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  1. blue23ll

  2. FED: 4 Batters HBP

    I believe that the 5 hit batter rule has been modified to award 2nd base after the 3rd batter is hit, and award 3rd after the 6th batter is hit. If the pitcher hits over 6 batters, a run is scored for every batter after the 6th one hit. This rule is common knowledge among all real umpires.
  3. Back pick at 3B

  4. Runner injured in rundown

    Not in 8U high level ball, they are very protective of their little all-stars....(Smiles)
  5. Back pick at 3B

    Page 77 of the mechanics book we use here in Washington state.
  6. Runner injured in rundown

    Put him back on his original base.
  7. Runner injured in rundown

    I am thinking more along the lines that if I see a ton of folks running out on the field, I'm killing the play and then placing the runner after the play is over. I would have an easier time justifying that then calling him out.
  8. Did I handle This Correctly?

    I don't always work adult league (not any more) but when I do, I always have a partner. I have had more ejections in adult ball than in any other levels I work combined. You MUST control them or they will control you, and they can be vicious. Don't allow any commentary on your calls at all. Shut down chirping immediately. No discussion about the strike zone. The comment about not talking to the players by the manager should have been immediately answered by ejecting the manager, who is just out there to harass you... This is pretty much a jungle situation, you are either the predator or the prey.
  9. Runner injured in rundown

    That's a stretch, but it is high level 8U tournament ball. Probably have the real good cookies and milk for their nap time.
  10. Back pick at 3B

    The mechanic of having PU cover 3rd with balls still in the infield has changed several times over the years. I don't think any place I have ever worked used that mechanic. I was particularly interested in the double play mechanic that has PU moving into the 'library' on the 3rd base line to monitor the slide at 2nd, then heading across the infield to cover the pulled foot/ball out of play situation on the play at 1st. Seemed rather strange to me.
  11. Runner injured in rundown

    Why would he be out?
  12. Mound meeting won't break up...

    I have a set routine for mound visits, first note the visit on the lineup card, second, dust off the plate, then move toward the mound. Most visits are done by the time I'm half way to the mound. If I make it to the mound, the lineup card comes out and I ask, "coach, are we making a change here?"
  13. Also, what kind of stance was Tumpane using? Don't think I've seen one like that before.
  14. Force3 Mask in Action

    I use a Diamond too.