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  1. blue23ll

    Finding the pitched ball

    Every once in a while I have a game where I lose focus for about an inning. One of my goals for the second half of the season is to maintain focus for an entire game. Of course we all want to be perfect and no matter how hard we try we will miss a pitch occasionally. The key , I suppose, is not to lose focus and not to have too many 'gross' misses (2 plane misses). To me, it is important to not turn strikes into balls too often.
  2. blue23ll

    Finding the pitched ball

    How many pitches do you feel you missed? We always tend to over think things, I think, sometimes. Carl Childress tells a story about a field in Texas that they would need to take an hour 'burrito and Dr.Pepper' break while the sun moved out of the batters sight-line.
  3. How much do they pay umps for these games? I'm looking to advance to the next level.
  4. blue23ll

    NFHS - Ejected coach; where must he go?

    We terminate (suspend) the game. What happens after that isn't our concern.
  5. blue23ll

    NFHS - Ejected coach; where must he go?

    If there is no certified adult coach/administrator who can supervise the players, the game is suspended.
  6. blue23ll

    HS JV Ejection on Saturday

    Not sure who this guy is, but he brings up some good points. Though this is not particularly applicable to NFHS, where they really want a 'warn, restrict, eject' process. How we present ourselves when we are under stress is very important.
  7. The last two videos I've has seen of Hinch being ejected he was telling the umpire to stop looking in his dugout. Really? A coach saying that to me would piss me right off.
  8. blue23ll

    Nike NRS/College Steel

    What is a college mask?
  9. blue23ll

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    I was hoping for some dramatics...disappointed yet again
  10. blue23ll

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    Ok....and then what happened?
  11. blue23ll

    Some Sort of Record..

    Arik, he ejected the kid because of MC? Or because their ball fields were snowy?
  12. blue23ll

    The lengths parents go to

    Parent's pretending to be a coach describes most of travel ball daddy's, no? "Coach, we need a new scoreboard operator"
  13. blue23ll


    I've said this a lot, don't use 'trying to deceive' as a factor in calling a balk. Don't use, 'it looked funny'. You say the pitcher's free leg crossed over the rubber?
  14. 6 man is just too much for that little field. 4 man can be a cluster if it is messed up on the 60' field.