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  1. Someone at the Chinese factory wasn’t doing their job. 1.5” ladderlocs / triglides. Usually in black nylon, but you can get them in other colors too.
  2. To attach? No. To secure? Yes, very much so. It is entirely possible someone in the process omitted their inclusion on the one shipped to you. So, you need triglides (ladderlocs). You take the harness off and remove everything from the straps. Then, you slide a triglide onto each strap. Then, you run the two upper straps through their corresponding D-rings on the shoulder arch plates, and loop them back and secure the strap by sliding it into the triglide again. You take the side-release clips and feed the lower straps through them, and loop them back to be secured by the triglides on the lower straps. Adjust as necessary.
  3. Meals is the Crew Chief. If Boone is carrying on, berating the crew to conduct a replay review where none is warranted, or insults the integrity of the crew as a whole, then Meals is well within his duties to dump him.
  4. balk

    No. Provided that first move is towards 2B, and involves something of a direction and distance – the step over the rubber, as you say – the pitcher may throw or even feint (fake) a throw. Because he can otherwise feint, the direction he throws is inconsequential. The recipient of the throw can be at the bag, ten feet from the bag, or the center fielder... again, inconsequential.
  5. Facemask Upgrade

    I endorse @acpar72‘s recommendation – the Honig’s K4 mask addresses exactly what you’re after. It’s large, with oversized ear guards, deep half-sphere profile, a discreet extended crown guard, and a broad squared extended chin guard that makes attachment of nearly any dangling throat guard easy. The other route to consider is a catcher’s mask, most of which have oversized ear guards and deep half-sphere profiles. The Easton Speed Elite might be a good candidate, but it doesn’t have much of a chin guard because the amateur catchers who use it either attach dangling throat guards, or don’t want a chin guard getting in the way when they drop their chin. Another candidate is the All-Star FM25, especially if you get it in the Titanium version.
  6. Fulmer calls out PU

    Know what these pitch charts suck at? Delineating the physical differences for a lineup as varied as Houston wherein Altuve is 5’6” 165, Reddick (who got 2 hits (1 HR), 0 K’s) is 6’2” 195, Gattis (who got 1 hit (HR), 2 K’s) is a whopping 6’4” 270, and then drops back down to Bregman (who got 1 hit but 2 BB’s, 0 K’s) at 6’0” 180. These physical differences matter! What may be a high strike to Gattis is obviously going to be a ball to Bregman or the diminutive Altuve, or vice-versa for low stuff, which is where most “borderline” arguments come from.
  7. Ball 4

    The Umpire should (do no more than) kill it (call Time), place Batter-Runner on 1B (where he would be anyway), and any other Runners stay at their original base (if not forced) or move (if forced). Warn / chastise the On Deck Batter with “Don’t Do That”.
  8. Team Wendy

    As @umpstu points out, you have the lower pad on crooked. The Velcro tabs are not secured around the same sections on the frame, left side versus right side.
  9. It’s a dog biting it’s own tail. The game can, or could, be played – largely without umpires – if coach-parents weren’t so hellbent on competing with each other, or manipulating everything in their children’s lives. It’s a manifestation of our culture over these past, what, 20 years... if I go into any details, I’ll write another of my laboriously huge posts. Point is, if you ever watch kids play wiffle ball or stickball – sans parents – they do just fine.
  10. If the sequence of events is exactly as you describe, then the umpire booted this one. If the Runner is standing on 2B when the ball goes out of play (is Dead), or touches 2B just after the ball goes out of play, then he has satisfied the requirements of touching 2B. Which direction he runs is completely inconsequential, because the ball is Dead. It all hinges on when the ball went out of play in relation to where the Runner is. If, however, the Runner was definitely headed back to 1B when the ball went out of play, then yes, all my colleagues (and the Umpire at the game) have been correct.
  11. That’s a fair request, @Jbpump15. I’m 6’2”, 210-215 (damn fluctuating road weight), and wear a 44 jacket too. I’ll get you some photos of me wearing it with and without an umpire shirt over it.
  12. Coach Assist on a forced runner

    So this would be one of those rare “4th Out” calls? The Rule has it that we (Umpires) call an Out for Assistance, but leave the ball Live (atypical for most HS calls). So, with it being 3rd Out, provided that R3 had crossed the HP prior to the Assistance on R2, that Run would score. If however, the defense figures out the reason for the Assistance was the missed 3B (and that an Umpire saw it, too), the defense can just conduct a verbal Dead-ball appeal (these are Fed Rules, after all) and the Run is taken off the board... right? So how do we convey this to the coach(es) and scorekeeper (in the most concise way possible)?
  13. FS- Black Nike Pads Brand New

    And most want them to put on a possible Icon frame and flip-sell it on eBay as a complete Nike Titanium at $400-$500.
  14. @BretMan, you’re lacking and looking for pieces called “triglides” or “ladderlocs”. I’ve found them at certain Ace Hardwares, most Tractor Supply Company stores, Cabela’s, REI, or any place that makes or sells harnesses, packs, gear bags, etc. You’re going to need a 1.5”. I routinely buy these in 50 or 100 -count packages off eBay or Amazon.
  15. Hoping to make the majors

    We have a @jwclubbie sighting!
  16. 13" AA-37 All American CP and 15-16" shins

    This is how you know the carapace plates were manufactured here in the USA. The US Plastics (in this case, ABS) industry can make thicker, denser products because they don’t have to be packed within a shipping container and transported across an ocean. And back in the 1990’s, the source material was heavier too.
  17. Imitation is a form of flattery I guess...

    You’re backwards. The ULFH “RayFlex” was in use first...
  18. Imitation is a form of flattery I guess...

    First and Foremost of Things to Do – Take a photo of a Single-A or NAIA umpire working with a backdrop of less than 100 fans in the stands, then a photo of a navy-clad High School umpire working in 95°+ heat on a desolate high school field, then a photo of a 12U “local league” umpire working in a drizzling rain, and pin them onto the wall in the office with the caption “Our Target Market”. Get off this perseveration that your gear is elite and only for MLB umpires. Idea 1: Cancel all supply of sofa cushion foam and partner with and promote a modern, memory-foam -based laminate set into a lower profile, segmented pad vest. Idea 2: Take the existing Gold and Platinum carapaces, grab a drillpress, and drill a bunch of holes in those ABS plates to promote ventilation. Idea 3: Take any other CP planform in the office, except the Guardian, and shred them... then burn the shreddings. Idea 4: Scrap all of the shinguards other than the Guardians, and then reshape them to be one guard style available in several sizes/lengths. Idea 5: Call “your boys” at EvoShield and commission (direct) them to design a metatarsal shell that can attach to “most” shoes so those shoes can suffice as Plate shoes for amateur/youth batsports. Idea 6: Before the EvoShield guys leave the meeting, inspire them to create a set of compression shorts for umpires; instead of sliding panels, which are for players, ingrain pads and panels on and around the thighs, especially the inner thighs, which would protect umpires. Oh, and call up Ray B ( @Razzer) and have a talk with him.
  19. Any chance a Compendium of Dispelled Myths can be published? This is one of those myths that appears in NFHS games especially because it can be rationalized (falsely) as Assistance, but it is reactively triggered as sportsmanship and hurt feelings (taunting).
  20. Was this between Home Plate and 3rd Base, or beyond 3rd Base towards the outfield? If beyond 3rd Base, then.... yeah, you screwed up. However, if this was between Home Plate and 3rd Base, then a pop fly landing to bounce on the chalk is neither fair nor foul... until it comes to rest, or is touched. Then we judge fair or foul. Also, where you positioned as a machine-pitch umpire? I’m assuming you’re working Solo, right? If this sort of game puts you behind the machine / mound, then I wouldn’t get too worried about the preciseness of a Fair/Foul call on a pop-fly at that angle. Just retort back to any criticism with, “Hey, just be glad it wasn’t caught, and he gets another swing!” No offense, but this isn’t “lowest stakes”. This should be “no stakes”. I solemnly believe that score shouldn’t even be kept until at least Age 10, and even then, a 5-Run cap per inning is not a bad thing. 12U is where it starts to get “serious”. So did the third baseman (F5) tag him at all? No? Then you can fix it – put the Runner on 3rd Base. If he acquired the base by beating the ball there, then he is safe, and he is allowed to overrun it or go beyond it. The defense needs to tag him if he loses contact with the bag. So, since they didn’t, he would be safe. If it’s that obvious, in 7U/8U “baseball”, then just make it right.
  21. base award on ground rule double

    How is this “dumb” and “local”? Extrapolate this... the machine is a (inorganic) participant on the baseball field, but is not a defensive player. The machine is positioned on the mound/center, obviously in front of the infielders. Hmm... what other baseball participant is positioned (typically) in front of the infielders, such that if a batted ball hits him, the ball is Dead, the BR is awarded 1B, and all other Runners stay, unless advanced by Force? Yup, an Umpire. I’m sure the adult feeding the machine is also subject to the same Rule. The rarity of the feeder getting hit is because he/she can react or move in time (usually) to avoid being hit. Thus, this “dumb local ground rule” isn’t local, and has precedent in the very Rules of baseball. T-ball, machine pitch, coach pitch... all these should be done away with. Let kids below the age of 10 loose in a park or a big backyard, they figure it out just fine. I’ve seen better games of barefoot wiffleball played by a bunch of kids – boys and girls – in the grass, using their shoes as bases, than the U12, U13, and U14 games going on the quad fields on the other side of the fence. Point is, parents wreck baseball for kids. Do the kids really care, or even remember an hour from now, whether or not they scored, or even how?
  22. NFHS changes 2019

    Not relevant in 2-man. Used in 3 man. And it’s not a rotation, per se, as it doesn’t involve the PU. As said it’s called a “Push” or “Slide” (the problem with bellowing “Slide!” is it can be confused with coaches yelling at their baserunners to slide). The IP is U1 in A and U3 in C, so there is typically R1 and R2, or bases loaded. This can also be triggered by R1 only with 2 Outs (putting U3 in B-Deep) and R1 going on the pitch. With a liner to the outfield, PU may elect to stay home, and U1 will see this, and direct U3 to take R1 to 3B. In all cases, the Push is directed by the U1, triggered by the BR rounding 1B and committing to 2B. U1 cuts in from A, thus pushing U3 to 3B while U1 takes BR to 2B. The best way to describe the actual signal is the “Hang Loose” hand gesture, but wagged back and forth between U1 and U3.
  23. First pitch was at 1:20pm and posted air temperature in Wrigley Field was 91º, but I'm sure the on-field temperature was considerably higher. Well, with a game going over 3 and a half hours in that heat, PU Hunter Wendelstedt is showing off a white cooling towel draped over his neck and shoulders while the game is going on! He's also keeping the movements to an absolute minimum. Lineup changes are being handled by one of the BU's (I think it's Guccione). Players are dropping out due to heat fatigue. If there is a note in the MLB Suggestion Box that recommends having the umpires in shaded positions with good sightlines, and referring to Video Replay if/when needed, it probably came from this game.
  24. Recovery

    Get well soon, @ZebraStripes!!!
  25. Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    These guys are toxic, and damaging to an association. Not only do they have a false or askewed umpire-value scale – they rate, review, and evaluate umpires not truly on skills or capabilities, but instead on impression and bias – but they also discourage (scare off) new or potential umpires. Most of their advice (or direction) is based on what they themselves do, and to do/not do what the MLB guys do. What’s missing? What’s absent? The why. So, back on this topic of dealing with heat and the conditions – why is Hunter wearing a towel during a game? Because it’s obscenely hot, and his comfort and safety are paramount. Why is Estabrook wearing a hard hat? Because his comfort and safety are paramount. There are other cues and practices by the MLB guys that should be followed, too... like not checking your mobile phone between innings, and not conducting a 10-minute plate meeting.