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  1. MadMax

    Interference on Baserunner

    Yes. The play is Dead at the point and call of Interference. So, any further activity is generally irrelevant. The calling umpire got the call wrong – either he doesn’t call Interference (which I would concede, Coach @Rich Ives, is the route it should have gone, based on the description), or he calls Interference and kills the play, in which case R1 is out, and BR placed on 1B. Can’t have both on this play as described.
  2. MadMax

    ISO Wilson Ti (Old Design)

    I gave you a sad face because there isn’t an eye roll face. A Wilson Titanium will never rarely be the subject of a PT Barnum – “sucker born every minute” – job.The Wilson DynaLite Titanium planform is not only different from the (Nike) Icon, but it’s different from the other DynaLites in its own family, with its billy-goat, drastically raked chin guard. And, if you can purchase a retail one should your suspicions and doubts be raised on an existing one in a private sale, then it takes the wind out of the shysters’ sails. The Icon gets duped because it’s not available at retail, and its value is arbitrarily and emotionally inflated.
  3. MadMax

    U1 in 3 Man

    Soooo... who had the touches at 2B by R1 and BR? Had it happen a few times this season while I was PU. My U1 was so eager to do rotations, he’d interpret any big fly ball to left as either a home run or a routine hit... but my U3 was so unsure of his reads, he’d go out... slooowwwwlllly. He’d already be out, and U1 would be coming down to visit the plate... ... so who’s got 2B? “No, Lou, who’s on first, what’s on second...”
  4. MadMax

    California Rules Question

    California Rules do not alter the fundamental rules of baseball play – they merely alter the setup and status of an inning and/or the count upon a batter when he takes his turn at bat. So, in your case, you had R3, R2 and 1 out (you may have had bases loaded, but no matter). The play behaves like any other play in baseball – Batter hits long fly ball, caught by centerfielder (F8) for Out #2. R3 tags up and runs home. R2 has not properly or successfully tagged up at 2B yet... This is not a force out; this is a time play / appeal play. If the throw from F8 is caught by the 2Baseman (F4) before R3 touches (as you say, crosses) home plate, that is Out #3, and no runs score. If, however, the play occurs as you describe it, with R3 touching home plate before the throw is caught by F4 in contact with 2B, then the run scores. And if this was the bottom of the extended inning (or the last inning of regulation), and that was the winning run, the game is over. Important, repeated reminder: once a fly ball is caught, there is no longer a “force out”.
  5. MadMax

    3" Authentic Umpire Numbers

    Honig’s does (or did) have the white/black/sky blue numerals for the jackets, they just don’t (or were unable to) make them available through the website because of some exclusive arrangement with MLBU. I bought two of them in person (one potentially for my Majestic convertible, the other potentially for my ThermaBase jacket), but was told that they are for the Big League guys as some “badge of status” (their words). I’m all for looking the part, so I bought them, but I’ve been reticent about using them: 1) don’t have a Large -sized ThermaBase yet (working in Arizona dissuades this), 2) don’t want to put a number on my Convertible when I may have to use it for college or HS ball, and 3) at the time, I didn’t want someone snidely pooh-poohing me “big-timing it”; now, I don’t care anymore.
  6. MadMax

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Michigan (Grosse Pointe) vs. Indiana (New Albany) Regional. Michigan’s 10th run, scored while a batter named Service was at bat, should not have counted. I don’t recall what inning or number of outs, but with the bases loaded, and Service up, he swung at a pitch up and in. The ball was uncaught by the catcher, and deflected off the PU. Service went down in a heap on top of the baseball. Reactively – whether he should have or not – the PU put his hands up in a Time signal. R3 continued to run and cross the plate. Rightly so, New Albany’s coach came out to plead his case – not only was his F2 prevented from retrieving the baseball (because it was under the Batter’s body), but the PU has called Time. Unfortunately, the crew conferenced and still scored the run! It should have been, at the very least, still 9-0, with bases loaded and a strike against the batter (on his swing).
  7. MadMax

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    Damn, that’s a shame. Then, truly, the USA cannot feasibly support a textiles venture of any kind... and that’s a shame.
  8. MadMax

    3" Authentic Umpire Numbers

    I like your venture, and endorse what you’re doing; however, if you’ve spent... then you missed Honig’s. In its role as “official” (unadvertised) MLBU outfitter, Honig’s supplied and stitched on all the numbers for MLB Umpires, on all shirts, jackets, and plate coats. You can’t get any more authentic. I’m welcome to see what you’ve got. I will encourage you to resist the whining, griping requests you probably get ever so often for 4” red numbers – let that arcane practice die in HS navy shirts.
  9. MadMax

    Back Up Mask

    Not necessarily. At this time, we (a few of us) have seen Icons in titanium with Nike branding, while Icons in titanal are in Adidas branding.
  10. Uhm, @Gil... Verlander hasn't been a Tiger for a year now. @Thunderheads can give you the sob (here's the kleenex, Jeff) story.
  11. MadMax

    Gerry Davis Poly Spandex

    If this indeed true (and I would believe Hickman), then that would – unfortunately – explain the bloated price tag. Textiles, even something as simple as shirts, are cost prohibitive to produce in the United States, primarily due to labor regulations, OSHA and EPA fees, and a whole host other financial hinderances. Having these pants produced here in the States makes them a bit more attractive, but certainly won’t be able to purchase them in quantity or frequency.
  12. MadMax

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    ... and while LL hasn’t taken the big, bold step and issued shirts in either the 2016 Panel or the 2010 Stripe, I do commend them on using “Classic” Polo Blue with Black Collar.
  13. MadMax

    Back Up Mask

    @BT_Blue, between Titanium and Titanal, I was not able to actually put them on a scale, or put them both in my hands at the same time. That being said, they didn't feel much different at all, and there are only the most minor of details that distinguish one from the other. We can always distinguish hollow steel from titanium because of the blunt ends of the solid titanium wire versus the clipped-&-crimped (or plugged) ends of the hollow steel tubing. As is consistent with aluminum, the Titanal's bars are solid bars too. However, the "original" Titanium had a planform utilizing 2 different gauges of wire (thickness) and an elongated chin guard with no forward rake. Over time, that morphed to include 3 gauges of titanium wire and a very slight forward rake was introduced. When the Taiwanese shop that "owns" the planform opened up production to satisfy other companies – such as Adidas, Reebok and Mizuno – the quality controls on the welds started to wane. About this time (likely recommended by Adidas, who has access to titanal's Austrian "inventing" company of AMAG), the mask started to appear in Titanal. The Titanal version, like its Titanium sibling, is generally anti-corrosive. Being aluminum-based, it's easier to paint than titanium. And, the welds are not as troublesome as titanium, which generally have to be done with a precision (machine-driven) welder.
  14. MadMax

    Time to go soccer style

    Even that's far too garish for me. If I was to put commercial sponsorship on an umpire shirt, I'd have an insurance company. Healthcare provider, ideally.
  15. MadMax

    U1 in 3 Man

    I'm not saying that this should be taught universally and unilaterally, but it certainly addresses the core ethos of this topic: read the play as it unfolds and react accordingly. Funny. Brent Rice "directed" or instructed us on the 3-man system we're using for Northwoods League and Expedition League, and it's based around a Routine Read. I'm paraphrasing, but the essential message was, "We're not doing the CCA Manual, where you have to go out on everything, and we're not doing the exact MLB 3-man, which is structured to translate to and from MLB 4-man easily." It's worked quite well for us, provided that each umpire is performing their role and aware of what the other two are doing. Where we've actually run into failures has been when one doesn't treat a routine hit / fly-ball as routine, or if one acts as per the way he was taught at PBUC.