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  1. Benidtenei out of baseline

    A runner makes his own path. He is only illegally out of the base path when he deviates more than 3 feet during a tag attempt. A tag attempt can't be made until the fielder has the ball. The previous post shows the runner's position prior to the fielder's ball possession (glove open). The following (IMO) better shows BR's position when F3 has possession and initiates his tag attempt: And the position of BR at the conclusion of the tag attempt. I think that the crew only huddled and changed the call to out without a video review. IMO, if they had a video review, the safe call would have stood. I thought that was a hellova legal tag avoidance.
  2. Jump spin from modified

    Not sure what you mean by a modified position (I know of wind-up and set positions) but if its a legal pitching stance, then a legal jump spin pick off move to second isn't a balk.
  3. Base Award

    Actually the rule is 5.06(b)(4)(G) Two bases when, with no spectators on the playing field, a thrown ball goes into the stands, (formerly pitched or batted is not relevant)... But more interesting is that that comment pertained to a scenario where a throw from the outfield goes out of play. There isn't any TOT exception for a throw from the outfield that I am aware of, but then there is the comment statement, If the batter-runner has not reached first base, the award is two bases at the time the pitch was made for all runners. So there is some TOP award exception, other than first play by an infielder, where the position of BR (in relation to 1B) is relevant/applicable. This I don't remember/understand.
  4. Base Award

    No, I don't think so. That 6.05 comment specifically says that all runners get 2 bases TOP when B is a BR. So in your R1 scenario, R1 only gets 3B (2 bases TOP).
  5. Base Award

    If I had finished the second sentence of the 5.06(a)(4)(G) comment, it might have answered your question. If the batter-runner has not reached first base, the award is two bases at the time the pitch was made for all runners.
  6. Triple Play after baseball hits umpire

    And then PU and U3 share a look that says U1's buying tonight.
  7. Base Award

    Yeah, but only one has taken the risk of opining about where BR ends up. The inexperienced fisherman's gonna need to dig for his bait. 5.06(a)(4)(G) comments The position of the batter-runner at the time the wild throw left the thrower’s hand is the key in deciding the award of bases. If the batter-runner has not reached first base, the award is two bases at the time the pitch. Interesting that there is an exception to the TOP award when F2 throws to DBT trying to retire R3 scoring (nearly the OP), but that exception only applies when B is not a BR.
  8. verbal obstruction ?

    That was a rhetorical (joke) question
  9. verbal obstruction ?

    Don't remember everything said. "two, two" was one think F4 was saying along with miming DP actions. R1 was confused. Stopped, restarted towards 2B on the antics before sprinting/diving back to 1B. If delaying his return because of the antics is deemed obstruction, then I missed it. Also, props to Mr. Blue for the appropriate interp , but the official Hopkins interp and the BRD entry are not consistent. Is one of them trying to deke us ?
  10. verbal obstruction ?

    I had this last night. R1 stealing, less than 2 outs. Batter hits a towering fly ball. F6 will catch it when it returns to earth, but before then F4 starts acting and talking like he has gloved a ground ball and wants to turn two. F6 doesn't go near 2B (he has a fly ball to catch) but fakes towards 2B, talking and trying to add to R1's confusion (who has no idea which way to go). R1 stops, then continues towards 2B (because of F4/F6 antics) before realizing that he needs to return to 1B (which he does without a throw). If R1 was doubled up at 1B, would this be verbal obstruction (award 2B) ? If R1 returned safely to 1B (as was the case), is this still a 2B award ?
  11. Home run, fake throw, passing

    Too late to get assigned as your partner?!? .... drat
  12. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    DHC: Blue, they have too many players swinging bats while my pitcher is warming up. Me: Coach, you have a full plate coaching your team. I suggest that you go tend to them. If worrying about frivolous law suits is a "real" concern, there is insurance available to cover your TWP fears.
  13. Of course this would never happen to me, but I would advise the umpire that let this happen to take both out...and the verbal beating from the OHC.
  14. balk

    A fielder (F1/F3) making a play on a runner (R1) is an exception to the batter staying in the batter's box rule. When the batter is out of the box (as permitted), F1 can not legally deliver a pitch. It is the offense's responsibility (batter) to step out of the box to give R1 time to get up and get ready to be a base runner before re-entering the bb...It is not the umpire's responsibility. That said, this kind of "bush league" tactic is run by douche bag coaches trying to get an advantage over lesser coached players. I doubt that the baseball gods would smite an umpire for over-officiousness in this instance. TIME ... that's not cricket.