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  1. Cricket umpiring scenario

    Usually, it would depend on the kind of match. One-day matches can be all daytime, or day/night, while Tests are usually daytime. (Having said that, the second Ashes Test in Adelaide was a day/night Test.) (You spend six years in Australia, you learn a few things about the game. By no means am I an expert, but I picked up stuff.) For the question: I wouldn't grant the extra time - take tea early. The retired batsman hasn't lost his wicket, and could return, so it's not a situation where you'd be extending play to take the final wicket. (I know - it's LIKE I'm speaking English, but it's like I'm not, too!)
  2. Anyone in San Antonio?

    It isn't official, and it wouldn't happen until after the 2018 high school season, but I'm in a line to be making a position change, and moving to San Antonio. I'm looking forward to it, and in between Zillow sessions, I would like to also maybe start making connections with an association or associations in that area. It's early days, sure - and I don't even know where we're going to live, and are still months away from that, but I just want to get started. While I realize I can always check the Google machine - and I already have done that, thanks very much - I was curious if there was any of the membership in that area, and if so, they would like to provide any feedback about their group or groups. It can be either here in this thread, or PM, however you wish and are most comfortable. My initial question is the TASO chapter thing - are those just for HS/scholastic games only, or are they for different groups? For example, I belong to two different associations here in Virginia. One does just scholastic games, and one Triple Crown weekend tournament, so is only operating March -June. My main group also does Pony, LL, travel teams, showcase, adult, a little Legion, and some college-age summer ball, and we're going into November. Anyway, thanks for any and all information folks can provide!
  3. Kneeling for National Anthem

    But, then - where are you going to get your facts from, if not "the media?" So you watch a source, you know its biases and adjust appropriately. If you see a person making news actually making their statements on video, at least those aspects of a story are pretty set, with no prism filtering them. This will probably catch me more grief, but what about .......... NPR or PBS as your media source, then? //Runs for cover
  4. Kneeling for National Anthem

    (Emphasis added.) And in response, I can only say "And many have not." (A variation of "nuh-uh.") As you might guess, I'm one of those who does not feel that disrespect to the flag or the military, or even the anthem, was shown. Does everyone bow their heads if/when a prayer is offered? Nope, because I know I don't. Does that mean I'm showing disrespect to that person's prayer? Nope. (If I were to raise a ruckus of some sort, different story.) Which is sort of the point I was trying to make about the enforceability of the Code you have quoted. It's a VERY subjective matter, and opinions vary widely, even more so than other parts of the criminal code. So how are you going to enforce disrespect, when, like obscenity, there's not a universal opinion on it? As guidelines for handling the flag go, the Flag Code is fine; as law, it doesn't make for great law. As to the actual point of this - the kneel itself - I'll just tell you the exchange between my wife and myself just the other day, lest anyone think there are universally held feelings on this. [CNN is on. Discussion about Pres v NFL, claims of disrespect, etc.] Me: "So..... what do YOU think of this protest thing, as a retiree?" Her: [no kidding, tears come to her eyes] "Well, isn't that the reason I spent 21 years, so people would have the right to do that? That's the point!" As to NFL salaries: yes, my bad. I barely watch any length of The Shield on TV, and don't know game-related stats, never mind salary details. I know not everything is guaranteed in the NFL, and honestly don't pay attention to contract numbers. I know that even minimum salary dogs my paycheck in a big way, so it's a matter of scale after that. So yes, Kaep is set.
  5. Kneeling for National Anthem

    So, there's a set of rules when one can protest what they see as an injustice? Wouldn't a millionaire be in a better spot to protest, if he's set? (And since NFL contracts aren't completely guaranteed, Kaep is probably doing okay, but might not be set for his WHOLE life.)
  6. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Thanks for the credit; does the assumption I'm an idiot come at no extra charge? It is a fact, actually, that Fox News - and most of the rest of the conservative media - has led the charge in turning this from "hey, maybe cops shouldn't shoot unarmed black people in the early 21st century United States" to "we spit on the flag and the military that serve it." And I know it was the former, as the persons who first knelt explicitly said what their protest was about; anyone whose emotional reaction to it turns it to the latter is, well, incorrect. To your Cliff notes: @lawump, being the actual lawyer, can tell you that "should" and "shall" have very different legal meanings. Should is a recommendation word; shall makes something "required." So this isn't a legally enforceable set of instructions, bluntly. And any attempt to enforce something like this - aside from making us look like Berlin in about 1936 - wouldn't survive the legal challenge, in my opinion. Not least of which because of all the regularly occurring violations already mentioned. More to my point: my question wasn't "what's the legal aspects of this?" It was "HOW is this disrespectful." No one answers this. And that makes it a FURTHER challenge to be enforceable, since that Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 8 part says "No disrespect should be shown" - without a definition of what "disrespectful" is. There has to be something to violate. So. Tell me how it's disrespectful. [To me, any a LOT of other people, quietly kneeling during the anthem isn't showing disrespect to either the anthem or the flag. Raising hell, or trying to play another song over it, or something like, would go a lot farther towards a definition of disrespect.] (And since it seems that people often have to show their "bonafides" on this subject, I'm a 32+ year federal employee, 29 with the DoD, married to a 21-year USAF retiree. I have skin in the game. But I'm a HUGE fan of the Bill of Rights, and always a little suspicious of both overly pious behaviour AND over-the-top patriotism. Don't get me started on that Lee Greenwood song.) And @lawump - no charge for the "Perpetual Outrage Machine"
  7. Kneeling for National Anthem

    This seems demonstrably false. I give you the following: I'm sure there are other examples, but to me, this doesn't sound a lot like a "celebration." I asked this elsewhere, but I'll throw it out here: other than the Perpetual Outrage Machine that is Fox News, can someone tell me how the taking of a knee in that situation disrespects the flag? And more importantly, how it disrespects the military? The best argument for that I've heard is essentially "well, it just does!" I think people are conflating what the protest is actually addressing, versus what they're TELLING themselves it's about. Either that, or they're getting emotionally wrapped around the axle. Kaep protested the treatment of black Americans; this past weekend was not only that, but a attempt to remind DJT that he's not a dictator, and the Constitution is still in effect. And, for him to stop being such a damn bully.
  8. Time Play Mechanic

    I'm sorry. What is this pre... pre... press .... box? of which you speak?
  9. For a few minutes, I was the proud owner of a game-worn MiLB manager's cap. It doesn't end with the same amount of glory, but still something I didn't expect. Toledo Mudhens @ your Norfolk Tides, this past Saturday. About the 7th inning. A high strike is called on Chris Johnson (who may or may not be manager Ron Johnson's son - I've seen references to something about it, but am frankly too lazy to look right now.) for strike three. And while I understand the brotherhood in blue/powder/black - it was a brutally terrible call. Highest strike call of the night. C. Johnson objects verbally. C. Johnson gestures across the plate with his bat, holding it exaggeratedly high (this was the point where I send to my friend with me "He's done. Matter of time."). Another couple arm motions. Whoosh. R. Johnson heads out - too late, in my opinion - and decides he's also gonna get his money's worth. Whoosh. As he leaves, R. Johnson angrily throws his hat into the seats behind the 1B dugout, where it lands about two rows in front of Your Intrepid Correspondent. No kids around, no one else is moving, I go after the hat. It's got "Johnson 4" on the inside. And it fits like a glove. (Yes, I put someone else's hat on my head. I'm sure my cooties immunizations from elementary school are still working.) Few minutes later, a Tides employee comes down and asks me if I'll give the hat back, and they'll trade me a fitted, autographed Tides cap. (Autographed by R. Johnson, of course.) I realize at that moment that's his schtick, throwing the hat into the stands. But I'm also not going to be a douche about it, so I say sure. "It's the same size as that hat" was a selling point. It was not the same size. Someone must have seen me try it on, because the dude came back with a hat stretcher, to try and make it fit. I guess maybe kids normally get the hat, or something. He tried two sessions of stretching; after the second, I had decided I was going to say it was fine, regardless. I tried it again during the fireworks after the 12th inning (!) win by the Tides; the over-under on the excruciating headache is about three minutes, by my estimation. So I don't have The Actual Hat, but I got a signed fitted cap (that my wife and I might be able to stretch at some point), and a story to tell.
  10. Hands part of the bat Myth

    And that's where the .... reviling? revile-ation? revile-arama? .... okay, the point at which I revile a coach. (English is hard.) They don't listen - yes, that's a blanket statement, one I expect Rich to address in 5... 4... 3.... - but I really don't mean they never listen. But in the specific kind of circumstances to which we refer in some of these posts, they don't, and aren't, listening. You've made the call; they've chirped about it and/or come out; you've explained it; they've then told you you're wrong, or full of [redacted], or whatever. What they tend NOT to do - again, in these situations - is understand knowing the rules is "not their job," and let us do our jobs. Accept that we're right (with the exception VolUmp has mentioned), or at least accept that the call we've made, barring a protest procedure that allows to protest on the spot, is the call that's going to stand, and bloody well move on. Thing is, for the philosophy you mention: "coaches coach, umpires ump" - I don't buy in 100%. Coaches DO coach, but coaching isn't just looking good in baseball pants and spitting seeds, it's teaching. Not just the skill sets, but the rules of the game in which those skills are used. Otherwise, you get generations of players that don't know jack about the rules of the game in which they play, and crap that like propagates. So that's why I might "revile" coaches; they're generally given rulebooks at the state of the season, too - maybe crack it open once in a while. Teach the game.
  11. 2018 Games

    So, on the Southside of the James River in Virginia: $75 JV; $85 V. No solo games.
  12. Hands part of the bat Myth

    Yep. And we should. To get around the moral dilemma you present, it's simple: you ALSO revile the roughly 65 dudes in your group who don't seem to know it, either.
  13. Deragatory Facebook Message

    I gotta run with a response similar to @MadMax. You HAVE to contact the TD and report this team. Personally I don't know that it does much good - since most, if not all, TDs are in it for the team fees, there won't be much done. But I'm a cynic. The other thing I would also suggest: light that TD up. Why? More than likely, he's the one that gave you up to the team in the first place. I mean, maybe you're well known enough that he didn't. But if you even suspect he's the source, blast him early and often. Remind him there are plenty of unreasonable people in this world who take relatively meaningless events FAR too seriously.
  14. Do you let these go?

    The context is "this person just did something really dumb, and needs a course correction." And yes, it's automatic. (And yes, the first one was certainly outside. But at that age, you're getting what you get. "They give you that metal thing for a reason, son.")
  15. Captcha

    Happening at home - I'm blocked at work. It happens to me when I move around - not this login so far, but nearly every time I changed a page. Kept claiming that suspicious activity was happening from my IP. Might be, but not from me.