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  1. Champion CP cracked first two games

    He will want you to email him, rbumpire37@gmail.com Name Address
  2. Champion CP cracked first two games

    Go with Ray’s harness. I’m 5’11” 200 and the delta flex straps aren’t long enough. I spend the entire game pulling the plastic plate down off my throat. As far as the t-hooks, you just take them off your existing harness and put them on the new harness. Easy-peazy.
  3. Champion CP cracked first two games

    I ordered a cobra and didn’t like the lack of movement in the arms, the double gap protection is a little over engineered, plus it looked just as bulky and cumbersome as a west vest. So instead of hassling with trying to return it, I drilled out the rivets that hold the padding to the caps, and the caps to the protector, then used Chicago screws to attach everything to the champion.
  4. Champion CP cracked first two games

    I had a problem with the shoulder caps shipping cracked. From what I can tell, whatever factory the plates are made in, does not like to sharpen their punches and dies. Ump-attire will make it right. I had to do some mods to mine because the shoulders were too flimsy. I have a champion torso plates/padding and +pos cobra shoulder caps with the champion padding. All in all it feels pretty sturdy.
  5. Douglas Padding

    He’s who I got my Douglas and matching shins from. And the reason why I ordered the cobra 3 weeks ago. You’ll appreciate this. I have decided that this Douglas is going to take some work, I need to add a strap to hold the 15” plate down. I can’t belive they’ve been able the have that hanging down there with no anchoring. And I’m going to scavenge my local re-sale shops for chest protectors I can tear apart and try to make one ultimate chest protector.
  6. Douglas Padding

    I thought about getting a heat gun, instead I used a trick I learned building composit components for the F-18. Took my wife’s hair dryer and covered up all but a small portion of the intake vents. (Think of a radiator the less air that moves through, the warmer it gets) the tricky part is not burning up the hair dryer.(I would have really been in trouble.) This gets the plates hot enough that you can barely touch the heated part, but not so hot as to melt all the glue off the Velcro. Today I have done a little research, and I wish I had the capital and equipment to improve upon the champion. If anyone wants to undertake this I will lend as much skills and knowledge that I have. ( doesn’t equate to much.) Its a shame +pos has such hit or miss customer service lately, the cobra looks pretty legit. And I’m pretty upset I missed the train on the new Adams/Schutt. Maybe this summer.
  7. Douglas Padding

    Nope, after I got the plates warm, I strapped a belt around the top and bottom plate to form them. They rebounded a little bit throughout the night, so i’ll Probably repeat the process again in a week or so.
  8. Douglas Padding

    No, this is the 15”
  9. Douglas Padding

  10. Douglas Padding

    The down side to Douglas, it’s like strapping a sheet of plywood to your chest. You have to heat those massive plates up and hold them in place until they cool. Since I only have two hands, I had to improvise.
  11. Douglas Padding

    @MadMax doing a little late night Douglas forming. Here is Jeff’s reply to the padding question. Joe, As of right now here at Douglas, we have not seen anything that is better than what we have right now. We get calls regarding this foam or that material, on a regular basis. We look into them, and have still not seen anything that is as protective, and cost effective as what we have already. Our Air Management System is all about dispersing the energy of the blow, and having the least about of transfer of that energy to the Umpire/Player. If we go to a thinner cushion, which will make it slightly lighter, you will give up protection. Thinner Cushion= less dispersion of energy, and what remaining energy that is not dispersed, will then be transferred to the Umpire. Hence feel the blow more with the thinner cushion, than if the cushion was at its regular thickness. Overall our shoulder pad technology hasn't changed too much, the styles have changed allot, but our Air Management cushioning system, which has been proven over our 31 seasons in the protection businessm, to work well. Thanks, Jeff
  12. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    I take bake my structural comments on the champion. Took a foul ball off the “gap cap” this afternoon and after the game took the cp off, quick inspection I saw the scuff pictured. No biggie, the big boys scuff like that too. Then when I was wiping everything down I saw it. The shoulder cap has 4 decent sized cracks in it. While I still stand by my purchase, Champion has definite room for improvement. IMO they need denser/more dense (sorry I’m a lowly machinist and neither sounds correct) plastic. The same goes with the padding, along with protecting the wearer the padding should support the plastic when it flexes not allowing it to flex past it’s breaking point. If @JimKirk or @Scott K see this, please pass this on to champion. Even if the different materials DOUBLE the cost of this unit, it is still a bargain considering the costs of the big Ugly and the Douglas. Edit: working on shrinking the photos on my iPhone.
  13. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    I have a P220 aside from my harness not being right on it. (I need to sack up and order a rayflex) it’s a decent enough protector. I know a lot of minor league guys modify them and love them. The breathability of it is the best I’ve worn (never put on any of Schutt’s Offerings) my only complaint about the champion is I wish the padding were a little more dense, almost like the exposed padding around the rib area, and I wish the gap protection was lower profile. But all in all I’m pretty happy with it.
  14. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    @MadMax sending Jim an email now. Will report back.
  15. Who did this!?

    This might be one of the coolest side projects I’ve seen. Kind of want to do this to mine now.