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  1. urout17

    Tested many ways

    I feel for you. We had just the opposite in last weeks regional game. Three man crew and we had absolutely nothing, not one banger, no errors, a few caught stealing which were obvious, a few routine fly balls, partner behind the dish had both pitchers throwing strikes. The game ended 2-1 in 1:38. Literally, it was the easiest game all year.
  2. urout17

    You Make The Call

    Prior to the next batter, I try to be a little preemptive. I will remind the catcher to give room to the baserunner when they're in scoring position. It seems to help.
  3. I set them down and leave, no throwing or rolling. A pet peeve of mine is players/coaches rolling balls to me between innings. I will not bend down to pick them up. We are out there, standing the entire time I might add, working a game on our own time. I let them sit there until they complete their warmup tosses. When the catcher throws down, I brush the plate and kindly ask him to please get those balls for me. Most coaches/players have the courtesy to walk over and hand them to me but some do not. And I being a hard ass, maybe, but we deserve respect as well. I'll go sit down now.
  4. urout17


    HS Fed. I'm sure we've all worked at fields where the location of the setting some becomes an issue. A few fields here places the setting sun in direct line with HP when working in the A position. F3 is usually staring right into the sun, with sunglasses on and shading his eyes with his glove. I've pre-gamed this with my partners, when no runners are on base, that I will position myself in B as to not get blinded and drilled by a line drive. As soon as the sun sets I resume my normal position. Wearing sunglasses for me doesn't help since I get glare no matter what brand I've tried. Has anyone else done this?
  5. I'm sure MLB will go to an electronic strike sometime in my lifetime. MLB umpires do a great job with the strike zone but if the managers/players think they're getting screwed now, wait until the high strike starts getting called more.
  6. urout17

    Suspended game is resumed

    Here are a few.... https://www.mlb.com/news/players-traded-to-the-other-dugout-c292900478
  7. urout17

    Breakaway base question!!

    "You blew it." That's funny. Rich, the guy just joined yesterday, hope he doesn't get scared off? All in jest of course.
  8. urout17

    Rainout Whining

    I feel your pain. I worked in Illinois for years and it's one of the reasons we moved to Florida.
  9. urout17

    Pitcher deceiving a baserunner?

    Thanks guys. But one thing. I understand if he tosses the ball into his glove. That means he has to remove the ball FROM his glove as well. Does this rule also pertain if he tosses the ball up and down in his bare hand? Just asking.
  10. urout17

    Pitcher deceiving a baserunner?

    Fed rule set. HS Varsity 2-man crew. B1 receives ball four and legally acquires 1B. A new batter is approaching the batter's box. The pitcher has engaged the pitching plate but has not taken signs yet, he's just standing there. While the pitcher is waiting for the batter, he tossed the still live ball in the air to himself 2 or 3 times. My partner yells "That's a balk" and moves R1 to 2B. I have never seen this before. Is this action, while engaged on the pitching plate with a live ball, considered deceiving the baserunner? Rule 6-2 Art 4e states that the pitcher cannot take his hand off the ball "while in the set position"....etc. Can I get some clarification on this? Is there another rule that I'm missing? Thank you for your help.
  11. When will MLB start suspending players for leaving their dugouts? Especially the bullpens. I believe most, if not all, bullpens are no longer in live ball area. It's ridiculous to see pitching staffs jogging in from the outfield. Sticking up for teammates, whatever. I get it, I played at a fairly high level. Forget the fines, that does nothing.
  12. urout17


    I admit I read most, but no all of the posts. Is there any mention as to what age group this is? I only hope the coaches are teaching the players how to play the game. Working HS and college ball has taught me there are few players who actually pay attention to the little things you can learn during a game that can help you gain an advantage. I'll go sit down and be quite now. Thank you.
  13. urout17


    BTW.....the lead-off hitter hit the first pitch of the ballgame for a HR. The game ends 1-0. Can't remember working a game and that happening before.
  14. urout17


    Yep, that's what happened.
  15. urout17


    I guess that answers my question. He threw it to F3. Thanks!