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  1. Kevin_K

    Volleyball State Finals

    Group Position Date & Time Sport & Level Site Home Away Fees Status Accept Decline 107584 R1 11/10/2018 Sat 3:00 PM Volleyball, State Finals William Paterson University, Rec Center TBA TBA $75.00 Accepted on 10/28/2018 State Finals for volleyball! Second go round for me. This time I am sure that I will not be as edgy as I was last time. Can't wait for the match. It is a real joy having the best seat in the house to watch two really talented teams go at it. I will try to not suck. But, as I say to SWMBO, I can't make any promises
  2. Kevin_K

    2019 Rulebook is now on Arbiter

    Hmmmm..... that conversation sounds familiar.
  3. Kevin_K

    2019 Changes

    https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/article/2018-08-16/college-baseball-video-review-challenge-system-approved It seemed as though it would only be a matter of time before the IBB and no fake to third would be implemented. The changes on pitchers' positioning is going to be problematic unless there is a universal effort to enforce the new standards. The HBP and runners staying at their bases changes are the most interesting to me. I wonder what the penalty will be for runners leaving their bases during a defensive conference.
  4. Kevin_K

    NFHS changes 2019

    Saw this today https://chsaanow.com/2018-07-05/2018-19-baseball-rules-xhanges-focus-on-pitching-mechanics/
  5. Kevin_K

    Pine tar

    This is why... Note the youthful Mr. McClelland...
  6. Kevin_K

    Batter runs to first on dropped second strike

    When this happens, please post the video. I will enjoy watching the OHC come unglued, being ejected and the PU grabbing the stankiest end of any stick ever.
  7. Kevin_K

    You Make The Call

    Note F2's non-compliant helmet.
  8. Kevin_K

    Angle vs Distance

    Because he was tracking a breaking ball that was falling below the zone, which took his eyes off the swing of the bat. That is different than being too close to make the correct call.
  9. Kevin_K


    @Richvee I think this is when it happened right?
  10. Kevin_K

    Batters helmet

    Next season I would venture that we will be dealing with the Stanton shield. I saw a lot of them on other than HS teams. FED 1.5.2 . A face mask/guard may be attached to batting helmets at the time of manufacture. All face mask/guards shall meet the NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. A face mask/guard specifically designed for a particular helmet model may be attached after manufacture, provided that procedure is approved by the manufacturer and meets the NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture. Are they approved by the manufacturer?
  11. "As soon as he gets to first Ernie" works every time.
  12. Kevin_K

    Trying out for College

    Don't suck? And I would suggest making some phone calls to those who matter prior to just showing up at a tryout. Letting someone know who you are and perhaps having others who will vouch for your abilities on and off the field will be very beneficial to your prospects rather than just walking in off the street.
  13. Even more so if BR was not on the bag and an out was negated.
  14. Kevin_K

    Cost of Umpire Camps

    Perhaps this will help: https://www.macumpires.org/the-florida-camps/
  15. Kevin_K

    LLWS 2018

    They are making sure that he is rested and ready for the big games over the weekend!
  16. Kevin_K

    LLWS Discussion / Umpires / Plays / Etc ...

    Following a ball that comes off the bat straight, or nearly straight, up and back. Occasionally when I do this, my throat guard gets caught on my chest protector when I lower my chin after I realize there is no play on the ball.
  17. Kevin_K

    Force Play

    I might go with "The ball beat him" or "The throw didn't beat him."
  18. Kevin_K

    Force Play

    I might go with "The ball beat him" or "The throw didn't beat him."
  19. Kevin_K

    LLWS 2018

    @maineump a great call on a seed hit right over the bag top 2! Didn't rush it. Just a deliberate signal followed by a brilliant play by F5 who snared it and stepped on 3B for out #3.
  20. Kevin_K

    LLWS 2018

    The ole stee-ball in the top of the 10th in the Spain/Canada game. PU got a little bit ahead of himself and started to call a two strike curve ball a strike, came up, and balled it. Oops. Otherwise, I think he is having a good game, despite getting peppered with about 7 or 8 balls off the bat, missed pitches, balls that bounced.
  21. Kevin_K

    Problem with Force 3 shins

    I would be happy to take them off you hands if you are so dissatisfied with them.
  22. Kevin_K

    It is all Angel's Fault

    If it was not an MLB guy calling that pitch I might make a comment about needing to track the ball all the way to the glove. Since it was an MLB guy, I will not make such a comment.
  23. Kevin_K

    Check swing walk turns into K/ Runner "out" stealing?

    I get the NCAA and OBR interpretations, but I don't know if this play meets the same circumstances as the FED case play. The OP had R1 running on the pitch while the case play indicates R1 was trotting. If R1 does not slow in his attempt to steal does this case apply? The next case play reads: 10.2.3 SITUATION I: With a count of three balls and two strikes on B1 and no runners on base, the pitch is made and the batter takes what appears to be a half swing. The plate umpire calls ball four as the ball gets away from F2. B1 trots to first base and F2 throws the ball to F3, who tags B1 prior to his reaching the base. F2 asks the plate umpire to check with the base umpire to see if it was a strike. The base umpire indicates that B1 did swing at the ball. RULING: If, in the judgment of the umpire-in-chief, B1 would have reached first base before the throw if it had not been called ball four, the plate umpire can award B1 first base. The umpire-in-chief can rectify any situation in which an umpire’s decision has placed a batter-runner in jeopardy. Advances and outs made by runners following a reversed call stand, if the call that was changed clearly did not place them in jeopardy. (emphasis mine) Be ready for a sh*thouse if you return R1 after he has been banged out at 2B. DHC may very well lose his mind after his team makes a play and loses an out because of what may be an arcane nuance to the rules
  24. Kevin_K

    More on throws deflected out of play

    Sometimes it's just a balk. And, IIRC, a balk is not a pitch.
  25. Kevin_K

    What's the award?