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  1. For all of you Cooperstown regulars, just wanted to let you know that Curt Bremer has passed away. One of a kind and a great guy. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to know him. http://www.tributes.com/obituary/show/Curtis-Henry-Bremer-105580778
  2. UmpJM

    Worst announcers of 2014

    Hawk Harrelson - White Sox. No-brainer.... JM
  3. Worked a 16U tournament game at beautiful Trout Park in Elgin, IL with UmpTTS43 & a friend from my association earlier today. Beautiful day, but the teams were not evenly matched and we mercied in about 55 minutes. Not a whole lot for the umpires to do....
  4. Rick, There is no such rule. Neither player is out. The batter who walked does need to touch 1B for the R3's run to count. JM
  5. UmpJM

    Fair/Foul Reach over baseline

    mpackard, The position of the fielder's feet is irrelevant to the call. The position of the ball when it is touched is what matters. From your description, it sounds like the ball was over foul territory when first touched and should have been ruled foul. JM
  6. UmpJM

    UmpJM & UmpTTS43

    Jocko, Man, tough crowd. Does it matter that the pic was taken AFTER the game? JM
  7. UmpJM

    Pray this never happens in your game!

    It was a HS game. Train wreck. Live ball, play the bounce. If R3's miss is appealed for the 3rd (or "apparent 4th") out of the half inning, no run scores on the play. PU did not appear to be in a good position on the play. JM
  8. UmpJM

    A little bit of everything

  9. UmpJM

    You Make the Call

    I agree. It was a shove, but not much of one. If F1 had ended up face first on the ground, then MC would be warranted. grayhawk, Maybe, maybe not. Depends. While a given outcome might influence, it is not in and of itself probative. JM
  10. UmpJM

    BI while bunting

    maven, Well that's understandable. I believe you had suffered a severe concussion from the roundhouse, and I understand that can cause "memory impairment" affects. Now, to my everlasting embarrassment and chagrin, I am compelled to admit not ALL of our contests have gone as that one did. (See: "impartial") And of course, regardless of the outcome, I always enjoy "slugging it out with you". (IIRC I never really apologized to you for the "low blow". Nor will I now. ) 'Til next time. JM
  11. UmpJM

    BI while bunting

    noumpere, I think you raise an excellent point - both in respect to umpiring per se - and in respect to discussing umpiring in fora such as this. Namely, the "Maybe I'm envisioning the play differently from everyone else,..." part. It called to mind a memorable "donnybrook" from a few years back, when maven and I went "toe to toe" through six rounds, before I landed the following "roundhouse" and his corner "threw in the towel". (He may have still been trying to recover from the "low blow" I had snuck in immediately before the roundhouse - an intentional tactic which I'm not particularly proud of, but it's very effective, and I can be a VERY competitive person.) To wit: The point being, it is at least a nearly impossible task to use words so precisely that they convey precisely the same picture to everyone who reads them. It is quite common for people to get materially different pictures in their "mind's eye" even though they just read the exact same words. It is a source of some frustration to me that this frequently results in endless and pointless discussion about a potentially informative and interesting topic, because people are "arguing" with each other on the different "word pictures" they are seeing, and don't even realize that's what they are arguing about it. As a result, the learning points get obscured or lost all together. Noumpere clearly "gets this" as does maven, & so do many others. I wish everyone did. JM
  12. UmpJM

    Partner off last night

    rolo, You should hear what he had to say about YOU.... BTW, I can't quite put my finger on it, but you somehow look a little "different" in your new avatar photo. Have you lost weight? JM
  13. UmpJM

    A little bit of everything

    grayhawk, Jeez.... What a redass! Just messin' with ya', man. Well, mostly. Couple of thoughts for you which you are free to take or leave, as you see fit. #1."Ignore" works for me here too (at least if it's the first "significant" one I've heard from him). But, if you think about it objectively, you'll likely admit that probably "looked bad" from his perspective. And his batter was called out on a pitch that looked bad. While there is a risk in doing so, I have, on occasion, found the opportunity after the inning ended, to discreetly say something like "Mike, I know that probably looked bad from where you were, and the pitcher did miss his spot, but the whole ball was over the plate (it's OK to exaggerate a little in this part...) and it was a strike. If your pitcher misses his spot and it's over the plate, he's getting the strike too." You don't want to be the least bit "apologetic" or "defensive" about it, but I don't think there's anything wrong with telling him what you had. #2. You were there and I wasn't. But, as I read your description, I get a picture of a snot-nosed JV kid pissing off an umpire, and the umpire letting it show. You never want to let it show when a kid pisses you off. It's like throwing chum into a shiver of sharks. You certainly "address it", but I wouldn't do what you did. (Nor would I have ejected him on the spot.) Can you think of another way (or ways) that you might have addressed it that might have been better? #3. Ignore. #4. Nice job. How fun! (Good job catching the "disregard" condition. Easy thing to forget in all the "excitement".) #5. Sounds OK to me. Needed to be addressed, you addressed it. In similar situations, where one player reasonably believes an opposing player has done something "unsportsmanlike" to him when he really didn't, I have given the "offended" player an explanation. "I understand why that annoyed you, but I was watching real close, and he didn't do anything dirty. He just thought the needed to tag you." You say it your own way, not my way. All in all, I must say it sounds like fun! JM
  14. UmpJM

    Batter HBP out of box

    Jocko, I'd like to see THAT! carolinablue, I'm giving him 1B. Think about it. Pitch "chases" the batter out of the box and he is hit with a foot outside. Are you going to keep him there? If you do, I guarantee you will shortly have an excellent opportunity to exercise your "situation management" skills. JM
  15. UmpJM

    BI while bunting

    BalkHawk, Exactly my point. Well said. JM
  16. UmpJM

    BI while bunting

    Kevin, Sounds good to me. Concur with maven, but I think he's picturing it a little different than I (as I recall, not the first time that has happened). My point being, even if the batter had not stepped out of the box with his right foot, he has made an "unusual movement" within the box (which is how I pictured your description), and he is liable to a BI call. wingman, "Interfere" is NOT a transitive verb. Sheesh, talk about complicating things! JM
  17. UmpJM

    Appeal plays

    Matt, Yes, that is perfectly legal. Why do you ask? JM
  18. UmpJM

    Rattle in the Bat

    The only sport I officiate is baseball. (OK, I also volunteer my time to officiate at an annual charity softball tournament - the 16" variety - with teams from the area fire departments. But that's a story for another time.) Quite a few of the guys in my umpire association do other sports, primarily basketball and football. After our various association get togethers, stories from other sports regularly pop up. The football ones pertinent to the point maven and bam make go something like this.... Bill had to move away because he changed jobs, so we had to add a new guy to our crew. We decided we'd add Jeff. We're getting ready to do our first game with Jeff, and Tom says, "Hey Jeff. Nice flag. Mind if I take a look-see?" And then Tom won't give it back. Jeff's freakin' a little, and suspects Tom is just messin' with him, but he's feeling a little uncomfortable. Finally, we're getting ready to blow the whistle and Jeff says, "Hey Tom, funs fun and all, but I need my flag." Tom looks him right in the eye and says, "You may think you do, but you really don't." and leaves him standing there as he jogs off to his position. Hey, new guys gotta' learn. Or.... "Oh yeah, Fred (an "experienced" official) carries like SEVEN flags, right Fred? I mean, you could have holding, then an illegal block below the waist, then there's a facemask, then after the whistle a couple of players get a little chippy over the facemask. I mean you gotta' be PREPARED, right Fred? Or are you down to six flags this year?..." The stories are apocryphal, but I believe the point is newer football officials tend to "overcall" the game rather than letting the game call itself to the extent possible. I don't "do" football, so maybe I've got that wrong. A few guys do volleyball. They say it's like stealing money. One of my sons played volleyball through high school. I was stunned by a couple of things I observed. The most memorable was the very first time I saw the official give the "Didn't get a good look, so we're going to have a do-over" mechanic. (No, I am not making this up.) Though the first time I'd ever seen it (I will not describe it so you can experience the same shock and awe I did should you ever see it), it was immediately clear what his "call" was. I couldn't believe it. Try that on a 3-2 nutcutter in the bottom of the sixth with 2 outs, the bases loaded, and a tie score, you'd have a freakin' riot on your hands. And the coaches are SO nice. You even STAND UP out of your little courtside chair and you get severely reprimanded. I never saw one do it twice, so I don't really know what happens then, but it can't be good for the coach. I'll admit, now that the NFHS has officially sanctioned bass fishing as an interscholastic competition, I'm kind of intrigued. While I've never been a "big" fisherman, I have certainly fished. Oceans a handful of times (Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf), more frequently lakes and rivers. I find it a nice way to spend some time with friends and children, and sometimes just me & nature. And nothing tastes quite so satisfying as a freshly caught, cleaned, and cooked fish when you did it all yourself. I digress. I haven't read the rule book, but I figure it's gotta' go something like this. You go out on a lake in a boat, sit there and drink beer (I am not sure what the protocol is here. Does each school bring you a six-pack, or are you expected to bring your own? Don't know, but either way, I'm OK with it), and "observe". Anybody gets out of line, whatever that might mean within the context of FED bass fishing, you reprimand them "per book". Anyone gets "lippy" with you, you eject them - from their boat. Now they've got to swim (or wade, depending on the lake) back to shore. I have no idea what the pay is, but it sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me. I love how you can get insight into how to officiate one sport from principles espoused in another. Which is all I really meant to say. JM
  19. UmpJM

    And another one...

    Rulekeep, Careful what you ask for. JM
  20. UmpJM


    mjr, Which one? The one who violated the pitching limits, or the one who called him on it. I could see a valid argument either way. Which would you find more persuasive? JM
  21. UmpJM

    Coaches picking signs

    DVA, Nothing wrong with that. JM
  22. UmpJM

    Rattle in the Bat

    maven, I will give your generous and flattering offer due consideration. JM
  23. UmpJM

    Coaches picking signs

    guyinaredhat, I believe I would go with "ignore". I would also "observe" it, and deal with any resulting "chippiness" between the two teams, should any occur. JM
  24. UmpJM

    Rattle in the Bat

    Mad Mike, The bat was damaged when the batter dropped it to fulfill his award of 1B. Remove the bat and play on. dix, While your statement may be true for the codes enumerated (I have no idea and am willing to "stipulate" that your statement is correct), as a general statement it is not true. JM
  25. UmpJM

    Injured Batter

    tank, NOW you're thinking! JM