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  1. I love the way Chad handled Dave Roberts, comes charging out and he shuts him down. "Are you charging me? Really??" Roberts is lucky he didn't get tossed too.
  2. blue23ll


    That's a balk
  3. In fact, I had a HS catcher who was crowding the inside corner and blocking me off. I told the coach why I wasn't called the inside pitch, nothing changed, and that pitch wasn't called all day. So yes, if it's not a strike, it must be a ball. Apparently the strike wasn't as important as intimidating the batter, who knows.
  4. Thanks for your opinion, coach.
  5. Sure coach, he was telling me that he doesn't understand girls....and coaches....I was telling him it gets better as he gets older, with girls.
  6. Sorry Coach - can't call strikes if I can't see them...too bad for you
  7. Do most managers feel that the 'can't argue balls/strikes' doesn't apply to them, or do they not care about getting ejected?
  8. There is virtually no difference expect in the finish between the Diamond Big League UMP and iX3 masks.
  9. "That's horrible" is a lot different from "You're horrible". To me that is the difference between ejection and a warning.
  10. I believe that its a lot easier for 4 umpires to control one irate coach, than 4 umpires trying to control 25 irate players, coaches and who knows who else. I think of it like the 'fight rule'. Any player who leaves their position or bench and comes out on the field should be ejected.
  11. I'm just curious as to why so many players had to come out to try to control him. Where there no administrators on-site? IMO there were way too many players and other people on the field.
  12. If they were affected by the obstruction, IE. forced to advance due to bases awarded to nullify the obstruction?
  13. Sound advice all around!! Question though, advancing R2 to 3rd? Please explain. Also, get as close to the 3b dugout? To view the touch at 3rd?
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