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  1. Little League (Intermediate) - Play at the Plate

    Really had to be there to see the play, but as described I think you got it right.
  2. Delayed call puts runner at disadvantage

    This is excellent advice! I actually very seldom point with my right hand, except for strikes, putting the ball in play and awarding bases.
  3. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    Time to inspect the outfield fence!!
  4. First one this year

    Whats a 'white' hat? Coach: Where's your zone today blue? Me: Depends Coach: Depends? Me: Yes, we need to make this a fast game, I'm on my last depends.....
  5. Stealing home with a foul ball

    Think about it. The runner at first is stealing 2nd and he makes it there before the batter fouls off the ball. Does the runner stay at 2b?
  6. Question about controversial play

    I had THIS exact play once on a dropped SECOND strike. What a cluster THAT was!
  7. If the EJ was for the bat then I don't agree with it, it looks like just the standard throw the bat towards the bench. We don't know what Jr. said though.
  8. My response to "I used to umpire" is "I used to coach"....
  9. U1 in 3 Man

    The coach pitch kids love seeing 3 real umpires out there
  10. Should the run count?

    How nuts did you go?
  11. Umpire Ejected

    That's where the umpires 'phone a friend'
  12. Pithcer wearing sunglasses

    Coach, they are prescription sunglasses, are you sure you want them removed??
  13. Umpire Ejected

    That's it Rolo, I'm never working with YOU again....
  14. That's like trying to tell us that Gibby is a deep thinker....duh