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  1. We've got a good crew of Minnesota guys coming for the Advanced clinic. Looking forward to it!
  2. I was PU in this game. I asked @johnnyg08 to help me out and post this play for feedback from this community. Yes, the head coach gave me an earful, but he never crossed the line. I was curious to hear different opinions. Good teaching example at least.
  3. I ordered a size 12 EE from UA which is my normal shoe size. Shoe was too big and had to return for the 11.5 EE shoe. The free return is great. Take advantage of it! I think the biggest improvement of the NB shoe is that interior "sock". Really seems to form to your foot.
  4. Get the new style New Balance. Superior shoe.
  5. I got in wrong first time taking the test. During study session with other umpires it was decided that the pitcher could also feint to 3B, making the answer true.
  6. I'm wearing that thermal jacket out on the bases during that bitter cold though! US Bank Stadium baseball starts Feb 24 this season. Very jealous of you guys in Arizona! Enjoy it!
  7. I won't wear a jacket on the plate. Long sleeved shirt works with a good base layer. 30's, wind and snow...bring it!
  8. Sorry to hear. Best of luck to you. Sounds like you've got the right attitude going forward.
  9. I switched to the v2 this summer. I was concerned with the weight at first. After wearing the v2 for the first time, you become used to it. Took a foul ball off the mask during a D1 inter squad game. I assumed it was a slight glancing blow because I didn't feel anything. However, the catcher kept asking if I was ok. I'm very happy with the upgrade.
  10. Received the Gerry Davis PW's the other day. First impressions...same exact color and feel of the Honig's PW's. After reading reviews, I ordered one size up from my Honig's's PW's. Thank you. 36 in Honig's equals 38 in GD PW. This is exactly what I needed. Very comfortable fit with the expandable waistband. Just turned the pants over to my personal tailor. Mom says she'll have them done in a few days. first games of 2016 start tomorrow. Yes, outdoor baseball in Minnesota, in February! Can't wait!
  11. We've got a pretty good sized group from Minnesota attending the Advanced clinic in Springfield In a couple weeks. Anybody from UE going to attend?
  12. Easy pal. I'm just saying that an umpire shouldn't be walking to his position. Simply jog to your spot.
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