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  1. HokieUmp

    Spin move question

    Surprisingly, I had a JV kid make that move to first several times on Friday. Please note: Yes, it WAS awkward-looking. Almost made MY legs hurt watching him. It might be why the dude is JV. Much LESS surprisingly, it failed to get a runner. It failed to even make it close.
  2. HokieUmp

    Some Sort of Record..

    Wait - most of us don't really know what each other looks like. You're kinda making an assumption here, saying he's a babe straightaway..... (No offense, @udbrky, but geez that's kind of a stretch.....)
  3. HokieUmp

    Could you sell this ?

    Could not sell it, but that's because of the "be sarcastic less" part. You'll take my sarcasm when you pry it from my cold, dead ...... er .... brain.
  4. HokieUmp

    NFHS - Hit by Pitch or ???

    "In Soviet Russia, YOU hit BALL!" No? Anyone? Nothing?
  5. HokieUmp

    Ejecting Fans

    I don't want to downplay what you're saying, but I guess it's going to be HTBT for "being verbally abused." Depending on the criteria, I've been "verbally abused" at pretty much every game I've worked on the stick, and at least a third of the times I've been the base guy. I'm not saying it doesn't irritate me. And I often "reply" - in my head - just to let off any pressures that might make it "get to me." But I expect things to get said, and am not going to snowflake it out there. Honestly, the OP that started this discussion did not convince me removal was even CLOSE to appropriate. I mean, the airhorn example somewhere in the thread is one thing. If someone is abusing a player with specific hateful speech, is another. But I DO think we have to be careful before going after "unruly" fans. Don't go listening and looking for trouble, because it'll find you for sure, then.
  6. HokieUmp

    Ejecting Fans

    I'm sorry, but I'm reading this, and have to ask: Is this really A Thing for most of you guys? Meaning: the way people are wording their posts and replies, it sounds like there's a LOT of times this is happening for people. Maybe I've been in a docile part of the world for most of my career, and my eyes are about to get opened here in The Great State of Texas, but I just don't see an issue with fans like this. (I'd love to say it's my incredible umpiring and awesome people skills, but *I'm* throwing the bullSH*# flag on THAT one.) I mean, we finally started playing "district games" here - tournaments are very popular for the first couple weeks - and there was a loud cry from The Idiot Cage when I got a low strike on the visitors. It may have been justified, and it was surprisingly loud and indignant, but it didn't turn much uglier than that. (I'm still adjusting to have people come AND seeing them get charged a ticket price - this is a Strange New World for me.) Karma being what it is, I'm sure 2019 will be a hellscape for me, now, but I'm just not seeing where this is much more than a philosophical discussion.
  7. HokieUmp

    Mic'd up

    Along @yawetag's line of thought: my main concern would be, if I didn't get AT LEAST five f-bombs dropped, to wonder if I'd had a stroke, or otherwise was presenting with a neurological condition that was slowing me down. ......I swear a lot, is what I'm saying. ..... A LOT.
  8. HokieUmp


    See, I'd agree with that, except for the eggs themselves. Don't like 'em. They're okay as part of a recipe, but I STRONGLY dislike eating them otherwise. And I must have passed some magical line in the US on my way here, where 'chicken biscuits' turns into 'chicken 'n waffles.'
  9. HokieUmp


    I feel stupid even asking about this, so I don't think snarky comments are going to bother me.... So I've moved to Texas, and have more or less recovered from chemo - or at least I've convinced myself I'm ready to hit a field. Joined two groups here in San Antonio, and have three scrimmages on Arbiter next week. Thing is, I might have to re-learn signals. I was at a "new guy" clinic on the weekend, and found out I'm not signaling rotations like the locals. Back in Ol' Virginny, and really, everywhere else I've been, you'd flash the outs, and both guys would point to 3rd. Sure, BU's not going there, but it's just a signal that someone was on the move there, and if you didn't know by now WHICH of you were doing it .... well, may God have mercy on your soul. Here, I guess the base guy points to 1st, since that's his "focus," if you will. And I get that it's consistent with what I remember of 3-man signals, where you point where you're going. But now it's making me think - what the hell else do I do differently than here, that will confuse or disrupt the smoothness of my game? The clinic did not offer other chances to see much else, signal-wise, that I could notice. But I was told that they use the CCA signals. Has that already been posted here before? Or could someone shoot me a URL, or the GIFs/JPEGs, or something? I do not have CCA manuals of my own, being just a HS guy. Thanks, fellas.
  10. HokieUmp

    Bunt to Chop Swing

  11. Hey fellas. Who's got two thumbs, hair growing back, and isn't dead yet? THIS guy! I've been back on and off, as you might have seen over the summer, with my usual smart-ass commentary, as opposed to actually contributing. But my last chemo was on 14 September, and I was told I'm in remission. I talked to a stem-cell transplant specialist, and he felt with my flavour of lymphoma - a pretty rare one - there wasn't the volume of data that said a transplant was worth going through at this point. It's still something in the toolbox for later, and maybe I'll never need his services. Time will tell. Not sure if I'm in for the 2019 season. While I'm doing a decent amount of walking with my dog, I'm not sure that I could do a 2+ hour game, and all the crouching and running and whatnot. I've made contract with a group here, and will go through their training, and then see if it's worth paying all the TASO fees or not. I don't want to push it, but I also feel like if I delay too long, I'll never get back out there. Anyway, hope all are well. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the 'off-season.' Take care!
  12. Maybe so. But there's a certain melodic feel to that sentence, so I will stand by it on those grounds, if nothing else.
  13. Counterpoint: Joe Girardi is a doofus.
  14. Well, if we're being honest, she's not wrong....
  15. HokieUmp

    Late force out call

    Pitch sequence is important, man - as we've been reminded in other threads....