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  1. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    I'd get the one who's play on him was interfered with...think that's rule book true too.
  2. Batter interference?? Who is out??

    Wasn't the count 3-2 ? Swinging pirouette in front of F2 is strike 3. And in Fed, we get the runner too...end of inning.
  3. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    Who's call is it if R3 left early, decides to return to 3B, but the throw beats him back to 3B ?
  4. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    PU has to determine if this was a retouch appeal. This usually isn't instantaneous and U1's safe call will probably occur first. U1 with a "SAFE, NO TAG" would make it clear to all participants what he was ruling on tag/no tag ONLY (not the appeal). If then the defense states that they were appealing the re-touch, then PU rules on that (who might/might not get additional info from U1 about the timeliness of the throw to F5). That's a sticky one. U1 screwed the pooch. I think that this is a HTBT sitch. 1. Does U1 verbally specify that the out was for the retouch appeal ? That would be strange. 2. How did OHC respond ? Does he come talk to PU or BU ? Fortunately, the "get-the-call-right" edict is in agreement with the proper umpire responsibilities. I think that BU/PU have to talk, determine the result of the tag/no-tag and the result of the retouch appeal (and who is responsible for each). If PU is adamant that the retouch appeal did not occur in time, he will have to make the SAFE call and deal with DHC who will be livid.
  5. Now THIS is a plot twist.

    Saw this Portland community service announcement for people new to Portland.
  6. Now THIS is a plot twist.

    Congratuations ... study hard...Enjoy !!!
  7. Best NCAA Football still comes from the SEC...Go Dawgs
  8. Appeal of pulled foot

    You allowed your partner to control your request for additional information. You will have dinosaur partners like this that have a screwed-up notion of how a pulled foot appeal should be handled. You have to be very assertive with these guys. "Answer the question, did you see a pulled foot prior to the gloving of the throw? " Don't finish the conversation until you get the information that you were wanting.
  9. Judge or Altuve ?

    Altuve !!! Best baseball player on the planet.
  10. Judge or Altuve ?

    Who's gonna win the AL MVP ? Best Slugger in the game or Best Baseball Player in the game. MLB announces today 6pm MLB Network.
  11. Homer Simpson HOF

    I have no idea of the Simpson's schedule, I hadn't seen the show in years .The first time I saw it was on Fox network on Friday (10-20)... before Astros/Yankees Game 6 ... that's how I found it. I recorded the rebroadcast on Monday 10-23 on Fox Sports 1. It is still available on my On-Demand system.
  12. Homer Simpson HOF

    Yeah, kind of. It was a Simpson's cartoon (with all the Simpson's characters ... Bart and Lisa are "blamed" for originating the "DARREL" Strawberry chant). But it was narrated (documentary style) with lots of cameos from the MLB world telling the story. An hour long show (episode). Very funny.
  13. Balk Question

    As described, I don't have a balk either, but consider the possibility that the umpire saw something illegal that you didn't.
  14. 2018 POE

    OK Right tone ? Your description of what you mean by ”How ‘bout that?” reeks of sarcasm. I'm not skilled enough in the art of deception to make that response not sound sarcastic. Sarcasm is an escalation trigger. The point being, use whatever response that you need to: 1. not escalate the situation; 2. not give the coach any ammunition to keep the discussion going; 3. end the conversation ASAP; 4. get back to baseball ASAP.
  15. 2018 POE

    Most HS umpires don't understand the risk that they are taking when they don't enforcing this rule. When the umpire crew allows F1 to throw to a base from the hybrid wind-up position, he's going to get crap from the OHC for allowing the pickoff (from the wind-up and illegal stance) or DHC for balking F1 (coach insists that F1 was in a legal "set" position). Either way the crew rules, they are screwed.