silver aluminum. Wilson changed production facilities for the titanium frame last season and I believe the aluminum frames are made in the same facility, hence the similarity in appearance.
  15. UADirOps

    New Balance Plate Shoes Falling Apart

    @conbo61, MU950- MK2 and MW2 for mids, LK2 and LW2 for lows.