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  1. blue23ll

    Play at the plate..... He's gotta slide!?!

    I know that certain leagues will have 'house rules' that include a 'must slide' rule. Some boards like to think they are making the game safer, when in fact its just the opposite.
  2. blue23ll

    Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    Being originally from California (East bay area), I got used to 90+ days. Now in Washington state, it's not that bad, but we tend to forget to hydrate when the hot day or two arrives.
  3. There is no reason to have him come out at all. Just ask for the sub for the ejected player and move on
  4. And if they dumped the manager as he was coming out, they will stop coming out.
  5. Gotta love the announcer " the umpire makes a mistake and the player pays the penalty".....if you don't open your pie hole and argue balls and strikes you stay in the game...simple enough for a ball player to understand?? Maybe not.
  6. Wouldn't that balk be seen better by U1? He has the better angle?
  7. blue23ll

    Calling Balls/Strikes Early

    It is highly probable that if you had mentioned it to him, nothing would have changed. Quite possibly it might have irritated the umpire and it might get worse. Let him call his game, you can't change his mechanics by having a discussion.
  8. Perhaps the other 3 umpires also only made verbal calls?
  9. The odd part to me what why the call was so delayed, maybe we missed someone actually calling it on the video.
  10. blue23ll

    Tragic murder of one of our own

    I read with sadness that news report and I knew that Capt Rosa was a special man. I now know why, he was our brother.
  11. Great job Tripper....the Cubs catcher didn't help you out very much though, pulling those pitches up. Makes the pitch look like its out of the zone...
  12. blue23ll

    Called a Bad Game, How to Recover

    Lock in, keep your head in the same place every time, get deep in the slot to see the whole plate, you know where the zone is.
  13. I think it is in the bathroom. Also, can someone explain to me why when a manager gets ejected they have to come out and scream for a while? I don't get that, and it filters down to all the 'daddy' coaches who do the same thing and make life miserable for us.
  14. blue23ll

    Right-handed pitcher move to first

    Any pitcher (right or left handed) need not step off the rubber to throw to first. I think a coach does a right handed pitcher a disservice to not teach him the proper way of using a jump turn vs stepping off the rubber to throw to first. I will be honest and tell you I am having trouble visualizing how a RH pitcher could throw to first without moving his pivot foot. Did he require an EMT after he did it?
  15. I noticed that Gardy was out there when Marty was hit and also was out there when he left the game. I had not noticed a manager do that before.
  16. That wasn't revenge. The cub player wasn't rolling around on the grass in pain holding his leg.
  17. blue23ll

    Coach asked to be ejected

    Why didn't he just leave on his own?
  18. blue23ll

    Fit bit or wrist band?

    Why track your heart rate?
  19. blue23ll

    Little League (Intermediate) - Play at the Plate

    Really had to be there to see the play, but as described I think you got it right.
  20. blue23ll

    Delayed call puts runner at disadvantage

    This is excellent advice! I actually very seldom point with my right hand, except for strikes, putting the ball in play and awarding bases.
  21. blue23ll

    Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    Time to inspect the outfield fence!!
  22. blue23ll

    First one this year

    Whats a 'white' hat? Coach: Where's your zone today blue? Me: Depends Coach: Depends? Me: Yes, we need to make this a fast game, I'm on my last depends.....