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  1. ricka56

    Almost blinded thanks to sunglasses

    You are asking a player to do something other than what he would normally be doing and that's inviting trouble. If he turns his wrist to show you the ball and it falls out of his glove, then you have created a problem. Did he have secure possession of the ball (catch/no-catch) ? You'd may give the fielder the benefit of the doubt since it was your request to see the ball that initiated the drop, but it is a debate that you unnecessarily created.
  2. ricka56

    What's The Call?

    I cite the words in my signature line when I say that any batter "unaware" to the degree that they could not avoid being struck by their own high pop-up deserves to be called out. Fortunately, there is also rule support for not rewarding the dumb$#!+.
  3. ricka56

    What's The Call?

    78 post on a "Ask the umpire" thread...make that 79. There had to be a train wreck in here somewhere...I had to look. I'm going with what I think would be easiest to sell, an out. Not out takes too much rules gymnastics (over-officating).
  4. ricka56

    Could you sell this ?

    Coach: You make that call when we're getting our asses handed to us like this ? Umpire: Sorry about that coach ? Coach: What ? So you're sorry that you made that call ? Umpire: No no, skip, I'm empathizing. My therapist said that I should empathize more and be sarcastic less.
  5. ricka56


    Today, F2 doesn't like my ball call on a decision pitch and demonstrates his disapproval by shaking both hands (like he's about to throw a tantrum). Before I can say a word, his coach is on him, "Adam, don't do that". Then I tell Adam we can get that strike when he comes up to bat. Late in the game, I notice that Adam is leading off the inning. And I ask him, "so, should I use your KZ or mine" and look at him and wait for a response. "Yours" he says. "Well, we'll see", my reply. I planned on sticking with my KZ, but couldn't resist shaking him up a bit. He ends up walking on 5 pitches, with no decision pitches...lucky bastid.
  6. ricka56

    “45 degree rule”

    1. For a LHP to throw to 1B, he has to turn/cock his left shoulder to make that throw ... and his foot is within the mythical 45 degrees. Some lefties are better than others at delaying their commitment to HP or 1B . But you can tell by his left shoulder if he's throwing to 1B. I don't touch this move. 2. When LHP intends to deliver a pitch at time-of-pitch (TOP), but then decides late to throw to 1B (often instigated by R1 breaking on first movement), F1 may balk. To be able to make that throw (without falling on his arse), his non-pivot foot clearly steps more toward HP than 1B. I hope to be all over those. That's all I can do with my limited umpire skills. And OHC can pound sand when LHP does (1).
  7. ricka56

    Test Question

    So, 235 got the it right....Good call
  8. ricka56

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

  9. ricka56

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    I find it amusing that a left coast umpire had no RLI in real time and this right coast umpire had RLI in real time. Not throwing shade ...just noting amusement. Though I'd have been less amused had the 4-0 Dodgers score held up. ...too soon ?
  10. ricka56

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    The Red Sox came back and made this play a moot point for baseball fans. But if the 4-0 Dodgers score had held up, this play would have become as big as any controversial WS umpire call. Maybe it was Alex Cora's inexperience, but he should have insisted that the crew get together and piece that play back together (like in the old-old days before IR reviews). Joe Madden would have insisted on that. It is a one of the unintended consequences of relying on technology that would have been fun to watch play out. ...though, I would have hated to see the villianization of the PU that would have accompanied it.
  11. ricka56

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    That play wasn't eligible for replay review, but it was eligible for an on-field crew review. They might have been able to piece this play back together and save PU who was as busy as a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest on that batted ball.
  12. ricka56

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    Quality of the throw was questionable...to the right of BR. But I thought the benefit of the doubt should have gone to the defense.
  13. ricka56

    You Make The Call

    The other thing that I didn't like was PU allowing DHC to shop for a call with his partner. If the call was safe/obstruction, I can't see a reason to confer with his partner. That said, it is an uncommon play/call. If he went out to take a second to collect his thought, confirm what he had, then that wouldn't be the worst thing to happen. And the conference and subsequent discussion with DHC didn't take too long.
  14. ricka56

    Replay's finest moment

    "I'm not a fan of replay .... this is it's finest moment."... Ron Darling about Lester's pickoff over-turn on IR What had to be the one of the hardest plays for any umpire. An incredibly close play (within inches in real time) with the tag and the touch 6 feet apart. FAQ ... I hate when that happens. But my question is, what do you do ? https://www.mlb.com/video/lester-picks-off-zimmerman/c-1862600783
  15. ricka56

    The Devil

    I'll leave the Prager U political controversy aside, but I'd like to hear your well-founded rebuttal to this video.
  16. ricka56

    Does this run count?

    No, condescend accordingly.
  17. ricka56

    The Devil

  18. ricka56

    Does this run count?

    For an umpire, nothing. But most know-nothings (Ask the Umpire is a Baseball 101 page for the know-nothings) think that an appeal is when a call is changed after umpires confer. Elaboration. And since this is the page for know-nothings, I will include the definition of the this five syllable word for you. https://www.google.com/search?q=elaboration&oq=elaboration&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.5167j1j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  19. ricka56

    Batters helmet

    Are we really going to tell a HS player to remove that piece of protective equipment ? I wouldn't. And shame on the opposing coach that insists on it's removal. Refer to signature sentence below.
  20. ricka56

    Does this run count?

    True, but this could be mis-interpreted (this is the newbie section). The plate umpire is watching whether R3 touches HP before/after R2 is tagged out at 2B (and by tagged I mean either the runner or the base). It is an appeal (not a force) and a time play. If the throw to 2B beats R3 touching HP, no run scores...vice versa, run scores.
  21. This web site is here to discuss baseball situations. I don't know what game the offense is playing in this situation, but it ain''t baseball. Coaches that teach these tactics prove that caning should be returned to our justice system ... and added to all youth sports rules to discourage such behavior. The question shouldn't be, did the umpire properly call TIME. The question should be who the FAQ thought it was a good idea to allow this coach anywhere near their kids.
  22. I think an umpire could get the crew in trouble if he discarded common sense and went looking for trouble using this rule. Yes, the fielder has to appeal on the proper runner, but common sense should tell an umpire which runner that (unmistakably) is. If the appeal on R2 (at 2B) was to be the third out, do we really need F4/F6 specifying R2 or R1? I wouldn't...the inning is over. I don't need to try to convince everyone in the park that I'm the smartest person on the field. If it wasn't the third out, I'd still see an unmistakable appeal of R2 when F4 stepping on 2B (after caught batted ball). If it really is an appeal on both, then I'd rule on the appeal that was unmistakable (R2) and not rule on a erroneous/not unmistakable appeal on R1. If you need to follow this NCAA rule to the letter, don't let the defense screw up this appeal on some technicality. Save the crew.
  23. No, the runner from 1B is not out yet. An appeal on him not retouching 1B (yes he also needs to retouch 2B) has not happened yet. Either tag R1 or 1B before that runner legally retouches 1B to get him out. No, again, the runner was on 1B at the time of the pitch. He needs to be appealed at 1B (or tagged before retouching 1B). If after F4 rolled the ball to the mound, R1, legally retouched 2B and 1B, then the inning is not over. That runner (R1) if he was VERY smart (or well coached) could retouched 2B, then 1B, then touches 2B, 3B, and HP, and score on that play.
  24. ricka56

    Force Play

    When the DHC comes out, and you say that you safed BR because tie goes to the runner, you (and your partner) are in trouble. It should be either: skip, I had the runner beating the throw, or skip, I had the throw beating the runner. Saying that it was a tie dooms the crew to abuse/ejections.
  25. ricka56

    Catcher kicks base runner diving for the plate

    That was an awesome play F2 made. Legal at HP and any base before and in any rule set. When you have the ball and the runner has not yet touched the base, make him pay for his base running error.