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  1. Kevin_K

    First EJ

    There are some ways that you can handle this to try to keep the jack wagons from becoming unhinged when F1 hits his spots but they are out of the zone. Remain in the slot on the inside corner even though you feel vulnerable. Your location offers dugouts some perspective on pitch location Pre-pitch, when F2 sets up off the plate, raise which ever arm F2 moves away from to show how far out he is. By reaching out toward F2, the distance is apparent to anyone who cares to pay attention. Some might suggest that you offer the location in or out on balls that could be perceived as strikes; for example, "Ball.. that's out!" While some say ignore it, I would counter that it is better to do something rather than nothing. You also should begin to practice your STFU stare. It is my weapon of choice.
  2. Kevin_K

    Don't Ask me again!

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.
  3. Kevin_K

    Don't Ask me again!

    Perhaps his name is really Ernie?
  4. Kevin_K

    Better Mechanics for solo umpiring

    I could not disagree more with each of these "suggestions" The teams agreed to one umpire. By doing so, they have agreed to the limitations of such an arrangement.
  5. WTF??? I am not the first,nor will I be the last, to say that the only ejections you will regret will be the ones you do not pull the trigger on.
  6. Kevin_K

    Umpire like a Girl

    Things have not changed much since "Biblical Times" in many parts of he world. And I would doubt the women who are forced to occupy such spaces would call it a she-shed. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/nepal-menstrual-huts-cow-sheds-women-chhaupadi-india-a8744766.html
  7. Kevin_K

    Multiple Base Touches

    Keep the right priorities in the right order. Fair/foul Catch/no catch Safe/out Touch/no touch You have two eyes that can see only so much. There are costs for two umpires and other costs for one umpire. The teams agreed to the costs of having only one umpire. Buyer's remorse is not (y)our concern.
  8. Kevin_K

    Safe or out

    That would be a poor choice on a whacker when BR is wearing metal spikes.
  9. Rule 1.12.b (7) Beginning in the 2020 NCAA Championship segment, the bat barrel color must be of a predominantly contrasting color to the color of the baseball between the 18-inch mark to the end cap.
  10. Kevin_K

    Is there a rule on this at any code?

    Note to self.... make sure that if I am assigned to any games with @SavoyBG I am prepared for third world situations.
  11. Kevin_K

    Pitcher deceiving a baserunner?

    Sorry @Richvee , I have to disagree. I find this to be a case of using the rule book to create a problem rather than using it to solve a problem. My .02 YMMV.
  12. Kevin_K

    How do stop popping up

    When F1 is taking his warmups in the first inning I will talk to F2 as I watch pitches coming in. Somewhere in the conversation I say something like, "If we have a difference of opinion on something don't leave me hanging out there. If it's that close I will let you know what I have." That usually brings a nod and a reply like "Gotchya blue!" It also helps to not miss too many in a game, especially early.
  13. Kevin_K

    1st to 3rd move test question

    I was asked to "assist" in writing a refresher test for another sport here in NJ. After reviewing the initial draft of said test and offering my comments electronically, I was advised that my comments were duly noted. Of the 70+ questions that had been provided to me, more than 40 were sufficiently confusing, obfuscated, contradictory, or wrong for me to comment upon. As an example, there is a question that is nearly identical to a casebook play where the "correct" answer on the draft directly contradicts the casebook. The chair of the "committee" sent the test to seven individuals. At no time did any of them share their comments, suggestions, or insights on any of the questions with anyone else on the committee. At no time did the group meet in person, have a distance meeting, or talk in a group chat. I converted the Word document I received to a Google doc and shared my thoughts on every question with everyone on the committee. I received no correspondence and the document has had no comments added to it since I sent it out. The chair of the committee, or as he might prefer -The God of (fill in the sport), deemed that his will alone is appropriate and sufficient to determine the fitness of the questions and answers, including the question I cited above. When I received feedback on my concerns, I was advised that I was incorrect. I responded that I would like to be present when an official fails the test because of this particular question and how it would be explained that the answer contradicts the casebook. There was no response. I wonder if I will be asked again to participate in this charade of a committee. If I am, perhaps I will make some suggestions about being a committee of seven equals rather than a rubber stamp.
  14. Before I take the nuclear option, however, I wold likely have a conversation with their head coach in an attempt to do some preventive officiating.
  15. Kevin_K

    Batter's Interference

    That has always been a part of Calvin Ball. Except when it isn't.