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  1. How Would You Handle This?

    How would you handle this? NFHS Bases Loaded, 2 outs, high pop fly to short-stop. Runners going on contact. R2 clips shortstop. Umpire rules interference; however, R3 had crossed plate before interference was called. I have a group that is giving different answers: Timing Play (score the run), R2 forced to advance and interferes (thus treat as force out on the interfering runner) no run scores, or no run can score on interference-ball is dead--call interfering runner out, inning over with no runs scoring. If there were less than 2 out, return all runners TOP--call interfering runner out, BR goes to first. What is the best rule reference for this situation?
  2. Runner interference

    Isn't Steven Tyler a singer in Aerosmith?
  3. Runners Lane Interference feedback

    Looks like you made the correct call. Good job staying with the play and the throw!
  4. The importance of mechanics

    Before we start taking a weed whacker to guys, are we assuming they have received proper instruction and blown it off? Or conversely, can they be taught and/or broken of bad habits from Smitty? If the latter, what have you guys found that these kind of umpires respond best to? -Formal Training -Association sponsored camp -Association pays part of the fees to get to a camp -Small group sessions -Small group sessions watching video of themselves working and getting critiqued I know we all have guys who are chomping at the bit to learn and then we have the lazy guys that simply show up to get a check. We probably will never reach the check grabbers, but we can make an impact on others. I am interested to hear what some Associations are doing that seems to have worked and is showing dividends.
  5. You can go on-line and check with the Idaho High School Activities Association (idhsaa.org). I am guessing the Lewiston Area will be District II. Here is a list of officials clinics with dates, times, and locations. The IDHSAA Office can get you phone numbers of the assigner(s) in Northern Idaho: BASEBALL Dist. I Feb. 14 6:00 p.m. Coeur d’Alene H.S. (officials only) Brian Rounds Dist. I Feb. 20 7:00 p.m. Coeur d’Alene H.S. (coaches only) Brian Rounds Dist. II Feb. 14 7:00 p.m. Lewiston H.S. Shawn Kaschmitter Dist. III Feb. 12 6:00 p.m. Sawtooth M.S. John Shinoskie SOFTBALL Dist. I Feb. 14 6:00 p.m. Coeur d'Alene H.S. (coaches only) Ted Yurek Dist. I Feb. 15 6:00 p.m. Coeur d'Alene H.S. (officials only) Russell Lacy Dist. II Feb. 14 7:00 p.m. Lewiston H.S. Pat Zink Dist. III Feb. 12 7:00 p.m. Middleton H.S Randy Lyons
  6. I would think that Joe West should get some back pay for the 3 games they recently suspended him for noting in an interviewer who the biggest complainer in baseball is. So, Kinsler can get away with making derogatory comments about Angel, but Joe gets "rung up" for 3 games for saying Beltre was the biggest complainer....? I guess their argument is that umpires are held to a higher standard?
  7. How Would You Handle This?

    OBR Rule Set. Bases loaded, no outs. Count 1-2 on batter. Low pitch comes in, skips the dirt, catcher blocks the ball and it then touches the batter. Batter does not swing at pitch and begins to jog to first base-presumably believing he was hit by the pitch. Unfortunately, umps don't kill it before this goes down......baserunners all begin to advance at a leisurely trot. Runner on third scores. Keep in mind TIME has not been called. The other runners advance to second and third respectively. Question: How would you handle this when the defensive coach indicates that the Batter-Runners actions deceived the defense? He wants to know why there is no penalty for the BR doing this. Now, it is incumbent on the defense to know the status of the ball. The catcher simply threw the ball back to the catcher as the runner trotted home. Can/should this be "fixed" in any way, i.e. return all the runners, no score allowed, count now 2-2 or do we allow the score and advances by the runners and the count is now 2-2. Would we warn the batter if he steps out without legal reason(s), he is subject to some penalty--perhaps ejection? Please discuss what option(s), if any are available. Also, as a twist---what if this were NFHS? Could we get the batter out for stepping out of the box with both feet? (I don't think so, because the pitch has technically ended once it touched the catcher. But I am interested in what you guys think.)
  8. @Umpire in Chief How about setting up a flash poll on this issue? To boycott or not boycott, that is the question!
  9. More Cowbell Anyone?

    Question: Is it legal under all codes for spectators to use cowbells or other noise makers during a game? What about team members using such a device from their bench during the game?
  10. Electronic Edge

    OBR Rule Set: SITUATION: A coach who was previously suspended for conduct in a prior game, while serving his one game suspension at a new game, uses Face-Time to communicate with his assistant coach and deliver instructions, etc to get an "edge" and help his team. I noted that Rule 4.07 talks about a coach ejected shall take no further part in that game. This does not seem to be covered by the rules as written and probably needs to be addressed in the current by-laws of the league regarding not being able to use an electronic device to communicate with your team at any time while serving a suspension. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation and if so, how did you sort it out?
  11. Another failed hidden ball trick

    Question: In FED, if the ball has not yet been put back into play, how can you have a balk when the ball is still technically dead?
  12. Slow-developing U3K

    We would not call the batter-runner out for leaving the baseline. Remember, the baseline only applies when a play is being made on the runner. At the moment the defense plays on him, he establishes his base path as a direct line between his position and the base he is trying for. ( Think about the 'skunk in the outfield play'.) The FED rule certainly has more latitude than OBR. Once he leaves the dirt circle, he is out. FED is more generous. Looking at the BRD rules for FED it is clear that the 8-4-2p rule reads (edited): A runner is out if, AFTER TOUCHING FIRST, he abandons his attempt to touch the next base. The umpire must judge whether a runner heading for the dugout or his defensive position is abandoning his efforts to run the bases. For OBR (revised), "No runner may, after reaching first base, leave the base path, obviously abandoning his attempt to touch the next base." (5.09b-2). The ball remains alive. (5.09-b-2 CMT)
  13. Didn't See That One Coming

    Take a look at this clip....the official didn't see this one coming: http://smokeroom.com/2017/04/28/rugby-player-knocks-ref-unconscious-with-punch-to-the-jaw/
  14. Uniform question

    I am really sorry that you asked about a thong............. (I sure hope this doesn't get me banned.)
  15. Interesting Post Game Interactions

    Let us know how it works out for you! Isn't there a bumpersticker about loving an umpire out there somewhere?