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  1. urout17

    Non-Compliant Batter

    I'll admit this one wasn't the coaches fault. This kid had no regards for anyone. When I told him to get in the box he turned and just looked at me. I wanted to go over there and smack that look off his face. Funny you say this...."Me personally, I would dust off the plate while telling the batter, "if you step out again on a called strike, you will be getting two!" I did just that and also added, "Son, you have a lot to learn.".
  2. urout17

    Non-Compliant Batter

    HS varsity game. I was wondering if anyone every had a batter ignore your request to stay in the batters box ( or at least one foot) after each pitch. I wasn't sure how to handle this since it's never happened to me in the nearly 20 years of officiating. After each pitch, ball or strike, he'd stroll out, adjust his crap and then get back in at his own pace. You can just see this kid was arrogant with an attitude. Outside of warning him I'd have no problem dumping him but then would probably have to dump the head coach too as soon as he came out. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. urout17

    Too Quick?

    I don't think it's grasping at all. He's an assistant coach, very short leash to begin with. He accused you of missing two calls, possibly being biased towards one team.
  4. urout17

    Too Quick?

    You told him previously "that's enough", there's his warning. When he stated "You missed the call over there before, and now this", he just accused you of cheating. Simple eject.
  5. urout17

    2106 #3

    9-10 yr old? 1B Coach: "You're. Me:"Gone"
  6. urout17

    National Anthem

    LittleBlue, we didn't know and was a last minute decision since the visiting team was 1/2 an hour late due to traffic.
  7. urout17

    National Anthem

    "I would tell the manager of the pitcher to have his pitcher stop warming up during the Anthem simply out of respect. I'd imagine that he wouldn't have a problem with it." The thing is, I didn't even think that would have happened. The coach was at the end of the line closest to first base. I saw the kid jog down to the bullpen and then didn't think anything of it. I was looking elsewhere and the song started. As I pan over to the right field bullpen, there's the kid warming up. It's not like I could have done anything by then. I was really surprised a parent in the stands down that line didn't say anything since they were pretty close to them.
  8. urout17

    National Anthem

    No, I'm not going for the anthem standoff with this story. I had a varsity game yesterday on a picturesque day. Before the game both teams lineup on the foul lines for the anthem. VTHC sends his starting pitcher down to the right-field bullpen to warm up. As the anthem starts playing everyone is at attention, hats off and quite. The moron continues to warm-up thru the entire song. That really pissed me off! Is it just the kids now-a-days? Rant over.
  9. urout17

    The lengths parents go to

    I'm not sure why you would even give this guy the time of day? He's on the other side of the fence. If he becomes a problem, which apparently he did, go to the home team coach and have him handle it. If he doesn't, put the burden on him and let him know he'll be the one taking a hike if he doesn't quite him down. Nothing good can come from talking to "fans" thru a fence regarding this type of behavior. Just my opinion.
  10. urout17

    Prank or Dirty Ump?

    I don't do it and have never had anybody do it to me either. To me it looks bad and even though we know what's going on perception is everything.
  11. urout17


    What age level is a bronco pony game and what rule set does this level use? Just wondering. Thanks.
  12. urout17

    1st ejection since 2013, well over 400 games.

    MHO.....too much talking. A very loud "KNOCK IT OFF" says two things....we're done talking about the strike zone and there's your warning. The next option he chooses to take will determine his fate.
  13. urout17

    Pitch lodged in backstop

    DC wasn't an umpire on this day so I wouldn't treat him as one. "He told me after the inning that he knew I was correct, but thought it was a crappy way to give up a run." Spoken like a true coach. You made the correct call.
  14. urout17

    Strike Zone Training

    During the off season in your area check out any local indoor training facility and ask the coaches if they would mind having your umpires track pitches while their players are practicing. Any way to see live pitching will help. Just a thought...
  15. urout17

    Training junior umpires

    13-15 is an excitable age. I would stress timing, positioning and slowing down their calls. Never give kids too much to remember, they have enough on their mind already. I'm not sure if you're a parent but remember, no kid likes to be lectured. My two cents.