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  1. SJUMBA93

    Coach Lou

    Well said MadMax, well said........
  2. SJUMBA93

    2016 UE Umpires at CDP

    I am there for weeks 1, 3, 4, 7, 12 and 13 Thanks, Don
  3. SJUMBA93

    Majestic Cool Base Polo

    Check eBay. Someone has been periodically selling the powder blue and black Majestic MLB shirts. If I recall correctly, there are pretty pricy.
  4. SJUMBA93

    Amazing 3 weeks

    Janet, week three, field eight, was a lot of fun for this "rookie". I am looking to work more weeks next year. It was a pleasure to meet you.
  5. SJUMBA93

    Team Wendy Pads Love Affair...

    I have the Team Wendy's on both my Diamond masks. I am totally impressed with the protection they provide. Having said that, I would not leave them outside in the cold weather and expect to have them soft and comfortable. I always bring my masks inside during the cold, seeming never ending in the Northeast, weather.
  6. SJUMBA93

    Ebay gear

    Sweet deal. I picked-up a new West Vest last week eBay for $64 and I thought I had a great deal.
  7. SJUMBA93

    Long Sleeve Shirt

    Cliff Keen works for me over my Wilson Gold. Sleeve length is probably a little long, but tolerable, for my 5' 8" frame.
  8. SJUMBA93

    Why does no one seem to use the hockey style mask?

    About 100 members in my South Jersey association. To the best of my knowledge, no one uses a HSM.
  9. SJUMBA93

    Another new Douglas / Douglas arrives!

    It looks great. I would like to give the Douglas a try, but it would be hard to justify the expense and displace my perfectly good WV Gold........
  10. SJUMBA93

    Mask Refubishment??!!

    Nice work! Hopefully, the new finish holds-up over time. Please report back.
  11. As detailed by others, the NJ FED test is full of strange wording and questions this year. But,"The infracting team can never benefit from the umpire's awared", is perhaps the strangest.
  12. From the NJ FED test. This question was prviously addressed, but I did not see any response. Your thoughts?
  13. SJUMBA93

    Champion Chest Protector

    Using the "Best Offer" option, I got this CP for $30.00. I use it as my mid-level CP or when it is just to darn hot to wear my Wilson Gold. I would recommend!
  14. SJUMBA93

    SOS Sales

    I was finally able to get through to SOS and Ralph today about problems with my order. To say that he was less than helpful would be an understatement. He opened-up Pandora's box by running a sale that apparently was beyond his capabilities. Unfortunately, the addage you get what you pay for applies in this situation. Bottomline is that I had to file a dispute with my credit card company. :stir
  15. SJUMBA93

    Shock F/X 2.0 Steel on ebay

    Lots of Rebok plate shoes for very attactive prices are also on eBay right now.