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  1. interference/obstruction/play on???

    If the runner's access to HP was denied and F2 did not have possession of the ball then it could be obstruction on F2 depending on the rule set.
  2. Gerry Davis Pants

    I have three pairs of Gerry Davis pants. All in good shape, just too big 2- 36" x 30 plate pants; 20+ shipping each 38" x 30 base pants; $20 plus shipping Friends and family please. Left to right Base pants, plate pants
  3. Polywools

    I have three pairs of Honig's polywools that are too large. They are still in great shape, but I have no plan to ever fit into them again. All are 36 inch waist and are hemmed for 29 1/2'" inseam. The plate pants actually have an inseam about 27" but that's because the crotch is roomier and lower than most pants. Plate pants - PS1; $40 + shipping Base Pants - PS2; $40+ shipping Plate Pants - Newer style - seems like the style number continually changes; $30 + shipping Friends and Family please Left to right: PS2, PS1, New style polywools plate
  4. Cliff Keen Shirts

    In going through my umpire wardrobe, I have discovered a treasure trove of items that no longer fit. I have three XL Cliff Keen shirts that are now too big - Cream, powder, and navy (yeah I know!) The navy had an NJSIAA patch on the left sleeve and all three have American flags on the back near the collar. All are in very good condition and I would wear each on the field if they still fit. $15 plus shipping each. $35 plus shipping for the lot. Friends and family PP only. More to come.
  5. balk

    It is a balk on NJSIAA refresher tests, right @Richvee?
  6. Unsportsmanlike Conduct Ejection

    They are kids. You warned. He continued. You ejected. No concerns here!
  7. Batter's box fair territory

    Hijack complete. Well played, my friends! Well played!
  8. Batter's box fair territory

    There are many sets of people who believe in a lot of untrue things like a flat Earth, Bigfoot, and vaccines causing autism. Just cause they believe it doesn't make them right.
  9. Moving hands/elbow after coming set

    You gave them a chance to address it. They chose to act like ass hats. If F1 never comes set because something was moving, issue the warning as directed. If F1 moves after coming set, issue the warning as directed. When the arrogant d-bags bark about it tell them why it's a balk- no stop or start/stop. Next time F1 does it, balk him. Sooner or later some one will address it with F1. Sometimes you just need to umpire. Just my .02. YMMV.
  10. NFHS changes 2019

    Saw this today https://chsaanow.com/2018-07-05/2018-19-baseball-rules-xhanges-focus-on-pitching-mechanics/
  11. Alexander Hamilton and his wife had two sons named Phillip. The elder Phillip died in 1801 in a duel on the same site his father did. The younger was born in 1802 and lived until 1884.
  12. CWS - FPSR UA vs OSU

    Couldn't help myself...... so sorry
  13. @blue23ll... Was the call delayed? When I call a balk as PU I generally make no visible indication initially because I do not want to expose any more of my body than necessary. My call will typically just be verbal until the play has completed just as it seems in this play at the 2:25 mark of the video.
  14. Obstruction

    Ummmmm.... I gave ample warning.
  15. Obstruction

    An example: And pay no attention to the mindless prattle of the announcers.