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  1. blue23ll

    You Make The Call

    If they were affected by the obstruction, IE. forced to advance due to bases awarded to nullify the obstruction?
  2. blue23ll

    You Make The Call

    Sound advice all around!! Question though, advancing R2 to 3rd? Please explain. Also, get as close to the 3b dugout? To view the touch at 3rd?
  3. blue23ll

    You Make The Call

    You got the call right! Good job!! Did you see the obstruction right away? If so, call it aggressively and emphatically!
  4. Mike is having a busy weekend! Don't think I would have a discussion with my hands in my pockets though...
  5. blue23ll

    First EJ

    Apparently your zone was ok in the top of the first? Once had a partner eject the Home HC after the first pitch.
  6. blue23ll

    Dodger Tickets Alternate Source

    Who would pay to go see the Dodgers?
  7. Is it me or are the MLB catcher's all pulling pitches now? It's blatantly obvious.
  8. blue23ll


    Here in the PNW, we don't see the sun enough to have that problem....
  9. blue23ll

    Dump the asst. and restrict HC?

    This is an outsiders view looking in, as I see it. In some cases the HC and maybe even the AC are teachers, and as such they are expected to act like professional educators, even on the ball field. I disagree with your assertion that its FED wanting 'magical' control. An interesting aside, based on my experience, I have zero, zilch, nada behavioral issues with teacher/coaches who are paid faculty members. Most problems come with off campus coaches who come from the 'elite' baseball world. YMMV
  10. I hate that box that they put up, it makes no allowance for how the catcher receives the pitch. The catcher butchered that pitch.
  11. blue23ll

    3rd year Little League Ump

    Welcome to the brotherhood. I think most of us started in Little League , doing the 60' bases. Its a great place to learn. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was, "you have two ears one one mouth, use them in that proportion'. Don't shy away from honest feedback, take what you can use and forget the rest, strive to get better every game. Good Luck!!
  12. blue23ll

    2 outs infield fly

    A lot of leagues will put in a 'house' rule eliminating the IFR
  13. I wonder why the catcher moved his glove into the strike zone? Duh
  14. blue23ll

    Mouth Balk

    Gaylord would have had a short career if this was done in MLB.
  15. blue23ll

    Breakaway base question!!

    Rich has never blown a call, ever!!
  16. blue23ll

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    Did his ass get a concussion?
  17. blue23ll

    Best Concussion Proof Mask

    I am curious, what is a Chamorro mask?
  18. blue23ll

    Is there a rule on this at any code?

    He actually brought out a plate? Wow
  19. I have never seen a manager move that quickly to get to an umpire. It was like he was shot out of a cannon.
  20. He was called out for interference, not over running first.
  21. blue23ll

    Finding the pitched ball

    Every once in a while I have a game where I lose focus for about an inning. One of my goals for the second half of the season is to maintain focus for an entire game. Of course we all want to be perfect and no matter how hard we try we will miss a pitch occasionally. The key , I suppose, is not to lose focus and not to have too many 'gross' misses (2 plane misses). To me, it is important to not turn strikes into balls too often.
  22. blue23ll

    Finding the pitched ball

    How many pitches do you feel you missed? We always tend to over think things, I think, sometimes. Carl Childress tells a story about a field in Texas that they would need to take an hour 'burrito and Dr.Pepper' break while the sun moved out of the batters sight-line.