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  1. midtnump

    Samurai Gears Website/Mizuno Pro Plate Shoes

    @Majordave Take that left shoe to a Redwings dealer or boot store, ask if they will stretch it, or hit the ole Amazon and buy this one. https://www.amazon.com/APIKA-Shoe-Stretcher-Natural-Unisex/dp/B06XJQQKR2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1536955112&sr=8-3&keywords=unisex+shoe+stretcher This should give you alittle extra room in the left shoe.
  2. midtnump

    Ebay finds

    I thought something was up. It looks too much like this one from All stars website. https://www.all-starsports.com/protective/all-star-traditional-catching-masks.html
  3. midtnump

    Ebay finds

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/All-Star-Hollow-Steel-FM25-LMX-Traditional-Baseball-Catchers-Mask-Silver/382552801198?hash=item5911ec7fae:g:IAwAAOSwz-ZbhpqW @Thunderheads is this an errant listing? The description says hollow steel but it looks like titanium. I don't think All Star has made this mask in hollow steel have they?? If its an error, this is a bargin for someone at $84.99.
  4. midtnump

    Jim Reynolds new mask

    @BT Blue, its a very tough mask. It was one of my first masks, durable with good vision.
  5. midtnump

    Back Up Mask

    MadMax is spot on. I own a Nike Ti and a Plus Pos zero gravity. Look, feel, weight, and vision are very similar with both. I have neck issues and can't wear a lot of weight in a mask. These two are perfect for me.
  6. midtnump

    Mask Porn?

    I wear a Nike Ti also along with the Zero gravity for the same reason. I had two ruptured discs. Can't wear the heavy Wilson anchors.
  7. midtnump

    Champro Magnesium

    Thats one ugly headband
  8. midtnump

    Mask Porn?

    Yes, I do and learned this lesson the hard way. In the heat of the summer I removed my mask for a play at the plate and when I put my mask on it fell. Looked at the mask and the stitching that held the strap on the side of the mask tore loose. Tried to tie it and it wouldn't stay. Fortunately my BU had his gear and retrieved his mask for me. I bought another mask and new harness the next day.
  9. midtnump

    Overrunning 1st base

    Dixie Youth extends that rule to if you are in the act of receiving a throw.
  10. midtnump

    MLB Special Masks RWB & Camo

    @Thunderheads I hate to say it, but if you have half a day to kill, you can call the big "W" and explain your situation and see if they will sell you one. Sorry I didn't want to mention that "W" word. LOL
  11. midtnump

    Overrunning 1st base

    But a BR also has the obligation to avoid interfering with a defensive player in the act of fielding a hit or a throw. To me your scenario sounds like he was avoiding the interference.
  12. midtnump

    Diamond Masks

    @boyinr was speaking the truth about the masks. The only thing I would add after owning and wearing the AS 4000 and Nike Ti, is that the vertical eye opening height is larger on the two masks that I have worn versus the Diamond. That is the one of several things that I truly enjoyed about both masks.
  13. Starting to love the Honigs pads but I can't do a red frame. Navy shirt and the Ti with Navy pads, Powder Blue with black ZG w/black pads, Black shirt and ZG with black pads. I really need to get the tan leather honigs for the ZG for the black shirt too.
  14. I just saw that on their site. it might be worth an email to see if it is an error. I'm glad I snagged my navy set last year for $26. Wear it in my Nike ti.
  15. @Majordave I too found the TW pads too stiff and didn't like the feel on impact. I am still a big fan of the All Star LUC's and within the last year started liking the Honigs calfskin pads. I completely agree about the loose mask harness, wear mine the same way.