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  1. SJA

    foul ball danger chart

  2. How much does Razzer's custom harnesses or System 7's add . . . HA! :-)
  3. True, I did!. . . I had 2 given to me, but they wouldn't be for sale anyway :-)
  4. Not necessarily. It's a "supply and demand, market bearing" world in many things. What's a WV XL Gold with TW Retro fit (worn 3 times) in MINT condition worth? Or Honig's ORIGINAL PS1 & PS2 Plate & Base Charcoal Gray pants size 44 W , approx. 33 1/3 L with addition hem inside. All Professionally Dry Cleaned and Professionally hemmed? NEW Majestic Convertible Jackets? NEW Wilson wrap around Doe Skin mask pads? It's all subjective :-)
  5. SJA

    Test Question

    A man who blows out another man's candle won't make his own shine any brighter.
  6. SJA

    LLSBWS in Delaware . . . anyone going?

    I attended last years Senior LL SB World Series. It was impressive. The Umps were from all over the world. Very well done for the entire week. FYI. TN had a team there. :-)
  7. Just thought I'd ask. Is anyone planning to go attend the Senior LL SoftBall WS in Roxana Delaware this year? July 30 > Aug 5th. I was there last year and it was pretty interesting! :-)
  8. If the WV can be improved, great. I'm confident Joe will have input! . . . my comment was towards the OP. If he's happy with the WV's, stay with them :-)
  9. Wearing WV's since 1993 . . . nuff said. "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it''. :-)
  10. SJA


  11. SJA

    Anyone found out . . . ?

    Sorry guys, things have been hectic around here last couple of days. Anyway, just now got off the phone with Joe. MLB is having a dispute with Wilson on some issues so MLB has directed that Umps will cover the "W" out on the vests until resolved. Might be some NEW changes in the works also, but can't comment any further at this time. Thanks for your patience! SJA :-)
  12. SJA

    Anyone found out . . . ?

    Was thinking about calling Joe and asking him personally. Not sure if he would be able to make any "comment" on this at this time if there's something to it. I'll wait and see if anything is publicly said or announced before I call him.
  13. SJA

    Anyone found out . . . ?

    No, neither of those apply. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  14. SJA

    Anyone found out . . . ?

    No. Clearly black tape over Joe's vest. Take a close look on yesterday's TB & NYY game.