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  1. https://www.referee.com/bad-sporting-behavior-facts/ :-)
  2. SJA

    Samurai Throat Guard

    @Razzer Ray, you getting any of my emails since last night,? We've been in a power outage since then. ??
  3. SJA

    Umplife Shin Straps . . .

    Unfortunately, mine didn't come with buckles, which surprised me since they are a Razzer product. $34.00 +
  4. SJA

    Umplife Shin Straps . . .

    Thanks! :-)
  5. SJA

    Umplife Shin Straps . . .

    78 views and no info? . . . they must not be good quality then? . . . because you guys are on top of equipment here! :-) SJA
  6. Does anyone have info or pics on attaching Umplife Ultra Flex Shin guard harness? I've sent Razzer msg & email but no response as of yet. TIA
  7. SJA

    What do you think happened here?

    I'll repeat myself . . . I've personally seen this "slick" done in Senior SB. . . Players, and Coaches, are "in tune" to Umps that are "bored" or inattentive during games and will if possible take advantage of "testing" Umps attentiveness. Nothing to lose on a try :-)
  8. SJA

    What do you think happened here?

    1st & 2nd slicked the Ump and HE WASN"T PAYING ATTENTION!!
  9. SJA

    foul ball danger chart

  10. How much does Razzer's custom harnesses or System 7's add . . . HA! :-)
  11. True, I did!. . . I had 2 given to me, but they wouldn't be for sale anyway :-)
  12. Not necessarily. It's a "supply and demand, market bearing" world in many things. What's a WV XL Gold with TW Retro fit (worn 3 times) in MINT condition worth? Or Honig's ORIGINAL PS1 & PS2 Plate & Base Charcoal Gray pants size 44 W , approx. 33 1/3 L with addition hem inside. All Professionally Dry Cleaned and Professionally hemmed? NEW Majestic Convertible Jackets? NEW Wilson wrap around Doe Skin mask pads? It's all subjective :-)
  13. SJA

    Test Question

    A man who blows out another man's candle won't make his own shine any brighter.
  14. SJA

    LLSBWS in Delaware . . . anyone going?

    I attended last years Senior LL SB World Series. It was impressive. The Umps were from all over the world. Very well done for the entire week. FYI. TN had a team there. :-)