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  1. 1st ejection(s) of the season

    Not looking for kudos at all. Just looking to get better. Usually just come hear to read the discussions and see what everyone else is dealing with. Whenever I have something out of the ordinary I look to find the rule to cite and look on here to get other's input.
  2. 1st ejection(s) of the season

    I am comfortable with my EJ and would have the same thing next time. My question is for those who say they may not eject on these. Do you feel this opens the door for the other team to expect a "freebie"? It would be hard to run someone on their team after passing on something like this.
  3. 1st ejection(s) of the season

    He did ask me if I have ever worked with kids. And when I informed him of 20+ years in law enforcement he said "well then you should know." I told him that all I know is when people make poor decisions that there are consequences. Seems to carry over to both lines of work.
  4. 1st ejection(s) of the season

    Bottom 5 close rivalry game. Kid tries to score and throw beats him to the plate. Runner slides wide to avoid tag but misses the plate. Catchers dives back and tags him before he can get back to touch. Called the out and the runner sits up and throws his helmet to the backstop. Ran him and then coach wanted to know why I couldn't understand that his player was just emotional. When I decided not to allow him to stay with us the coach says (loud enough for everyone to hear) "well that's bullSH*#!" And there was number two. Gues that's what I get for taking last minute games.
  5. I think I kicked one. TOP vs TOT

    Where is the rule that states this. I have been talking about it and can't find it. Just want to make sure I can explain it if it happens again.
  6. I think I kicked one. TOP vs TOT

    Better to be lucky than good.
  7. High fly to F6 who drops the ball. BR had already rounded 1st and was half way to 2nd. F6 tries to pick up the ball and throw behind BR returning to 1st. Throw bounces into dugout. I was thinking the catch constituted the first play and awarded 3rd. Since it was "first throw" by infielder should have only awarded 2nd. My issue would be a situation where throwing a ball into DBT would benefit the defense. Like R1 breaking on pitch passes 2nd and on the way to third at the drop fielder could throw it away to keep him at 3rd.
  8. Changes to rule 3.3.1f

    My department just announced we will be getting them soon and the area I work is to be the test group. I would love to try one on a field just to go back and replay what I was seeing. Could be a great way to improve. Too bad I learned a long time ago to NEVER volunteer for anything!
  9. hit batter.....again

    If throwing at the batter is intentional, you can warn and eject. If it's not intentional, then warning him to stop can't achieve anything. He's already, by definition, trying not to hit the batter. How do you deal with a kid who is unintentionally throwing his bat at you and F2? Thats where my question comes from.
  10. Bounding ball between F1 and F6

    Thats what got me on this one. The ball was not hit hard and first big hop took a lot off it too. Expected F1 to make play on it and I think thats why I reacted late. If I had not moved ball and F6 probably get to my spot at the same time.
  11. hit batter.....again

    I would have a hard time removing a pitcher who I did not think was intentionally throwing at batters. I was just wondering how you guys deal with the other side of this, the kid who can't swing the bat without the bat launching into a fence or at your head. I have seen numerous guys warn for this and even call BR out. Not sure where the out comes from but if you can warn a batter for a safety issue why not F1? Just wondering.
  12. MLB Network Umpire Content Suggestions

    They may be able to open up to a whole new audience if they go the "reality" show direction. Maybe So You Think You Can Ump or Umpiring With the Stars. May even get my wife to watch then.
  13. Bounding ball between F1 and F6

    This was one of those balls that hits a few feet in front of the batter and is bouncing all the way. If I would have stayed in my original possition it would have been directly at me. F6 fielded the ball pretty much in the working area behind the mound and threw on the run. He ended up on the 1st base side of the mound. If he had stopped after throwing I would have been straight lined with the play at 1st. I think backing up toward a deep B would have given me the best look at it. Just trying to be ready for this when it happens again. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Bounding ball between F1 and F6

    Had this last night and was wondering if there is a better way to handle it. Working in C with 2 outs. Bounding ball hit back up the middle. F1 lunges for ball and misses and F6 is charging hard on it. I move toward 3rd to clear F6 who makes a nice play to throw BR out at 1st. It just felt really uncomfortable calling this play from that far away with F6 cutting in front of me after throwing the ball. If this would have been a closer play I could see arguments coming. If I had moved toward 1st, F6 would have had to throw around (or through) me. Any suggestions on how to get the best look at these?
  15. When do you "get help"

    YOU CALLED IT ...........in B ??? Let your partner call it, and then come to you. I don't think he even knew it hit the kid. He was two full steps out of the box going toward first and catcher was between PU and B/R. I waited until he was half way to first before I called anything. I called time several times but they continued to throw the ball around and runners were trying to advance. Would not feel comfortable going to PU who did not know it hit the kid and ask where he was when it hit him.