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  1. intentional walk little league

    As many times as he comes to the plate.
  2. Does run count

    If this was on the field, @Majordave just gave the STFU stare.
  3. Runner off base

    Doesn't this undermine the on-field authority of the umpires? If the rats know all they need to do is to complain about a situation and the TD will come running, it would seem they are being taught to complain so they get what they want. When I take the field, regardless of the situation, my partner(s) and I are in charge. We decide about everything that occurs on the field. If there is a question about a rule's application, the crew gets together and makes its best informed decision and play continues. Tournament directors and UICs have their jobs to do as well and they do not include changing diapers. My responsibility is to know the rules. TDs hire me to do a job. Let me.
  4. Interference, Obstruction, Nothing

    Strangely enough, I had this same play today. F2 and BR tangle just outside dirt circle, BR stumbles briefly, F2 picks up the ball and fires to 1B. F2 may have been delayed in making the play and BR may have not been as far up the 1B line as he might have been without the incidental contact, but the play ended as it would have likely ended had the two never come in contact with one another. As the play developed, I saw it and thought "Wow, this is the exact play being discussed on UE!" as I announced and pointed "That's nothing!" while F2 fired a seed to F4 to retire the BR. Thanks UE!
  5. Use 1st names

    Put the names on their lineup card. If you work games without lineup cards, carry an index card and a pen in your shirt pocket. You should have something to write on just in case there is an ejection or other incident that you will need the details for and may not be able to recall from memory.
  6. Interference.???

    Look here:
  7. To West Vest or to not West Vest

    @MadMax... correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this the the mission statement from Wilson's R&D department?
  8. Delayed call puts runner at disadvantage

    If the ball has rolled away and is behind 2B with a tangle of bodies and an umpire between the ball and the dugouts, perhaps the ball is in a place where everyone cannot see it.
  9. Balk? Fake to third, fake to first...

    In my judgment, F1 disengaged. Not a balk.
  10. High School Playoffs

    According to the wonderful world of baseball in New Jersey, umpires are not allowed to talk about post season assignments. From the assigners of post season baseball in NJ: "If we find out that you shared this info with anyone but your crew, you will be disqualified from working."
  11. Looking for umpires in South Jersey

    If I am not mistaken, you would be in what many would call a transition zone.
  12. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    Take a walk. Stare at the infield grass. Seriptitiously scan the bleachers from behind the mound. Fiddle with your line up cards. Whatever. Find something to make it look like your too busy or too far away to talk to the fence.
  13. Is this BOO ?

    Settle down big guy. While you may not like, understand, or agree with the post, there is no need to make comments that are so personally derisive. That's what happens in other places and on other boards. Not here.
  14. Rookie Tips

    If you have @Razzer lineup holder, just put the lineup cards in the holder on the side of each team's dugout.
  15. Looking for umpires in South Jersey

    South Jersey is where Taylor Ham becomes pork roll