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  1. HokieUmp

    Bunt to Chop Swing

  2. Hey fellas. Who's got two thumbs, hair growing back, and isn't dead yet? THIS guy! I've been back on and off, as you might have seen over the summer, with my usual smart-ass commentary, as opposed to actually contributing. But my last chemo was on 14 September, and I was told I'm in remission. I talked to a stem-cell transplant specialist, and he felt with my flavour of lymphoma - a pretty rare one - there wasn't the volume of data that said a transplant was worth going through at this point. It's still something in the toolbox for later, and maybe I'll never need his services. Time will tell. Not sure if I'm in for the 2019 season. While I'm doing a decent amount of walking with my dog, I'm not sure that I could do a 2+ hour game, and all the crouching and running and whatnot. I've made contract with a group here, and will go through their training, and then see if it's worth paying all the TASO fees or not. I don't want to push it, but I also feel like if I delay too long, I'll never get back out there. Anyway, hope all are well. Merry Christmas, and enjoy the rest of the 'off-season.' Take care!
  3. Maybe so. But there's a certain melodic feel to that sentence, so I will stand by it on those grounds, if nothing else.
  4. Counterpoint: Joe Girardi is a doofus.
  5. Well, if we're being honest, she's not wrong....
  6. HokieUmp

    Late force out call

    Pitch sequence is important, man - as we've been reminded in other threads....
  7. HokieUmp

    Overrunning 1st base

    I know I'm a little late to this one, but since I'm not working this year, I don't read the site as often. Coach: Sorry that it went against you and/or your son, but it IS the rule. If you don't WANT to know the rule, don't come on a serious umpire board and ask the question. If you're gonna get defensive and "yeah but" the reply, you're wasting your AND our time. And if you want to throw passive-agressive insults, I'm your huckleberry: Glad U12 coaches can go home pumping their chests, thinking they're the next Buck $%#%^# Showalter. And I've seen enough U12 and/or tournament games to KNOW what I'm saying.
  8. HokieUmp

    Batter's Box

    Coach: Is that batter in the box? Me: Yes. [scene]
  9. HokieUmp


    I am who I am. And I always carry a pen.
  10. HokieUmp


    I thought that was the ONLY rule. Or at least rule 0.
  11. HokieUmp

    My turn now?

    Just one last update. I'm not trying to turn this part of the Forum into a "ribbon site" - I don't know what colour ribbon is used for lymphoma - but I thought I would do one more. Didn't get those games last week, since it just rained like hell in Virginia for about 8-10 days. Sunday itself was SPECTACULAR, but the fields were evidently swamped. We were cancelled the day before, it had gotten so bad. The real reason for the post is that I had my first session of chemo today. Lucky me - the recipe they use for my particular version has four different chemicals given by IV, and although two of them take maybe 15 minutes to do, the other two take something like four hours combined. And the first hour or two is the prepping, and a bunch of other chemicals - all aimed at mitigating the effects. (I think I got twice as many non-chemo meds as the chemo meds.) At the risk of messing with the luck - like the conference trophy in hockey (GO CAPS!) - I'm feeling pretty good. No barfing. And because it's still early in the process, I still have my hair!!! For now. Anyway, last update. If you care, or are curious about the process, want a laugh or two, or are just looking to use up your data for the month, I'm writing about it at shaunandthecancer.blogspot.com. Thanks again for the support. (Oh, and since I just Googled it - lymphoma's ribbon colour is lime green. Still trying to get used to that.)
  12. HokieUmp

    My turn now?

    On the upside, I've managed to set myself up for a few more games before The Treatment. I'm still on my house-hunting trip (got a house under contract here AND have managed to get the Williamsburg house under contract as well!). I've already ended up regular association schedule, but it turns out a local in Williamsburg I work for occasionally needed guys on Sunday for some 12U action. Since next week won't start to suck until Monday, I grabbed 'em. Delaying the Reaper by a few more days. (I forgot to mention that, although a sense of humour IS needed to fight disease, mine tends to run towards "gallows." It's not a great match.) Thanks for the well-wishes, fellas.
  13. Feel free to use the following: "Well, good for you, sport. When you're umpiring, you do you. But tonight, you're a coach, so stick to that." if he's the AC, and not the HC, feel free to add: "And if you want to argue a call, either let your head coach do it, or plan on a short night." And then walk away.
  14. HokieUmp

    My turn now?

    So I see that Typhoon is coming back on the field. Well, since the universe as a way of balancing out, I'm off the field for an unknown period of time. To be fair, some of it is a move from Virginia to Texas that's causing it - I'm in the middle of a house-hunting trip to San Antonio, where I'll be for the next three years, roughly. And when I get back from the trip, I've only got about a month left in Virginia, and there's all the disruption caused by that. But the other thing is, I recently received a lymphoma diagnosis. When I get back from house-hunting, I get to have a PET scan, a port surgically installed in my chest, and then my first round of chemo. All in about five days. Yeah, me? My current oncologist has a strangely calming influence, so even despite my move to Texas, he's not all that concerned, so I'm not freaking out or anything. (Other than the potential for losing hair, that is - for some reason, that bothers me the most right now. It's vain, but I am what I am.) According to him, there are six treatments, so we're talking well into the summer, it would appear. So, while I'm personally not a religious guy, I will not turn down well wishes, good thoughts, and any prayers you want to offer. My last games were the day before I got on the plane to San Antonio, so we'll see where it takes me. I'll try to keep up here, but we'll see. Keep working hard, fellas!