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  1. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    He's wrong because he thinks it's a one-base award. It's always a two-base award for a thrown-ball. (It's a one-base award for a pitched-ball) The only question is if it's two bases from TOP or TOT but, in this case, that didn't matter. R1->3B and R2 scores either way.
  2. If you have MLB.TV, go watch the game (NYM@CIN 5/9) from the beginning through the T-2nd with each of the team's feeds. It is hilarious listening to the commentators trying to figure out what is going on. As always, I don't understand why at least a few of these professionals don't make the effort to learn the rules of the game they broadcast.
  3. OOB Call. ATL@NYM 5/3/18

    I'd be interested on anyone's thoughts on this out-of-baseline call. It starts 0:21 into the video. https://www.mlb.com/video/cg-atlnym-5318/c-2003215783?tid=6479266 R1 was called out for OOB. There was no tag. Can't see how he moved more than 3' before, or during, the tag-attempt. Most of his movement away from his baseline was after the tag-attempt had been abandoned. Does that still count or was there 3' while the tag was still being attempted?
  4. D3K

    First, call it an UNCAUGHT third-strike. It doesn't have to be DROPPED, it only has to be UNCAUGHT. If there are two-outs OR first base is open then the batter-runner is not out on an UNCAUGHT third strike.
  5. Exactly. By rule, a runner in contact with the base is not out when touched by an infield-fly batted ball. 5.09(b)(7).
  6. With what did he interfere? The BR was already out on the IFF. Catching the ball was no longer required to make the out.
  7. Walk with bases loaded

    He didn't "pass" the BR. He was AHEAD of the BR by four bases.
  8. Tag or no tag

    It that were to ever happen, you can argue that the dropped ball is in freefall even while it is moving upward; Free Fall -- the fall of a body such that the only force acting upon it is that of gravity.
  9. Fielder swats ball over fence - home run?

    Okay, so the bounced-ball is no longer "in flight" so it can no longer go over the fence in flight. Is it that simple?
  10. Fielder swats ball over fence - home run?

    I have two questions about the scenario. 1. Is the top of the fence within the field of play or out? 2. Assuming it is "in play", is a batted-ball which hits the top of the fence then deflects back toward a fielder still "in flight"? If the answer to #1 is no, then wouldn't it be a home run? If the answer to #1 is yes, then it would depend on #2. I can't see how the ball can remain "in flight" after hitting the top of the fence, absent some ground rule, since that isn't a fielder or his equipment. If it is no long "in flight" then a home run (award) is no longer possible based on subsequent status of the ball. What am I missing?
  11. CI NYM@ATL 15Sep R1/R3

    Here's the video. https://www.mlb.com/video/swanson-scores-opening-run/c-1833910383?tid=6479266
  12. ejected player

    The ejection is not effective until play relaxes.
  13. CI NYM@ATL 15Sep R1/R3

    Just had a great example of the manager's choice on a Catcher's Interference call in the Met@Braves game (9/15/17) in the bottom-2nd . 1 Out, R1, R3. CI us called, ball is fielded by F5 who makes the 5-3 throw to beat the runner. Umpires enforce the penalty, returning R3 to 3B, BR to 1B, R1 to 2B. Braves manager comes out and elects the result of the play. R3 scores, BR out on the 5-3 ground-out, R1 to 2B. Hopefully the video will be posted.
  14. Larry in TN

  15. Obstruction?

    Of course, it's likely the offense that's arguing for an Interference call while the defense insists that it was Obstruction!